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A new year.
New BIG BOLD goals.

Did you start the new year thinking you’ll finally turn over a new page in your life and business, making more, living better, enjoying all the little pleasures of life?

You set a target; no matter what, this year I’m gonna hit the $100K, $250K, $500K or $1M mark!

Then a few months pass by… motivation took a backseat, goals turned back into far-fetched dreams, things cooled off and you’re back to where you were last year.

You tell yourself, I’d be lucky if I made consistent 4-figures this month!

Yet you still cannot figure out the real reason behind flat-lining just a few months into the year.

Let me tell you!

The biggest problem is that you didn’t set the proper goals to motivate you enough!

I’m going to tell you 3 kinds of money goals you MUST have this year to re-energize yourself and pick up the pace once again!


1. A Savings Goal

It’s easy to get carried away, buy every shinny object in your sight and consider every hour a happy hour.

Having some money set aside for a rainy day is not only a smart move but a necessity to avoid having to take out a loan if things take a turn for the worst (or having to ask someone who will make your life miserable)

I know it feels amazing to “live in the moment” and “be spontaneous”, but when those moments are over and the bills stack up, trust me it’s worse than a hangover!


2. A Debt Freedom Goal

I’m pretty sure most of you reading this have had to take a student loan to get a degree.

Or if you didn’t and were among the lucky ones who got a free ride through university or trust funds, at some point your lifestyle or an emergency may have forced you to take out a loan.

Now, you can go your whole life paying it off in small increments (with interest attached to it), and living in a way where you’re constantly worried about your dwindling bank balance.

Or, you could make a conscious and practical effort to pay it off.

Trust me on this, getting rid of that debt is like shedding off those extra pounds. You feel light, healthy and mentally less stressed.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get rid of all the debt you’ve accumulated and make a goal to be done with it in a certain time frame.


3. An Income Goal

Now coming back to your income goal, the amount of money you need to make can be determined after you have your debt and saving goals figured out.

This will give you the freedom and stability to live a comfortable life that is aligned with your dreams.

Reaching for that income goal will help you achieve your other aims as well.


Financial planning, as scary or boring as it may sound, can help you avoid a ton of stress and enable you to GO BIG. Smart planning right now can determine a successful trajectory for your business and personal life.

I want you to share your story in the comments below and tell us how your financial goals have served you so far (the wins, the losses) everything!

Love Your Living