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Not too long ago, I found myself in a place of work consuming my life. I got to a point where I really felt a loss of significance. I was trying so hard to fit in and be the person that I thought I needed to be in order to achieve success or be seen as “successful”. I was masking my identity, my true gifts. I didn’t go on vacation because I might lose business. I cut family holidays short. I was at my clients beck and call, sometimes with very little appreciation, or working hard for people with whom my values didn’t align. I lost me, and I lost my happy. I was trying to figure out if I even had time for children and a family. That was a very real and vulnerable place to be. And you know, this concept is all too real for women. 

I am here to teach the lessons I have learned along the way, the lessons of failure through my own life and successes. My mission in life is to empower women to be ambitious. Leading the way to more success in business and life than you could ever dream of. To teach my daughter by doing, showing her that anything is possible. Travel the world with my loves. Empower people to live their best life,all while loving my own life.


Every week I am traveling, running a business, managing a toddler, and trying to keep it all together! Connect with me on Insta to follow the adventures