My new idol and her 10 life lessons to live by.

  This week was literally all about powerful women in my life that just kept showing up. The Queen herself, Beyonce, live and in concert! Serena Williams on the cover of InStyle as #1 in the badass women addition. When asked what it takes to be a badass, she stated:...

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Ep #18: What Does Independence Mean to You?

Who do you depend on in your life? It could be financial, emotional, spiritual – whatever it is, the feeling of breaking that dependence is unbeatable. I’m married and I have a daughter, but I wouldn’t dream of relying on either of them to keep me happy. I love them,...

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My life changing question.

  My life changing question.   We've all had “one of those days”. It's inevitable. Regardless of how perfect and magical you may think someone's life is or how easy it is for them (based on their Instagram feed of course), it isn’t always rainbows and perfection. We...

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Our favorite green smoothie!

  Our favorite green smoothie! I love it when I'm on a role with eating well. It makes me feel good. I am happier, more energized, have more focus and clarity. I feel strong. I feel confident. I feel good. I have learned through the years how much food effects your...

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Meet Sage

    Well we added another one to our pack. Meet Sage! Yes, 2 dogs, a bunny and a toddler is enough but… why not? Once again, we have been talking for years about getting another dog. And then of course the, well… We already have two. What if they all don’t get along?...

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