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Stay in your own lane. 

Have you ever heard this before?


I first heard this in the Queens documentary – and yes I am referring to Beyonce. One of her managers was speaking to her team regarding a situation and why something wasn’t done (B.S. EXCUSE). They were going through a phase of growth were everyone wasn’t doing their part and getting mixed up in other peoples business. He said, stay in your own lane. If you are going to come into my lane, give me a warning, put on your turn signal but don’t just come into my lane. Basically, stay focused on what you need to do and stop making up excuses and blaming someone else.

Brene Brown also referenced this in her book Rising Strong. She tells the story of her daily practice, swimming. It’s where she finds presence in her busy days. Just focusing on the rhythm of her breath, until she isn’t. Like many high achievers, she is competitive and when a swimmer jumps in next to her and is going faster, her competitive nature sets in and she starts comparing herself to the other person. As a result, she nearly kills herself and blows out her shoulders trying to keep up.


Stay in your lane. 


For me, I see this in so many areas of my life. I can feel so at peace, so sure of my direction, my purpose, my mission, my business UNTIL… I start comparing myself to others. How my competitors are doing it, what someone might think, how much money that person makes, what kind of car so and so drives, she shops there, my clothes aren’t good enough… and on and on and on…


It is all judgement my friends. We need to learn to accept and love ourselves for who we are and be happy for other people’s achievements. What others want in their life and what makes them happy is no one else’s business but theirs. The same is true for you. Have gratitude for the beauty within your own life and know everyday that you are enough, just as you are. 


There is so much happiness in this place AND you will be incredibly surprised with how much faster you will get to where you want to go. Because you are being you. You aren’t constantly stopping, judging, comparing, moving in someone else’s direction in life. Let the beauty of you shine, share your gifts with the world. 




Go confidently in the direction that your life is taking you. 


Love Your Living