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Ep #45: Upper-limiting and Money Blocks

What do you want from your life? Seriously, coming up with a solid answer shouldn’t be difficult, however, sometimes asking for exactly what we want and being uncompromising makes us feel like we’re disappointing others or pissing them off. I want to talk about why it...

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Ep #44: How to Be the Phenomenal Leader that You Are

Today’s topic is something I’ve had to check myself on a little bit recently, especially because I’m going through some rebranding in my business, which is unbelievably expensive, hard work. Shelling out cash to try and create my vision using contractors has really...

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How to use travel to empower you in your business.

  In my newsletter on Friday I talked about how important it is to work ON your business rather than being IN your business all the time. Here's what I meant by that... When you begin in business, you start off with is this big vision, which I’m all about. Big...

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