Attract Your Tribe

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When I first got into real estate, I immersed myself into all kinds of education. I studied the successful agents, got a coach, followed everything to the tee. That works! I created a lot of success for myself and my team, which I am extremely proud of.

At the same time, I got to a place where I felt lost. I was not seeing certain goals being met. After serious contemplation I realized what my business was missing – ME!

I read somewhere that I shouldn’t waste my time worrying too much about the competition. Instead, I began studying the influencers in my life outside of real estate-extremely successful women in different fields, such as Beyonce, Oprah, Tory Burch and Michelle Obama. Of course many of their principals are based on a solid work ethic, but one of the common traits they all attribute to their success was their own unique gifts- their missions, passions, and what they felt they were put on this earth to do. From that came great success, the kind of success that can’t be copied or taken from your competition.

What I was missing was me, my passion, my light. I slowly began to stop catering who I am to appeal to certain people. This sounds easy, but I have found breaking free from the norm and traditional way of teaching to be hard. It has been difficult to put myself out there for the world to judge, yet this has also opened doors to new opportunities and the right people. Allowing myself to be vulnerable, communicative and honest attracted a new wave of people in my personal life and work environment. My team became stronger because I was now an open and authentic leader, therefore I started attracting people with the same goals, dreams and aspirations. My tribe was growing stronger by the day because I was emulating the energy I wanted to attract.

Similar to the “treat others how you want to be treated saying,” I have started to preach the phrase “be the energy you want to attract.” People feed off of each other. We have all been around someone who is having a bad day, and it’s easy to be dragged down with them. Naturally we can’t be perfect and happy all of the time. However, just like everyone’s personality is different, everyone’s view on “glass half empty or glass half full” is also different. To get your mind in the right place and allow others to lift your mood and boost your outlook on the situation, I try and put on a smile even when I don’t want to. I’m not saying mask your feelings. Allow yourself to feel, but don’t dwell on what isn’t in your control. It’s incredible- the response I tend to get when I emote positivity.

5 Simple tips to increase the positivity in your life? These can be implemented right away, in just about every situation where you see your thoughts turn negative, or you begin to feed off of the negative energy around you.

1.Give compliments, accept compliments

2. Write daily gratitudes

3. Say “thank you”

4. Smile more

5. Practice patience

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