Date With Destiny

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Recently I was fortunate enough to experience an incredible event called “Date with Destiny.” This program has recently received a ton of exposure with a Netflix documentary called I Am Not Your Guru. My journey with Tony Robbins started a few years back at an event called Unleash the Power Within. This is usually the starting point and toe dip into the world of Tony. At first, I was reluctant to the entire experience. I thought “I don’t have the time to go and spend 4 days out of the office for this!” and “do I really want to spend this much money?” But one of my business coaches at the time was going to be attending, and basically told me that I needed to go. I will forever be grateful!

I was skeptical, and I was still skeptical when I arrived. People are jumping around, hugging each other, dancing and screaming, walking on fire until 2am… I mean seriously? After the first few hours, I let my guard down. I figured there has to be something big to this if people like Oprah, Serena Williams, Princess Diana, Anthony Hopkins and Nelson Mandela have been coached or mentored by this man. Well… the rest is history. I “drank the Kool-aid” if you will. I went all out for those four days and I felt nothing I have ever felt before. Near the end of my UPW experience there were success stories from people that have lived with Tony’s teachings. The last pitch was to get attendees to sign up for the more in-depth, and of course much more expensive, programs. With butterflies in my stomach, I took the leap of faith. Not only did I register myself but I also registered my husband for a package called “Mastery University.” This  package includes all of Tony’s live events. This was a huge deal and large financial investment, so I wasn’t sure how my husband would react.

What happened next I’ll remember forever. I was traveling directly from Chicago to Milwaukee to meet my husband for his annual company meeting. I was on this crazy high from all the incredible energy I had just experienced, with an added feeling of anxiousness knowing I needed to share what I had just done fairly quickly before he saw the credit card charges come through., I told him what I did- SURPRISE! I told him he had 48 hours to back out. Being the team player that he is and seeing how much I believed in this, he decided to take the journey with me. A year later we were on our way to Fiji for the first event we took part in together – “Life & Wealth Mastery.” It was life changing and so powerful to experience it with my husband. We grew together, learned about ourselves separately, how to be better for ourselves, our business and our family, and most importantly-how to think better and go after anything and everything we want.

“Date with Destiney” was my favorite program. The seminar was six grueling days and nights, planned out perfectly to take you from who you are today to where you want to be. This is done through digging into your deepest thoughts and emotions, guiding you through practice after practice by creating and rewriting the story of who you want to be. Stepping into your truth and allowing you to free ourself so you can become who you were meant to be.

Ironic enough, the first yoga session I had following my return was a guided practice with the message referencing “needle work.” That means what is presented on the front is so beautiful. It is what we work so hard for the world to see. The beautiful color and design, the precision of every stitch. However, what we don’t want others to see is the back-the mess that is behind the beauty. This is essentially the process that we went through at Date With Destiny. The mess behind the scenes, where your emotional being lives, what stories you have made up, how it affects every moment of your life. Why do we as humans value significance so much? Everyone has stories from their past, that live in a place that doesn’t serve them. So many times this is a place of blame and being the victim. We discussed the “me too” movement, and how although it is helping to give each other a voice, it is also causing our society to live in a place of negativity. People have lived with shame and guilt for a long time, and coming forward they are able to lift that burden. However, the storm that lies ahead for them is only beginning. Once a victim is able to believe that what happened to them does not define them, they will be able to open a new chapter in their life.

Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us. We are never given more that what we can handle. And although life is hard and we don’t always have answers as to why awful, hurtful things happen, there is beauty at some point that will come from it, if you allow it.

Over the next several weeks I will share some insight on what I have taken from this incredible experience. There is so much.  Join me and feel free to email me with any questions you may have. I am happy to share what I can and provide insight on my journey. Which by the way has just begun!

One of my favorite moments was meeting the beautiful Sage. She lead a prayer on Day 2 and that moment will forever be with me. I thank her for that.

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  1. Brooke- I love reading your blog and following your journey. You inspire me professionally and personally and I have just started to read your Happiness Guide. Thank you for sharing your talent and your passions. I hope you, Nathan and Reese are doing wonderful and have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Love being a part of this journey you’re on. Witnessing your passion and drive for all things in life is so inspiring and i’m genuinely so grateful for the time we get to spend together sharing our stories. Your blog is so beautiful and so are you! Killing it Miss Keeling, as always.

    xx stevie


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