Ep #26: Sales Mastery with Indira Pierrot

This week, I have an interview with Indira Pierrot - a former stockbroker, network marketer, and current director of business development in a women’s empowerment company. I met Indira through a mastermind I am in and she has some incredible insights into the world of...

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Ep #25: Embrace the Journey

I’ve been working on running and scaling my real estate business for the last seven years, and it’s brought me a lot of success. However, when I look back to my early days in this business, that time was a real struggle for me. I had all these doubts about whether...

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Resilience is the key.

  How many times have you been told no? How many times have you felt defeated? I believe that resilience is one of the most underrated qualities that we can have as entrepreneurs, business owners and employees in today's world. I believe that the most successful...

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How to use travel to empower you in your business.

  In my newsletter on Friday I talked about how important it is to work ON your business rather than being IN your business all the time. Here's what I meant by that... When you begin in business, you start off with is this big vision, which I’m all about. Big...

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