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Do you ever feel like no matter how much effort or hard work you put in, you’re not getting anywhere near where you imagined you’d be?

Or maybe, while looking back at your 5-year or 10-year plan, you end up adding more goals instead of ticking them off?

I mean in the books and movies, we see that characters eventually get their shit together but you’re still stuck in a sand pit of confusion and chaos. What can you do?

What can anyone do?

There is no clear-cut answer to all the problems in our lives, but if you have the right attitude and a strong will to keep moving forward… no matter how many lemons the world throws at you, I kid you not, it gets easier!

Now if you’ve been in the entrepreneurial space for a while, you know that the word “mindset” is being thrown around a lot and there is a reason why the buzz isn’t stopping. The right mindset can actually help you in those dark days which not even ice cream can soothe.

So how do you get or should I say “form” the correct attitude?

It’s simple but demanding and totally worth it!

Here are 3 beliefs that can help you achieve all that you want:

  1. Acceptance: Learn to accept your flaws, shortcomings, who you are, and your reality as this is your new NORMAL.
  2. Trust: Trust the process and believe that there’s something way bigger for you if you keep moving forward.
  3. Persistence: You should be persistent about your bigger vision in life, your dreams, and your goals.

Now before you go on and say “what good will these things do for me”, or “life isn’t child’s play!” just hear me out.

So many times we’re told to keep improving ourselves and that our flaws will be the death of us, but why can’t we just accept them?

If your handwriting sucks and no amount of years could fix it, should you just label yourself “incompetent”? HELL NO! Your flaws don’t define you unless you let them.

Listen up! Some things cannot be improved and instead of fixating so much time and energy on improving them, why not work around them? And accept yourself for the person you are.

Humans aren’t perfect and striving for perfection is as hopeless as hoping to achieve immortality (I’m still looking for the youth fountain though!).

The best (and the most effective) thing you can do (be it your personal life or your business) …

Visualize your success, see it all happening from your mind’s eye, and shift your negative thoughts into how you would feel once you’ve achieved your desired results.

Because the fact of the matter is, an insecure or negative person cannot steer the ship of life to the harbor safely, LET ALONE a business. There will always be ups and downs, sharp waves and obstacles, but with 3 beliefs above…even the biggest storm can be conquered.

Love Your Living