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I talk a lot about growth and big goals and honestly, that has been my life. I attribute so much of my success to constant growth and setting ambitious goals and working hard to achieve them. However, I also really struggle at times to strike an artful balance between being content and growing. 


I don’t know about you but I don’t want to go though my entire life not being happy and not feeling content and always chasing something…but I also don’t want to coast through in pure comfort because I’m not fulfilled in that space either. What I’ve realized is that I have to really check myself with gratitude and live in the present moment so that these bigger ambitions inspire and create momentum vs paralysis and the constant thought that what I’m doing now is ‘not enough’. 


Here’s the thing, I live in discomfort. I don’t do well with idling in any area of my life. When I’m a little scared, I push myself that much harder. Don’t get me wrong, in the moment  I am often like WTF…but once I work through it, I realize why I had to struggle and I’m always so grateful that I stayed the course and pushed through to the other side. For me, it’s all about learning how to embrace the chaos and discomfort on another level and give it a new meaning.


Recently a friend made a comment that literally paralleled everything I was feeling and I was like YES! She said, “I realized I was getting a little too comfortable. I’m doing the work but I know deep down that I am not really playing all out.” So she decided to take  massive action to lean into what she knew scared her the most, fully knowing that there is going to be some discomfort along the way. 


The work never stops. You do the work, get uncomfortable, hit your goals one way or another and guess what, you find more comfort in that new space. The key is to not live there for too long. Give yourself grace, give yourself rest, celebrate your achievements and then it is time to get uncomfortable again. 


Discomfort is good! If this is something you struggle with, ask yourself how can you find enjoyment in the discomfort, realizing that this is all a journey to get to who you are meant to be. There is no greater success than realizing that you can play to your edge and come out the other side! Remember that every thought, every emotion is only the meaning we attach to it. We have the control to look at it through a different lens and get comfortable in the discomfort. 


What does being comfortable vs playing just outside of that comfort zone look like for you?

What is something that scares you a little but you know deep down you are capable & worthy of?

How do you define playing to your edge?


Be honest with yourself because deep down, you know the truth 🙂 


Do one thing that scares you everyday. – Eleanor Roosevelt

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