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Ep #34: Takeaways from 2018

It’s nearly the end of 2018 and I can safely say it’s been an amazing year. Sure, it’s been a hard year, but I’ve seen so many of the goals I set for myself realized. I’ve also learned an incredible amount, and this episode is covering some of my key takeaways from...

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Ep #33: Train Your People So They Can Leave You

I came across a quote from Sir Richard Branson recently that I found so powerful: “Train your people so they have the ability to leave you. Treat your people so they don’t ever want to leave you.”  This spoke to me on so many levels. One thing we fear as business...

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How to use travel to empower you in your business.

  In my newsletter on Friday I talked about how important it is to work ON your business rather than being IN your business all the time. Here's what I meant by that... When you begin in business, you start off with is this big vision, which I’m all about. Big...

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Want the easy button, the download to guaranteed success?

  Hey girl, hey! Do you remember when you started out on this dream journey of entrepreneurship? You had this big idea, high on endorphins and dreams of making something bigger for yourself. It is scary, exciting, empowering. All the feels and despite being a little...

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