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No really! Do you?

This world is full of people who have jobs, multiple jobs sometimes, but they aren’t making TONS of money and are literally busting their asses off to make ends meet.

But the thing is…

How do you get rich?

Is it related to the amount of work, time & effort you put in?

Or, is it something to do with your self-worth?

Because come to think of it…

If entrepreneurship promises you…

Not having to worry about your next paycheck…
Creating your own schedule to do what you want, when you want…
Having the flexibility to travel, meet new people, and experience new adventures…

Why isn’t EVERYONE who started their business RICH?

So the question arises…

Do you really deserve getting rich?

The answer is…


And ANYONE else for that matter.

The only person who can tell you what you deserve is YOU.

Life is what you make it out to be. No one gets to tell you if you’re meant to be rich or poor.

It’s all you!

Let me tell you something about me, and not many people know this.

I’ve worked three jobs, just to make ends meet while I was getting my associate’s degree (so I could at least say “I went to school”).

There was a time when I was SURVIVING only on apples and bananas, saving $5 by not going to parties because that was my money for groceries that week.

When I started my real estate business, I would get up very early in the morning and put flyers in people’s mailboxes just so I could save money.

But you know one thing that isn’t a part of my story?

Letting anyone else tell me what I CAN and CAN’T do!

Some of you may think I’m being arrogant by what I’m going to say next, but just bear with me…

I have NEVER ever wanted to depend on anyone. I always wanted to find my own way, relying only on myself no matter what happens. Today, I‘m not dependent on my parents, I am not dependent on my husband, or anyone else. I count on myself and it is incredibly freeing.

This is not the ego speaking.

This is the woman who would sleep on an empty stomach, counting every cent she had to survive. This is the self-made woman who today has proved that if you want to reach your dreams, you have to WORK for it.

There’s so much that you can do, so much that you can help others with, and so much that you can teach others.

The only thing you need?

Clarity and Direction.

You have a skill, knowledge or expertise (and it may be a very insignificant one in your eyes) but do you know the kicker?

Somewhere, someone NEEDS it.

And they’re willing to pay for it.

The point is…


How much? That’s up to you.

That said, I have something for you that would help you clear the cobwebs and get laser clarity in your business, so you’re no longer looking at a blank screen and wondering who do I reach out to, what do I offer them, how do I find paid clients?

The 3-Day Made to Get Paid Challenge is starting on January 28, 2019.

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Join me in the challenge and let’s get you on the right track to success.

Love Your Living