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Guess what I am loving this summer?? Crop tops and leopard print. Honestly, leopard print is a given for me all year round, but my boy Sam Edelman is delivering with some sweet summer kicks that I LOVE. I also have a slight obsession about twinning with my sweet Reese. How cute are her shoes?!

This past weekend we headed out on a fun, family adventure day. I was feeling fun, funky, confident, free and happy – and I wanted my wardrobe to reflect that. So I rocked my Bey crop top, worn white denim and sneakers. 

I felt all the vibes…and I also felt all the looks I was getting from others. I took them in. They didn’t affect me in a negative way and I didn’t judge myself or anyone else. But as much as I tried not to make up stories around them, I couldn’t help myself just a bit.

Were they looks of envy?

Were they looks of shame?

Where they looks of, girrrl… you have a baby!?

I remember when those feelings ruined my day. I remember when I used to care what others thought. I remember making myself smaller to avoid standing out and being stared at by the public.

I also remember judging other women for wearing certain outfits, and what I’ve learnt is, it wasn’t actually a judgement of them so much as a reflection of how I felt about myself.

Here is the thing. I have recently found this deep love for myself and I’ve learnt that I have to show up as I am. I actually looked at my husband at one point and said, you know what makes me feel great? What makes me feel great is letting my belly show, feeling good about myself WHILE chasing around our 2 year old daughter. Just because I’m a Mom doesn’t mean I have to mute myself. Yes, I am a mom. Yes, I am a successful business women. And YES, I can rock a belly shirt and feel sexy all day. Just because I am a Mom and no longer in my 20’s and…you name it…it doesn’t mean I have to be something other than who I am.

I thought I looked good, my husband thought I looked hot and that is really all that matters. Aside from feeling ALIVE (!), my wish is that by showing up like this in my own life, I will inspire other women to do the same. Feel good, feel sexy, feel alive, creative, bold, fun…

Get that shirt that’s a little risky and rock it like there is no tomorrow.

Where your favorite lip that’s bright and bold.

Wear your bikini to the pool with your babes (yes I did that this week as well).

Love yourself! Do you, for you!

Love Your Living