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Today’s topic is something I’ve had to check myself on a little bit recently, especially because I’m going through some rebranding in my business, which is unbelievably expensive, hard work. Shelling out cash to try and create my vision using contractors has really opened my eyes as to how I’ve changed in this respect over the years.

For years, I told myself a bunch of bullshit about my leadership skills not being up to standard and questioning whether it’s acceptable to ask people I’m PAYING to basically do their job properly, the way I want it done. If this sounds familiar, this episode is just for you.

Join me on the podcast this week to as I discuss my journey through the years, how I have dealt with contractors in the past, and what I expect from the people who work for me now. This subject is an amazing testament to the importance of being authentic to yourself, knowing that you are a phenomenal leader, and never accepting less than you deserve.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you are a better leader than you think.
  • What we miss out on when we look for outside direction and validation.
  • Why women have this superpower of being able to lead from a different level.
  • The importance of setting boundaries and sticking to them as a leader.
  • Why having high expectations does not make you a hard-to-work-with bitch.
  • How to identify your bullshit thoughts when it comes to being a leader and business relationships.
  • Why you should never be afraid of asking too much of someone you’re paying.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Want to have it all? Well, the best day to get started is TODAY. Welcome to Love Your Living, a podcast for ambitious women who want to take their life and business to a WHOLE new level of success. I’m Brooke Keeling, multiple six-figure business owner, passionate entrepreneur and your host.

Welcome to another episode of the Love Your Living podcast…

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Love Your Living podcast. I am Brooke Keeling and I am so excited to be here with all of you today and so grateful that you are tuning into the Love Your Living podcast. Now, I’m talking about a topic today that I’ve had to check myself on a little bit over the last several weeks. I’ve had a lot of different changes going on in my own business and it’s triggered me in a couple of different ways and made me second-guess how I’m approaching life and business, business more and more specifically.

So, that topic is directly related to leadership. And I’ve had this come up a lot in conversation with my own team and also my mastermind. And I like to talk on these topics because I feel like so many people can learn from them tremendously.

Now, I like to think that I am a fairly good leader. I’m actually admitting that for the first time publicly. I think that I am an incredible leader. I’m just going to announce that to the universe and throw that out there. I, however, have not always thought that I was an incredible leader, and amazing leader. It feels so awkward saying that because I absolutely know that there’s probably going to be some of my own team members that tune into this, and hopefully you think that I’m a great leader. But if not, that’s okay, that’s your opinion, not mine. Just kidding, just kidding, but not really.

So anyways, let’s get back to the topic. When I first started my real estate business a few years ago, I guess seven years ago, but when I really started scaling my team a few years ago, I had so many thoughts about not knowing how to be a leader. I have had the same thoughts about not knowing how to market. I’m not a marketing expert. I’m not a born natural leader.

And if you’ve had any of these thoughts in your own business, I’m here to call bullshit on you and your own thoughts. If you are in business for yourself, you know how to market yourself. It just takes some tools and strategy and a plan, and you are a marketer.

I had someone tell me this not that long ago, basically like calling me on my BS and saying, “You need to stop saying that because you’re going to start believing that and that’s absolutely not true.” As successful businesspeople, we are the ones that know the best usually how to market ourselves. Oftentimes, our business is a representation of who we are as a person, and so when we are always looking for outside validation or outside direction, we’re missing a piece of that and that piece of it is us.

And so, anyways, we have to stop telling ourselves what we’re not. What we can say is, you know, I’m just stepping into this role and I want to get better at it, or I want to become the most amazing leader that I possibly can. And for me, that work never stops. I want to always be able to show up and serve my people greatness. I want to be better every single day so that I can deliver better every single day.

And so it’s not just a, hey I worked on leadership for six months or I did Equus coaching or I worked with horses for a year – which I actually did. Horses are incredible teachers of leadership. They really helped me with my leadership skills. But anyways, it’s not about just that short-term, I’m learning this, set it forget it, kind of thing. It’s always, we’re learning and we’re growing. And if you’re continuing to learn and grow, your business is going to learn and grow. And so the level of leadership and what your team needs from a leadership standpoint is always also going to be changing and evolving. So you get to grow with it.

Now, one of the things that I think, as leaders, and women as leaders, which I’ve talked about this in the past, is that we have this superpower. I truly, truly feel that, as women, we have this incredible superpower of being able to lead from a different level; natural, not necessarily even talents, but naturally how we’re wired as human beings, male versus female, and what we’re able to bring to the table as a leader.

We feel on a deeper level, which we have to be able to turn that superpower on and off so that we don’t take on other people’s emotion too much. We’re able to have empathy, but we also know what we want. And so the biggest thing that I see with women in leadership roles and women saying, I don’t know how to lead, or I’m not strong enough, is we’re caring too much about the feelings of someone else.

Now, I just talked about this last week on last week’s podcast topic as well, and honestly, this is such a common theme that comes up in so many areas of business. But one of the big ones, if you’re in a leadership role, is hurting people’s feelings. You like to be liked. You want people to be happy with you all of the time. You don’t want to upset people, whether you’re in a leadership role, or even a sales role.

This came up as a topic within my real estate team recently, and one of my agents, who’s an absolute rockstar, was really down because a client was just harsh; very happy, but harsh. And oftentimes, whenever we’re selling something and we have clients, we’re the punching bags of things, right? You can set boundaries, you can set expectations.

But sometimes, in business, you’re going to get punches thrown at you and you have to be able to stand your ground, and also exude a sense of confidence and, I want to say power, but I use power lightly, because it’s more so of you don’t get to talk to me that way, or just taking your power back so that you’re in control. And it’s a fine line, especially in sales. It’s like a drive and draw tactic. You give a little, you take a little, kind of thing.

But all too often, we take on all these mixed bags of emotions if someone’s not happy with a service, if someone’s not happy with the way we did something, if someone’s not happy about the way we talked to them in an email or how we responded or whatever. We take this so personal and it’s such a massive difference between male and female.

Men, it’s like, oh yeah, I didn’t even catch that tone. I didn’t even catch that attitude. I didn’t catch anything. It’s over their head, right? Women, it takes them down this downward spiral for two weeks, and in reality, many times, when men are the ones that are initiating the type of conversation, they have no clue. They have no clue the amount of emotion that they’re putting into it and the pain that it’s causing us. And so we need to learn to detach from that and truly understand that it’s part of business. It’s not a personal thing; it’s business.

And the same goes with business relationships. The same goes with leadership roles. The same goes with hiring and firing and that brings me to where my main point of the conversation is going to go today. So, just recently, on the topic of being able to hire out and delegate and give clear direction to team members, I have a lot of moving pieces in my business, like a lot of moving pieces in my businesses actually, and life, and home, right?

There’s a lot of things that need to happen in order to make the show go on, in order to collect deposits, in order to be able to be the boss that pays for the office, right, as Beyoncé would say, or Jay-Z, actually. And for me, I felt recently as if I was just trying to keep up. I was always behind and I was very much allowing my own boundaries within my own business to fall. And I wasn’t being a strong enough voice and advocate for myself and what I needed.

And so, although in my business, I have team members that help me in real estate, I have an assistant that helps, I have a lot of people that help, I have contractors, I was allowing some of those boundaries to get pushed a little bit, especially with the contractors that I work with, in the sense of they’re the expert, they’re going to help me with some of this stuff, I’m on their timeline.

And this is where, if any of you have had these thoughts before, where I want you to draw a line in the sand and I want you to remember this because as you grow, as you hire people, and especially if you have contractors or if you have a cleaning person or if you have a nanny – it goes to house things as well as it goes to business things – you have to be able to clearly articulate what is okay and what is not okay.

And I have had a lot of not okays recently, and it’s made me question this whole, “I’m an incredible leader…” because I truly do believe that in order to be an incredible leader, you need to be able to have a strong enough voice and you have to have the courage to stand up and ask for what you need; not even ask, demand it basically.

Like, if you have people that you are paying, if you are exchanging money for a product or for a service, you are the one paying the bills, so you are in charge. No one gets to allow you to feel like you’re not worthy or that you’re not good enough or that you’re a hot mess or whatever it may be. And I know that there’s a lot of mommas out there that have felt this way before.

I know I have felt this way recently. I have a lot of deadlines. I have people waiting on me for content. I have people waiting on me for review on this and that, budgets, financials.  I have a lot of people waiting on me right now. And one of my goals was to clear the shit out of that. and what I’ve realized is that I needed to get way, way, way stricter.

It’s another area of my business. I’ve grown to a point again where I need to reevaluate what’s working and what’s not working. And what wasn’t working was allowing my boundaries to get pushed a bit and delivery dates to get pushed to, okay, yep, I can make whatever work on your timeline. But the reality was is it was creating so much stress and anxiety and a feeling of basically being a hot mess that I wasn’t able to function anymore at the level that I needed to function at in order to show up in my business the way that I needed to show up in.

And so, here’s what I’m talking about. I recently – I’ll give you guys some really real stories, and I guess if people are listening in and this is part of their role, sorry I’m not sorry, yet again. But I think stories are so powerful. So here are some stories that I like to rant on right now so that you guys can get a real picture of what real life is behind the scenes and where sometimes you need to say, “You know what, this is not me being difficult.” You are allowed to be difficult if you want to be. Being difficult, it’s not even being difficult. It’s just being who you are and asking for what you need to support you in your life, okay.

So, I just hired on someone that is helping with some meal prep and they’re kind of floating between different things and it’s a role that I’m testing out right now. And I thought, okay, great, this is really great, this is going to help. They’re doing meal prep a couple of days a week, actually for full days a week.

But what happened after the first time, like the first time we went through a week, it was like, this is so great. And then, the second week, it was like, okay, this is well outside of working hours and I still have someone in my kitchen, which is like a huge issue for me on the boundary side of things. Like, I’m a very personal person. And so I have someone in my kitchen, not only that, waking up on a Saturday morning to my kitchen being disastrous.

I’m also a freaking clean freak and so I like my house to be clean and neat and tidy, and I didn’t even realize until the next day the warzone that my kitchen was in. and I was like, what the fuck. This is just not okay, right?  This is not what I signed up for. Okay, so then I let it happen again. That’s my fault, okay.

I have to be able to have these conversations on what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable. So, what I did is I put hours around when meal prepping was supposed to be taking place and how much time I wanted allocated with it and all that. And then the reality of it is that it just isn’t getting done within those timeframes. So there’s a lot of things there.

Another thing that happened, we’re working through a lot of rebranding within my business and we’re working on a lot of really incredible things for everyone and I’m so excited about them. What comes with investing in something like this, investing in a new hire, it takes training. It takes your time. If you have multiple mistakes, it takes energy. If it’s not working out, it is causing you so much more pain than it is help. And I really, really believe if someone is not making your life easier, then they should not be on your payroll.

Another part of it is culture fit. For me, I need to have a really great connection with people that are working really closely with me in business, and really anybody actually. They have to jibe with me well. I have to be able to connect with them. and so, if there are certain things that I’m not quite seeing eye to eye or if there’s not a cultural fit or if I’m just, like, feeling like I’m speaking a foreign fucking language and I’m speaking it like day after day after day after day after day, or you get tasks handed back to you, that’s a big no-no.

So just be mindful of some of those things. That is not you being a bitch. That is not you being hard to work with. That is just you setting expectations for your life. And if you want to live this next level of life, what do you need around you and what are you going to tolerate in your life?

And it’s that easy. Really and truly, it’s that easy. Now, if you do think that you’re feeling like, oh my gosh, I’m so hard, I’ve thought this so many times, you guys. I have thought, oh my gosh, I’m a bitch. I am so hard to work for or why do I have to be so difficult, or why does it have to be so hard for me to commit to family things that drain me and stress me out?

And the truth is, that’s a thought I have in my own head, and if someone wants to think that about me, that’s fine, but the reality is, I’m a really hard-working person and I have the biggest heart ever. I love my people. I love my business. I love my family. I do good in the world. I give back.  I am an incredible person. But I also have to be so, so conscious of what is working in my business and what isn’t working and being able to make changes really fast with what’s not working.

And also, that’s a big thing that I’ve learned as well. You’ve got to shift immediately. You have to make, like, massive changes really quick. And a lot of times, the people that I hire in my business, they’re not able to hang like that. They’re not able to constantly zig and zag. And I’m all about, like, put something out there. Let’s look at how it performed, if it’s not doing well, how do we tweak it, how do we make it better. It’s like massive corrections.

And I’ve gotten also a lot of feedback on this earlier on in my career, of people saying, oh she’s really struggling, oh she’s really failing. The reality is, I knew exactly what I wanted, and when things didn’t line up, if I truly knew that I gave them my full effort, I gave them the adequate time of training, of trying to make something work and it still wasn’t working, it’s time to cut the ties and cut them fast, because otherwise, it will suck your life, your energy, everything.

It makes so much more work rather than helping you. So if you have anything in your life that you feel like, oh this person is helping me or this thing is helping me, but you’re still having to dive into it, you’re still having to go back and relook at things or things are getting put back onto your desk or whatever, I think you get the picture, and I’m trying to paint it so vividly because I honestly feel like until you get a really great person, until you get that rockstar nanny, until you get that rockstar admin, you can feel like life is pretty good and you have good help. But until you get someone that blows your freaking mind and changes your life, you don’t even have a clue at how much life will change and how much better life becomes.

So just know that, like, you have to look at yourself and just make sure that you are communicating clearly and that you’re able to have the hard conversations and you’re putting in the adequate time for training and you’re giving someone what they need in order to succeed, and if it’s still not working out or you’re still getting mistakes made or the schedule doesn’t work for you or things are not getting completed, you have to reevaluate that for you.

The other topic that I was going to bring up is a question that I had over the weekend a couple of weekends ago. And again, this is my squad. This is my team, so I am not scared to have these conversations anymore, whereas, in the past, I’d either run from them or I’d cut ties with someone because I didn’t want to deal with the emotional letdown. It was easier for me to make up a big massive excuse and just move the opposite direction than having a conversation and saying, how do we work through this, this isn’t okay with me.

But now, I feel like, hey, all that emotion was tied directly to me. It was what I was making out of it. And now, it’s just business for me. And those conversations are so much easier. And it’s not my intention to hurt someone’s feelings or hurt their ego by any means. And I do it in a very honest way and an honest approach, because we’re all humans, right? And when we can be more honest and we can have those conversations, it helps us grow. It helps us ask for what it is that we need support in. it helps our businesses grow and it helps the other person grow as well because, oftentimes, that’s what they’re begging for if they want more feedback or they need help, or maybe they need to refocus into something different, and that’s okay.

But maybe they’re feeling massive stress to deliver something, and when it’s not delivered a certain way, it’s okay sometimes if you can have a conversation around it. And so we just started diving into this big rebrand and it’s very expensive, like I mentioned. You’re talking building out websites and doing all that kind of stuff. It’s thousands of dollars.

And with the rebrand, I am so visual and it’s like I know what I want. But for me, sometimes, it’s really hard for me to explain it. And so having an incredible graphic designer or having someone that can kind of look into my brain as I spew stuff at them and put it together is huge. I can do this with houses. I see this because a lot of people will come to me and be like, hey, I don’t have the vision, or hey, I don’t really know, like, how do you furnish it, or I know what I like, I know when I see a picture, I know what I like and it looks really beautiful, but I don’t know how to create it for myself. I don’t know how to articulate it. That’s kind of how I am with some of this stuff.

And so, I need someone that is able to speak that language and has a similar style. Now, just because I don’t like a specific style, does not mean that that person sucks at their job. That just means it doesn’t quite jibe with what my style is. And so, it’s important to do a little bit of research, and again, be able to give feedback.

So, for me, I have an incredible team that I absolutely love that helps with so much behind the scenes, so many of the things that I cannot do alone. They’re phenomenal, and so we try to keep a lot of the design work in-house. And I gave a ton of feedback and the first round came back and I had such high expectations, and I know that this put a lot of pressure on the project as well, but I had such high expectations and I’m so nitpicky, AKA, you can call that bitchy if you want to. I may be used to.

Like, “I don’t want to be too high-maintenance. I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.” Hey, guess what, you’re investing thousands of dollars, it’s got to be something that you like. There should be no emotion attached to this, okay, business decision. And so, this is a squad that I work with every single day, day in and day out.

And I had a conversation with someone and they’re like, well what are you going to do? That was the response back, oh my god, what are you going to do?  And I thought to myself, I just kind of sat there for a minute and I took a deep breath, and I said, “Okay, that’s a good question. What am I going to do?”

And I’ll tell you, three years ago, I probably would have fired that person or I would have gotten really upset or wasted a lot of energy. Or, probably what I would have done, really probably what I would have done, is gone back again and said, okay, this is kind of okay, even though I really didn’t think it was okay, can we kind of change this? And we probably would have been back and forth for, I don’t know, a good several weeks and I would have just rolled with it and I would have settled for something that wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

I would have paid thousands of dollars for something that wasn’t 110% exactly my vision. And that is not okay, you guys. Us settling so that we don’t have to have the hard conversations, us settling for not being a, quote en quote, bitch, there’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want and asking what you want from whomever it is. And there’s also nothing wrong with something not being the right fit.

And when we can see it that way, there’s so much less drama around it, right? So for me, rather than waste weeks and thousands of dollars and probably end up with something that I wasn’t all that happy with, I was able to literally, within a 24 hour period of time, switch directions super-fast, on-board someone different and have an actual conversation with someone too and just say, “Hey look, I really appreciate this, I think you’re incredible, I love working with you, but I want to go this direction. I’ve worked with this person before and I think I’m just going to like the outcome a little bit better.”

That’s it. There’s no more emotion around it, right?  I was able to really quickly let go of all of the feelings around that and make massive action to actually making changes, to actually like utilizing time in an efficient and effective way versus spinning my wheels and stressing about something that there’s nothing to stress about.

We need to take all of this stress and emotion out of shit and understand that business is a puzzle. Every day, it’s problem-solving. It’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t have to be so damn stressful. It can be really fun and we need to show up in that place for ourselves and know what we want, because if you show up and you don’t know what you want – been here also – and you are like, I don’t really know what I want, or I’m not clear, there’s always this foggy place that you’re trying to find your way.

And when you hire people, like I have, and am working through right now, it’s like, I can’t clearly articulate what I want because I don’t know it yet. So we have to work through that for ourselves and be able to really be strong. Or if we’re working through things that maybe you don’t have answers to right away or you’re working on a creative project, be able to say yes and no, yes and no; yes and no for you, not yes and no, let’s take a fucking vote of all of the people in my family and every single person that knows me. Yes or no you, because you’re going to get mixed messages if you start going and polling the world.

These have been, like, such eye-opening experiences for me. If you listened to last week’s show, I talked a lot about money blocks. I talked a lot about Denise Duffield-Thomas called Get Rich Lucky Bitch. She’s going to be on the show coming up. I’m so excited. And I had so many incredible takeaways from that book realizing that I’m at this turning point in my business right now.

I’m at a turning point in my life right now and there are so many powerful thoughts and beliefs that I have to rework and I have to show up in a very different place and in a very different way than I have shown up a year ago. And I have to take control back in many areas of my life because I do not have the capacity, I do not have the energy, and I do not have the time to deal with all of the emotions of the things that aren’t working.

And so, I have challenged myself to get so clear and stop wasting all of that energy, make decisions quick, make changer quick, stop worrying about people’s feelings and give people what they want and ask for what you want because that’s what allows us to align with the people that are going to grow our businesses, that are going to be incredible resources and additions to our teams, to our businesses, to our life.

I do this every day. I catch myself doing stuff. Just today, my dog was sick and I have three dogs, so half the time, I say I’m just steam cleaning my way through life. My nanny is phenomenal. I have a dog that’s throwing up everywhere, which you paint the picture, I have white carpets. It’s really great and pleasant and it’s glamorous all the time, right?

But I almost caught myself – I was late to a meeting and I almost caught myself stopping and going and steam cleaning the carpet before I went to the meeting because I felt bad asking Molly to do it. We have to cut this shit out. Actually, you know what, it wasn’t even the steam cleaning. I actually did apologize for that and I said, “I’m really sorry, you’re going to have to deal with this because I don’t have time.”

What I was going to do was make rice for my dog, Lola. I was going to make her some rice to calm her tummy, and I literally, like, took my jacket off to start making rice. And then I thought, oh, I looked through the cupboard, and I’m like, Molly can probably do this. and then I thought, oh I don’t know, I don’t think I have instant rice. I have the kind that you actually have to boil on the stove. I probably shouldn’t ask her to do that, that would just be a lot to ask.

Like, wake up. Wake up, right? I’m grateful for the awakening of some of these things in my life. There is no reason that I need to be late for a meeting and stressed out so that I can boil fucking rice, right? There’s no reason. So we have to take back the control and understand that it’s okay to ask and it’s okay to have hard conversations and it’s okay to let people go if they’re not a good fit for you. And truly, it’s okay, even if they are just not a good fit for you.

I’ve gone through hoops on this. I still have someone, like, riding out their unemployment, just kind of like hanging out there, just collecting whatever they can collect while they scoot through the bare minimums of working a part time job and building their business and claiming that they’re building this great business. Whatever, I’m releasing that to the universe too. I have zero respect for that.

But we can’t be scared to make the decisions that we need to make based on other people’s actions or other people’s opinions. That’s their own world. That’s their own problem. We just have to – I did a whole episode on this, like, protect yourself through contracts, protect yourselves on making good smart business decisions. You know, get who you need to get in place. That’s fine. Learn from mistakes that you need to learn from. We’re all going to have them. We are absolutely all going to have them.

I have an incredible friend that has an extremely successful business that’s going through the aftermath of an employee leaving and it’s really ugly. And there’s a lot of attorney feels involved and a lot of court dates and all of that stuff. You’re going to have it. At some point in life, you will have it. so get yourself protected, but don’t be scared to do something that you need to do because you’re scared of the actions of somebody else. Just learn to play ball and ask for what you want, protect yourself, be a good person, align with your values, be an incredible leader form a place of this is what I want, like a good person, right?

We don’t all have to have this idea that just because we make money and we create massive success and we have a strong personality and we’re able to clearly communicate what it is that we want in order to support our life, that does not make you a ruthless bitch. It doesn’t. it just makes you someone that has dreams and a vision and drive, and that’s pretty cool if you ask me.

So, that’s my message to all you bosses out there. And if you have, I don’t know, any hard conversations or situations or whatever, like, I love to hear about this stuff. So if you guys aren’t following us on social, come on over. We have lots of really great conversations over there and I love being able to support other people on the same journey because the reality is, we all have these thoughts. We all have these insecurities, but we don’t talk about them.

We hold them in like we’re the only one that experiences them, and then when you decide, hey I want to invest in a mastermind – my mastermind group is the-bomb-dotcom I love them to death. But one of the biggest things that I realized over the first week of calls is that all of these women in here have similar – it’s specific because I was very much invite-only to this particular mastermind that I have going right now – they all have the same beliefs on things.

It’s a very masculine energy-driven group, which I love, that’s who I am. You attract likeminded people. And it’s pretty incredible when you start to show up as your real self because you start to align with other people. And when you align with those other people, it makes you think, hey, I’m not so bad. I’m pretty cool shit actually, this is pretty cool. And it empowers you so much more.

All of those thoughts that you used to have about, I should be nicer or I should be this or I shouldn’t dream too big or I shouldn’t be so focused on money or I shouldn’t have, you know, whatever, whatever it is, start just announcing it to the universe, whatever it is that you want. Be tasteful. You don’t have to be so flashy and fake and whatever. I don’t really like that.

But, you know what? Birds of a feather flock together, so everybody has their tribe. And that’s cool. That’s totally cool. I’m not judging. But show up as you and start surrounding yourself by people like that. If you need a tribe, come on over and see what types of conversations we’re having, which are really great. But it truly is. It’s incredibly empowering when you start to think of all of your thoughts about yourself as flaws, when you start to see them as superpowers and you start to embrace them, it’s pretty amazing.

So anyways, embrace you, embrace your superpowers. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re difficult or you’re a bitch or whatever. Just do you and be proud of it. I’m here for you.

So, lastly, before I let you guys all go, which I’m asking so much of you lately, we have, as you know, so many incredible people that are coming on the show; Rachel Rodgers, she’s a seven-figure business coach that coaches pretty much women on building seven-figure businesses, hitting the million-dollar mark. I have Denise Duffield-Thomas, incredible, Else Isaac, personal stylist to Marie Forleo, and moi. Yep, I hired her recently, hey, boo.

And, who else do we have? Kara Loewentheil, I have her episode coming out here early spring. She’s an incredible mindset coach who I absolutely adore; so many incredible people.

So, anyways, please, please, please do me a favor. Listen to them. You can listen to them as they come out. We’ll be showing them on our Insta’ feed and on our Facebook, all of our social platforms. But we really want people to be able to see these episodes, so please do us a favor and go and give our podcast a five-star review.

Write a little note in there. It will literally take you like three minutes. You can find the link in the show notes here. And share it with your friends, share it with your family please, so that we can be seen and show up more for other women just like you that will get some incredible inspiration from some of these powerhouses that we have coming on the show. So, I hope you all have an incredible week. Go make some moolah because that’s what I’m going over here, and do you, and we’ll see you all next week. Bye, guys.

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