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Are you a loner?


It is a hard knock life out there for a pimp. For real, it is…and you know what? t’s also lonely. Being an entrepreneur chasing after your wildest dreams can be overwhelming and lonely.


Have you ever set out to do something seamlessly easy, thinking … I got this, I’m so excited, big things are about to happen… and then… things get a little complicated, the overwhelm sets in, you think… I still got this and you start researching how-to articles and quick e-courses to sign up for and asking what is the competition doing. MORE overwhelm sets in, you start to lose your way. The to-do list just keeps getting bigger. The things we have to do first, know first, implement first just gets longer and longer AND THEN… the self doubt and sabotage sets in. Who am I to be doing this. I’m not qualified, I don’t know enough…


Guess what? I know this process all to well. I think many entrepreneurs out there do. No one is going to do your work for you or wave a magic wand and be about to miraculously give you everything you want BUT as much as a lone wolf as I am, I can also tell you that when you have outside eyes that are cheering you on, they see things you don’t. They see your potential. They hear your message loud and clear, they uncomplicated the oh so overcomplicated.  This is so freeing. Although no one is responsible for you and you need to show up every damn day, you need a support system. You need to know where you are and where you are going and have guidance along the way. 


I wholeheartedly believe in this. I have had a coach for the past 5 years and will never again be without one. I do switch it up every couple of years and I think that it’s healthy to learn new tools, gain both new associations and a different perspective in order to up your game. You will be amazed at how much leverage and time you gain. You also build incredible networks and associations. For me, seeing others out there doing the work, believing in themselves, believing in you and achieving massive success, fills my faith tank. 


I have friends not just around the country, but around the world! It is amazing watching what they are doing. Cheering them on, giving love and support. 


Your associations are everything!

Love Your Living