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I’ve been working on running and scaling my real estate business for the last seven years, and it’s brought me a lot of success. However, when I look back to my early days in this business, that time was a real struggle for me.

I had all these doubts about whether people would trust me at the age of 26 and I had to muddle and fight my way through all these “firsts” in my business. Would I change a single thing? No fucking way. That journey has made me who I am today and I couldn’t be more grateful.

It might not seem like it, but the moments where you think it’s all going to shit, you’re going to appreciate them one day. Join me on the podcast this week to hear the struggles of my journey and how they still help me deal with the crappy days that are inevitable in any business.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why embracing the struggle will change your life.
  • How my struggle has helped develop my team.
  • Why we have to believe in ourselves without arrogance.
  • How my struggle seven years ago has shaped how I deal with tough situations.
  • Why, without the struggle, we would not appreciate the success that we have.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to Love Your Living, a podcast for ambitious women who choose to have it all. Learn how to achieve the massive success you’ve been dreaming of in your business and your personal life. Here’s your host, multiple six-figure business owner and a life stylist, Brooke Keeling.

Hello, hello and welcome to the Love Your Living podcast where we get real in talking about ambition and growth and big goals and the reality of it. So today, I’m talking about a topic that literally just popped up in my day today.

I had an entirely different podcast topic all set up for you guys and then I decided, you know what, this is kind of what I’m feeling and what I feel like is really resonating and a big message that I want you all to hear. So when we start out, in business specifically, in whatever it is that we start out to do – I remember when I first started in my real estate business.

For those of you that don’t know by now, I run a real estate business that I’ve been scaling over the last seven years and I’ve built it into something that I’m very proud of today. But looking back at those first days, I think, “Oh my gosh, look how far I’ve come.” Looking back to those first consults that I went into and freezing up because I didn’t know every single line of my contracts or what if someone’s going to ask me something that I don’t know or going on my first listing appointments and thinking, “Oh my gosh, I’m 26 years old, who’s going to trust me?”

All of these doubts that filtered into my mind and stumbling through, awkwardly, all of those firsts, and eventually, when you keep going through those, when you keep pushing through, you find so much appreciation and gratitude for how far you’ve come. And it also allows you to have so much confidence in who you are once you’ve figured it out.

So for me, like, who I’ve become today, the confidence that I have in my real estate business is night and day difference from where I started and it’s all because I never quit. I kept showing up. I had those really tough firsts, I can appreciate them. I’ve grown from them and I can have so much compassion and understanding for my new agents, my new team members, when they come into the business.

I can teach them from a place of, “I’ve been there. I’ve been on that stone. I’ve graduated from it. I want to show you what I learned and how to do some of these things…” so that they don’t have to stumble as much. But I still feel like, regardless of what business you’re in, you’re still going to stumble.

So now, I can feel some of those same feelings coming up as I enter into new spaces and I take on new projects and I’m launching new businesses. It’s that same feeling of, at times, overwhelm and anxiety and self-doubt. And especially in the beginning, I’m such an impatient person. I don’t know about you, but for me, I want this immediate download.

I want to know all of the things. I can study the people that have been before me. I have my mentors, I have people that I look up to. I study what they’ve done, but in the moment when I’m trying to learn the aspects of business and scaling and systems and people and procedures and all of those things, it’s extremely overwhelming at times. And I just want it all and I wanted it all like yesterday.

And there’s a part of me sometimes that maybe I do have a little self-doubt. Maybe I think, like, oh my gosh, am I going to make it? But honestly, deep down inside, I have so much confidence in who I am and what I can achieve that I know nothing is going to stop me.

I’m going to figure out what I need to figure out. I’m going to make my goals happen. It might take me a little bit longer. It might take me a few detours, but deep down in my bones, I know that I will achieve the success that I’m setting out to achieve or that goal that I’m setting out to achieve, and I always have.

And it’s not that I’m trying to be cocky or arrogant, that’s not it at all. I’ve failed so many times along the way, so it’s not just, “I’m the greatest. I know all.” I’m not the greatest and I don’t ever want to have that mentality because when you think, “I’m the greatest. I know everything…” you’re no longer in that space of, “I can become more.”

Your mind isn’t open to new opportunities and new areas for growth within your life and within your business. So for me, that’s not ever something that I’m setting out to achieve. I’m setting out to achieve greatness, but never to just be at a specific level and be content with that.

So I’ve had a couple of different mixed messages in the same area of this topic come to me this week. And it’s so interesting, sometimes, I feel like you need to hear some of these things. And they always seem to present themselves at the exact right time, you just have to be open to hearing them and receiving them.

So my real estate business is one thing. I’ve scaled that business. I’ve found a lot of success in that business. I’m very confident in a lot of the different areas and I don’t have those butterflies anymore. I don’t go into appointments feeling nervous. I’m very confident in my delivery and I’m very confident in myself in that business space.

However, I’m stepping into a lot of new areas within my businesses. I’m stepping into the online space, I’m stepping into speaking for the first time. We just launched an investment side of my business practice. And so there’s a lot of new things that I’m throwing into the mix.

And what it’s doing is it’s creating all of these feelings coming up again. And sometimes, it’s really exhilarating. It’s almost like a high of newness and excitement and it can also be overwhelming and a lot of anxiety. And I’ve caught myself feeling these same feelings again of, “My god, it’s just so much. I just want to see the success. I just want the download button.”

And it takes me right back to when I first started in real estate and looking at people and thinking, how did they create this success for themselves? And now, I’m sitting here in other areas of business and I’m thinking, “Oh my gosh, I’m right back to where I was in real estate.”

And if I can just remind myself to embrace this journey and be so certain of the outcome – which I always am, I can see it, visualize it, I know exactly what I’m setting out to achieve – and I show up in my day every single day, if I do better every single day, if I’m constantly learning and growing and trying and failing and trying again, I will succeed. But it’s learning to embrace some of that along the way, especially in the beginning.

And when I look back at when I first started in my real estate business and if I could tell myself anything, if I could give myself advice seven years ago, I would say, “Just enjoy it. You’re going to see massive success. This career is going to change your life and you’re going to do great, but don’t stress out so much.” And then, I think to myself, what am I going to be saying, what is my future self, five years down the road, what is she going to say to me today?

So earlier this week, I was talking to one of my mentors. She’s been in her practice for 11 years and she happened to have a really shitty day. She said, literally, “This was probably one of my worst days in the last year and a half in business.” She had spent $5000 on Facebook ads and all of the technology that she worked to try and get people into a webinar so that she could sell a product online that she was selling. Nothing worked.

The invites didn’t go out to over 1000 people and then they tried to redo it the morning of and then the wrong invite went out and, long story short, she had about 70 people show up out of 1000 because there was just mixed messaging. No one could get on. And then on top of it, she went to get on and she had a new person that had just joined her team prepping her presentation and the presentation was totally messed up.

And so, that was like a $5000 loss, probably more, just within, like, a quick hour. And the day kind of progressed from there for her. And this is a woman that’s a seven-figure business owner and she does really well. She’s been in her business for 11 years. She’s very well known. She has a good following.

She’s done these presentations over and over and she’s like, “You know what – I had to really just keep myself going. We all have these crappy days in business.” And then I told her, “You know what – it’s so interesting…” because if I look at certain areas of my business, where I’ve been versus now, within the last couple of weeks, I was having a really crappy day as well and I was totally in my head about something. I had client meetings that I had to give a presentation to and I show up and I literally left all of my presentation material at the office.

I was going into an appointment already not in a great mindset getting there. It was raining. I was pissed that I needed to be there. I had a ton of stuff that I was trying to do. I was just not in a good place. And then, come to realize, none of my presentation stuff is with me. And so I totally had to wing it.

Now, if this was me seven years ago in my real estate business, going into a $500,000 listing, I would have been shitting myself. But instead, I just winged it. And I was somewhat honest too. I felt like rather than just trying to cover this up and looking like I’m just coming in here and going to pull a rabbit out of my hat, I was somewhat honest and went through my knowledge-pool in my head and I was able to build a rapport with the clients.

I was able to articulate without even having visuals or having a presentation to give them and I ended up signing them on as a client. So I have to be proud of those moments. And thinking back, oh my gosh, if that was seven years ago, there’s no way I would have been able to do that. I would have just been mortified, curled under my bed, the world is ending, I can’t believe this, versus I just winged it, I went with it, I did the best I could and I ended up getting business out of it.

And so all of these experiences, everything that we go through in business, all of these firsts, they set us up for what’s next. And it’s just about pressing go, just say yes, just take the first step and show up and do it because, you know what, we all have to start somewhere. And sometimes, it’s ugly and sometimes it’s awkward and yes, people might judge you or tell you that you suck or think that you suck, or maybe you do, but who cares? You’re out there and you’re doing it and you’re going after your dreams, and that’s what matters.

And that’s what’s going to build your muscle to help you continuously get better. So as I’m thinking of this message and talking about this with you guys, it’s something that I’ve really tried to take with me. It just hit me like a ton of bricks today and we really have to learn to embrace this ride.

And the conversation that I had with my mentor yesterday was really, you know what, shit’s hard. Like, it’s always going to be hard. These moments that we are in pure chaos within our businesses, when you have big goals and big aspirations and you’re going for it, it’s going to get messy.

There’s going to be chaos. There’s going to be overwhelm with it. That’s part of what we are signing up for. It’s not always this pretty little package of roses that are delivered to your front doorstep with the most perfect ribbon around them, whatever. It’s not that.

We have to get our hands dirty. And what she said to me was so powerful because she said, you know what – you’re going to get through this and you’re going to learn it. And then, guess what – you’re going to move onto the next thing that makes you feel extremely uncomfortable and that brings up all of these feelings of, god I just wish I could hit the download button and when will this ever happen and how am I going to figure this out and diving into something completely new from scratch and failing at it and falling flat on my face and picking myself back up.

It’s just part of the journey and I want you to know that it truly is part of the journey. It’s not you being inadequate. It’s not you not being good enough or smart enough or whatever. It’s just part of the journey.

And then, of course, just literally within the last hour, I was just scrolling through my Instagram feed and the wonderful Miss Rachel Hollis put an incredible post on her Instagram feed about her son, Jackson, who was auditioning for a play. And she started out by saying, if you all remember a few years ago, my son is totally in love with theatre and he went to audition for a play a few years ago and he was just devastated. He missed his first three cues. By the time they started it over for the fourth time, he just had complete stage-fright. He froze and there was no hope for coming back from that.

And he left, he was so upset, and he walked out of the theatre in tears. And she says, I’ll tell you what I told him then – and this is quoted from Miss Rachel Hollis, author of the incredible book Girl, Wash Your Face, “you’re trying something new. That means you’re going to have a lot more hard and awkward moments before you’re going to find your confidence. You’re going to get a part as a tree before you get a part in the chorus, before you get a single line. You’ll have to earn every new level. You’re going to keep working until you get a big role. And when it happens, babe, you’ll feel it and you’ll appreciate it so much more because of this moment; this painful uncomfortable moment. Today is preparing you to appreciate that future celebration. This awkward audition means that you’ll always encourage the first-timers because you’ll remember how hard it was and how much courage it took to put yourself out there.”

It’s so powerful. We can take this message and apply it to our children’s lives, we can apply it to our businesses, we can apply it to our personal lives. You just have to take the first step. You have to have courage. And so often, me especially, when I set out to do something new, I want to be the best of the best. I want to be at the top of my industry tomorrow.

I want to have, you know, whatever, all of these things. I want a six figure launch the first time I launch an online program. I want 10,000 followers on Instagram overnight. We want all of these things, but we’re going to get a part as a tree before you can get a part in the chorus, before you can get a single line. It’s all a process.

It’s all a part of the journey and it’s what makes us appreciate what’s at the end of that journey. So let’s embrace this. Let’s have fun. Try your best, that’s all that matters is that you try your best. Forward momentum is key, as long as you’re showing up every day, you’re learning something new every day, you’re trying. That is the only thing that matters.

And if you keep doing that day over day, you will have the success that you’re setting out to achieve. Maybe it will happen in a year, maybe it will happen in five years, but stay focused on your end goal and don’t let anything hold you back and don’t let these stumbles and roadblocks and failures along the way stop you from what you’re setting out to achieve, that big picture, because it is going to get hard.

It isn’t always going to be easy and it is going to get messy and it’s going to take braveness and courage and you stepping up for your life, but you’ve got this. Have fun, enjoy the ride; embrace it. Try your best and remember; baby-steps, forward momentum, it’s the only thing that is required to reach your big dreams.

I’m taking my own advice tonight. I’m taking this all in and trying to embrace it and embrace the journey, and I hope you guys can find some empowerment in this as well because it is real. So thank you so much for tuning in. I would love to know what you guys are doing in your business and in your life and maybe there are some areas that you’ve struggled with or you wish that you could hit the download button.

Tell me about them. You can follow us on Instagram – I love hearing interactions on what’s going on with people. We post this podcast every week right there, so you can comment, you can shout out to the world what’s going on and I am here to send love and support.

So go get your big dreams, embrace the ride. Thank you so much for tuning in and we’ll see you all next week.

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