This Year I am Grateful For…

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This time of year is always extra special to me. I take the time to reflect and practice gratitude for what the year has brought. Among the many on that list: all the love in my life including the beauty my daughter has brought to our lives, the support and love of my husband, passion and ambition to create the life of my dreams, an incredible team and a thriving business. I am grateful for all the opportunity that surrounds all of us. My home. The morning snuggles I get when my husband brings my daughter to me at her 5am wake up call (the BEST!), my sweet pups, long bike rides on the weekend, Friday night board game dates with my love, travel, the ocean, adventures big and small that we have experienced this year. My family.

It is easy to get caught up in the chaos we call life, watching the year buzz by. In my business, this time of year slows down because my customers and clients are focusing on the holidays and family time. Rather than stress about losing business and making money, I have learned to embrace the quiet time. I invite myself to slow down, be present, and be content with stillness. Giving myself rest and love is needed so that I can enter the year with big goals in my business endeavors.

Like everyone else, my life isn’t all roses and butterflies. Often times I am just as grateful for the hardships that have come within the year. Every year seems to throw a few curve balls and honestly, what would life be without them? I embrace the hard times more and more each year. Completely trusting that the Universe has a plan, everything happens for a reason and knowing whole heartedly that I will grow so much from them. These past two years have been HARD. I was pregnant a year ago, all the while running a growing business and working 12-14 hour days so that I could step out once I had my daughter. Although a lot of good has come from the past few years, a lot was also not ideal. Working through nannies, school tours, what is best for a baby, what was best for us, managing emotions, time, client appointments, juggling schedules, giving enough to everyone, trying to keep everyone happy, sleep deprivation, and most importantly, not judging myself for dropping one of the bazillion balls I juggled daily.  I am still working through a list of emotions and hardships, however I have seen myself grow and change in the past few years for the better. Through all of the hard times I have began to really understand what I want, how life can work on my terms, setting boundaries, speaking and standing in my own truth. I feel stronger, more alive and more oneness with myself than I have ever felt as this year comes to and end. For that, I am so grateful.

So I invite you to take some time to look through a favorite magazine, indulge in your favorite holiday drink or a cup of coffee, enjoy the stillness and brightness of the Christmas tree lights. Maybe you won’t be able to do this until the kids go to sleep, or tiptoe around at the earliest moments of the day to get peace before the kids are up. If you are struggling to find gratitude in your life, look through your phone, computer and camera at photos. Print them out and put them into a photo album to display proudly on your coffee table-photos of you and friends grabbing drinks, photos of your dogs making a funny face as you dressed them in Holloween costumes, photos of a newly decorated living room or meal at a favorite restaurant. These are small pleasures- they don’t involve purchasing a new house, having a baby or going on vacation. Through revisiting the small moments of the year, you will be reminded how much you have to be grateful for. How many moments of elation, love, peace and laughter you had throughout the year.

Wishing you a beautiful Holiday Season, filled with Love and Joy. Cheers to another year past and new beginnings ahead.

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