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We’re fast approaching 2019, so it’s time to get your shit together and explore what will make a success of you come this time next year. This week’s episode is on a subject I get asked about a lot – What exactly is a mastermind? A mastermind is a group of highly motivated entrepreneurs ready to share their ideas and take on advice from others. So how do you know if a mastermind is right for you?

For the past six years, I’ve been investing in myself pretty heavily and I’ve seen results that go way beyond the money I’ve spent. Having been involved in masterminds for the last couple of years, it’s amazing to be able to feed off likeminded people who also hold me to account for my own life – it’s priceless really.

Tune in and discover how to find the perfect mastermind for you. There’s a lot to consider before making this substantial investment, so we’re going through how to identify the best group for you as well as comparing masterminds to the benefits of other services you may use, like coaching.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What a mastermind is exactly.
  • How a mastermind group can push you further.
  • The power I get from mastermind environments.
  • How to choose a mastermind group that’s right for you.
  • Why it’s important to be around people playing at your level and higher.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to Love Your Living, a podcast for ambitious women who choose to have it all. Learn how to achieve the massive success you’ve been dreaming of in your business and your personal life. Here’s your host, multiple six-figure business owner and a life stylist, Brooke Keeling.

Hello, hello, all my lovely ladies, and welcome to the Love Your Living podcast. Today’s episode, I am talking about a topic that is very present in my own life right now and something that I’m working on and figuring out in my own world.

And I think it’s a really great topic because I get a lot of questions around coaching, around are you in coaching, you know. I’ve had a coach now for probably six years. I have not gone without a coach. Many times, I have multiple coaches.

I’ve been in mastermind groups, I’ve invested heavily in growth; in growing myself, growing my businesses, whether it’s personal development, whether it’s strictly a business focus. But I’ve had a coach, I’ve been in programs, I’ve invested in online courses consistently now for six years and it literally has changed my life.

And if you’ve been on any of my podcasts or if you’ve followed along any of the social, you know how much this is present in my life. And so right now, we are at right around 100 – I don’t know the exact countdown of where we’re at in terms of what we have left in 2018, but I think it’s right around 150 days.

So we are approaching fourth quarter and we have about four months left in the entire year, which is crazy. I’m in the real estate world and so we are always working a good 30 days ahead of where we’re at today. And so just today, I was in the office and we were working through some contracts and my team is like, “Oh my god, next week is already September third, September whatever…” We’re always looking 30 days in advance, so it almost feels like, to me, I have three months left.

In addition to that, you know, when I look at numbers and I look at where my sales are at and what our closing rates are at, I’m also looking at 30 days out because that’s our sales cycle. And so it really is a three month go-time; what are we going to do in the next three months?

And so, when I get into the fall season, I really start to look ahead and look at what I want to do for this coming year, what type of support I need, what I’m going to be investing in; I start planning all of that out as well. And the topic that I really want to touch on today is, what is a mastermind group?

Specifically, within the coaching world, what is a mastermind? How do you find a mastermind? Do you like them? Have you gained the return on your investment on what you’ve put in, do you get that out? And, you know, like I said, this whole journey started for me about six years ago. And so I went to my first paid program, my first paid coaching program, and it was more of a live event.

And at the live event, I was surrounded by many people that were involved in the same coaching program that I was in and it involved one on one coaching along with some of these live events that you can go to. And I literally got addicted to these environments because when I go and I travel and I get out of my comfort zone, I get out of my little bubble, I get out of my own network and my marketplace, I meet so many incredible people that are also going to these events, they’re taking time out of their businesses. They’re investing thousands of dollars, most of the time, in order to go to some of these events.

They’re playing at the same level that I’m playing at and the power that I get from those environments, the inspiration, the will, the ideas, everything, it’s incredible. It makes you really want to up your game and that’s why I continue to invest in them.

And so, the last couple of years, I’ve been involved in mastermind groups and that’s been one of the newer coaching things that I’ve invested in and I can tell you, it’s incredibly empowering. And if you’re competitive at all, it also pushes you to think bigger, do bigger, go bigger, because you are in a peer group. A mastermind is a peer group. It’s very different than a group coaching program.

So a mastermind group is a group that you are in as a peer, you know. There’s a facilitator that’s involved that, kind of, puts everything together and keeps everybody organized, but it’s a place where you can come with ideas and support and you’re learning but you’re also giving.

And so, you have this equal part of participation as well in a mastermind group, versus a group coaching program where you have a coach. You have someone that is teaching concepts throughout a mastermind. There’s a very big difference between a group coaching program and a mastermind group.

One is not better than the other, they’re just different. So when you’re thinking about going into a program or investing in yourself, if you’re new to this whole world, you have to figure out what you need first. Do you want something that is more structured and that you have someone leading it, or do you want community? Do you want a place where you can go where you have a peer group, people that are around you that are also going big?

Now, let me tell you some of the things that I absolutely love. I’ve been in both of these things. I’ve been in one on one coaching. I’ve gone to big live events where you meet people, so they all have a very different feel to them. What I can tell you that I love about a mastermind group is, one – the people that you are around.

Now, you have to make sure that you do your research and you find a group that is a good fit for who you are and where you’re going, okay, so that you have players in that group that are playing at your level or higher. You get different inspiration from a group in a mastermind setting than you will in a group paid program setting. And that’s only because you have a facilitator versus someone coming in.

So for example, I’m in a mastermind group right now and, you know, you may not think that you need something. You may not even have an inkling as to what someone else is doing. They come into the group and they say, I’m working on this or I’m launching this new digital product or I’m doing a challenge or hey, I’m just starting to grow my Pinterest list, I have this great contact that’s really helped with me, or I just started this new series or I have this new application process and I’m converting 90%.

You know, all of these different things, that might not even be the same industry that you’re in, but your brain starts to think differently. You start to think, oh my gosh, that’s a really great idea or where could I implement this or that’s really cool that you’re doing that or I’m working on this too and I’m not seeing the results, how are you doing it?

And when you’re in a mastermind group, you have incredible insight or I’m working on this sales page, what do you think of this? What do you think of this design? You know, I’ve been in the same mastermind group now for six months and I can tell you that whenever I have something come up, whenever I’m at a point where I feel a little bit stuck or I can’t quite figure something out, rather than going online and researching something or trying to get in touch with a coach that I have or whatever, the first place that I go is my mastermind group.

And I have incredible support in that group and the other women that are in there, it’s the same thing. If they’re struggling with something, whether it be how do I upload or download a certain thing in my drive or create this, versus how do I structure this group program, you have this incredible peer group that is there giving you very honest raw feedback on things and are very knowledgeable in different areas that maybe you’re not knowledgeable on.

So they really push you to think bigger. And also, if you have people who are seeing more successes than you, it pushes you, especially if you’re competitive. You want to play at their level. You don’t want to come into the group and be, like, oh I didn’t do shit. So the accountability in a mastermind group is amazing. It’s incredible.

Accountability is probably one of the best things within a mastermind group, if you have the right group, because you don’t want to show up – when other people have these big wins – you don’t want to show up with a little piddly thing just to say I had a win this week. So, masterminds hold you at a higher level than you might hold yourself.

Now, another reason that I really love masterminds is they’re fun. You really create incredible friendships with likeminded women, for me. It’s women or men, if you’re in a group of women and men. Particularly for me, I’m in a group of women right now, so I have different friends now from all across the country; New York to California, Midwest, Canada, people that I stay in contact with, that I’m closer with on a certain level than I am some of my friends that are right here in my backyard.

And this has stayed true for the past six years. The different programs that I’ve been in, I’ve created incredible relationships and friendships from these groups that I’ve invested in to grow my business and these people have inspired me to think bigger and do bigger and held me accountable to my goals and my dreams, but they’ve also been incredible friendships that I’ve made along the way as well.

So not only do they make you think bigger, it’s a force of making you want to go further faster, which is all about growth and also being one of my biggest sources for questions when I need something, because we all know, if you’re in business, if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re out there trying to go after big goals, it is lonely. We’ve talked about this many times.

So it’s like you have this whole group that is rooting for you, that wants to see you be successful, which is just incredible. Now, this also plays into – I just heard recently this quote that I absolutely love because I’m an introvert and oftentimes, especially this year, I’ve had a lot of people that I work with come back to me and say, “Look, you need to get out of your business. You need to go find some really great friendships.”

And I’m like, you know, when I’m out of business world, I am very much involved in my family or I have my peer groups, my mastermind groups. I don’t know that I need a whole lot of friends. I’m just not one that’s super social when I’m not working. I like my alone time. And it’s funny because this quote that I heard is that, “My paid friends are better than my free friends.” And I just loved this, “My paid friends are better than my free friends.” Because that’s so true on so many levels for me.

The paid friends that I have, the mastermind groups, the coaching programs, I love those relationships so much. They feed my soul, and so maybe that’s a reason too why I really separate a little bit in my own personal life.

So anyways, I love mastermind groups. There’s a few questions that I’ve gotten recently and just people curious always on what I’m doing, what I’m investing in, and so I’m going to touch on a few of these questions that are specific to mastermind groups.

How did I find my mastermind groups? So the group that I’m in right now, Incredible Female Entrepreneurs, I found them through a coach that I was working with one on one and she was launching a mastermind group. Now, it was really important for me when I made a decision to do a mastermind that I had women that, again, were playing at my level or higher.

I want to be surrounded by women that are playing at my level, and so I asked a lot of questions. I wanted to know who was in the group because, look, masterminds are expensive, and I’ll go into that as well, because I think people’s jaws drop when they realize how much I invest in some of this stuff.

But you want to know who else is in the group and what’s the common themes in terms of goals. Now, you’re not going to know this if you’re the first one to sign up, but there is always usually a facilitator in a mastermind group. And a lot of times, these higher end masterminds, there’s an application process. And so that facilitator is going to go through some of your criteria and let you know if you’re a good fit or not because you want to have likeminded people.

You want to have people with similar goals or different styles of coaching, just to ensure that it’s a good fit for you. For me, I like strategy and I really like tough love and I want someone to tell me raw, open, honest. Like, give me the truth, even if it’s going to really piss me off. And I can be pissed off all day long, but I want tough love.

I want someone to hold me accountable at a higher level than what I’m going to hold myself. I don’t want the hooey-gooey kind of stuff; I want tough love. And so making sure that you have similar people that are going to give that to you, I think is also really important, especially as female entrepreneurs. This is one of the things that I’ve found is a bit of a struggle because I can be a hard-ass and I want people to be a hard-ass on my as well.

And so when I have kind of shifted to, I want to find more female entrepreneurs that I can surround myself with, sometimes that tough love is a little bit lighter and so do your research. Really try to understand what’s the vibe for the group, at what level are these people playing? See if there’s an application process that you need to go through in order to be part of a group.

So knowing who you want to work with, knowing who you want to be surrounded with, asking some questions. You can also find people just by getting curious, you know. If you listen to podcasts, if you really like someone, if you really like a leader in a certain area, you can see if they’re in a mastermind group.

Oftentimes, what I find is that when I start following someone then I see that they follow someone else or I’m introduced to someone else and this person leads this mastermind group and you start to connect the dots and realize how connected a lot of these people are if you’re passionate about certain areas of business or certain podcasts, bloggers, whatever it is.

Whatever inspires you, if you start to listen to one thing, you’re likely going to get introduced to another thing or another person, and then again, you start to see that they connect the dots. So even from that point, just being open to it – you know, if you’re thinking that a mastermind group would be really powerful for you to join in 2019, put it up on your vision board.

Start thinking about it. And just by getting it there and visualizing things, you’ll start to hear and you’ll start to be introduced to certain programs and whether it’s a group program, one on one program or mastermind group.

The other big way that I’ve found – and this is just it, so I found my mastermind group through a coach and then through that coach, I’ve been introduced to other people and then you get introduced from there. And so, do your homework and then just listen to your gut.

So I think the hardest part for a lot of people, especially when you’re just starting to dive into some of this world is the sticker shock; it’s the price tag. And these mastermind groups, they’re expensive. If you really want to invest in your future goals and hold yourself at a higher level, what’s the price tag on that? What’s the price tag on your success?

So you have to think about that too, because oftentimes, if you’re looking for something cheap or that’s a quick fix, likely you’re not going to get that in a mastermind. Most mastermind groups are six to 12 months. The one that I just ended was a six-month program. There was a retreat and then there was bi-weekly calls for six months and it was three grand a month to be in that mastermind.

So mastermind groups are usually a little bit longer in length because the people that are in them are in them for the long haul. So if you’re working on a big goal or you’re working on really making a lot of changes and restructuring your business or really taking your business to the next level, it’s not going to happen in three months. It’s going to be that six month – 12 month – turnaround time and you need that accountability through that process.

Now, I can tell you that I just ended a six-month mastermind, and the next mastermind that I will do will likely be a 12-month mastermind. I feel that I enjoyed that timeline a little bit more, only because I want more support. I wasn’t ready for my six-month mastermind to end, nor were a lot of the people in my peer group.

It’s like we still have these big goals. We’re right in the middle of them. We’ve really made some headway and we want to continue that support. So even though the actual mastermind calls and the facilitator is no longer a part of that mastermind, the connections that we have with my peer group, we are all still in there supporting each other when we need help.

But I personally like the 12-month timeline just a bit more. The other thing that I really love about a mastermind are the retreats. It’s the one on one. So, whether it’s a retreat or a meet-up or whatever they may call it, I had one meet-up with my group. If you’re doing a six month, likely you’re going to have one or two meet-ups. If you’re doing a 12-month program or a 12-month mastermind, likely you’re going to have three to four meet-ups throughout the year.

Those meet-ups are powerful because they get you out of your business. They allow you to really connect with other people in your group and just really brainstorm. And you feel empowered when you leave them. You feel clear and you really connect with the people in your group and it makes those relationships so much stronger when you’re going into your monthly calls or your bi-weekly calls.

Now again, masterminds are expensive. They’re very expensive, but I see such a huge value in them. And if you find a good one and you’re committed to it and you do the work, I guarantee you, you will get a return on your investment.

So yes, I understand, a 3K investment a month, it’s a big price tag. But if you do the work and you hold yourself accountable and you find the right group, you will make that money back, so it really can be worth it. And I wouldn’t be investing thousands and thousands of dollars in myself every single year to continue with coaching, continue with masterminds, continue with the things that I have been doing over the last six years, if I didn’t find the value in them, if they didn’t change my business, if they didn’t help me grow and I didn’t see a return on my investment.

The other little piece of info that I can tell you from my own experience is that sometimes we have this thought in our mind that if I’m in one program, I can’t be in any other program. And I’ve had the same thought along the way, especially because it’s expensive, right. So you’re looking at it and thinking, oh my gosh, I’m paying this much for this program or I’m doing one on one coaching with this coach and it’s three grand a month or whatever it may be, and then, all of a sudden, this great opportunity falls into your lap or you need something more from a different angle or a different peer group or a different coach.

Now, I can tell you that I’ve had multiple coaches at one time and as long as you don’t have a coach that is so similar that they’re trying to give you – or they coach in similar styles and it’s very different information, that can be really confusing if you have coaches that totally but heads in the direction that they’re going. But I’ve had coaches where I have one that’s really great with mindset and support and encouragement and big picture overview lifestyle coaching, life coaching. And then I’ve had coaches that are really great with strategy and helping me put things into action and getting me moving in a forward momentum and having that tough love, which I need to have, I like to have.

I like to have strategy. I like what to do, when to do it. And so if you’re dedicated in a mastermind group, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in a program that you feel could really leverage your time or your business or take you to the next level. I’m always buying courses, I’m always looking at what can increase my business growth, what can take me to the next level.

And even if I’m working with one particular coach or if I’m in a specific mastermind group, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be in another one. And I have many coaches, I have many other peers that have the same thing. They’re in multiple mastermind groups or they have different coaches for different things and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

If you really feel in your gut that you have an opportunity in front of you that could take your business to the next level, do it. Go for it, invest in yourself, invest in your future, listen to your gut and just do it. Pull the trigger. And when you make that big deposit on investing in yourself, I guarantee you, your mindset is instantly going to shift and let’s fucking get to work. Let’s do this.

And so I challenge you on doing that too because I know, especially for some of you that are listening that are just starting out in this realm of investing in yourself, spending $10,000 to go to an event is a little crazy. I’m leaving for a retreat in a week and the retreat cost me $10,000 and it’s for a week.

What I’m going to get out of that though is community and being with an incredible group of women for a week that have big goals, that have big visions and being in a beautiful setting, a beautiful place. I will check back in with you, but I can almost guarantee you that what I will get out of that will be 10 times the $10,000 that I invested.

So I hope this was helpful. If you’re looking for a group, start looking now. You need to start planning your 2019 now, especially because some of these mastermind programs, they fill up. So if you feel like you’re more of a small group type person, look for a mastermind group that’s anywhere from five to 10 people.

If you really like the community, there’s mastermind groups that have up to 40 people in them. So it’s really what you feel, how you learn the best. With a bigger group, you’re going to have more ideas, you’re going to have more chatter. For me, sometimes, it’s a bit more distraction. And with the smaller groups, of course, you’re going to have more of an intimate setting. You’re going to really be able to connect and get to know the people that are in your group on a different level.

So it’s really what works for you as well, but start looking now because some mastermind groups start to launch and fill up their programs and take applications like late fall, and then whether they start in the fall or they start the first of the year – the last program that I started, I signed up for, I think, in September, maybe October, and it started in January and it kicked off with a retreat in January in Savannah, Georgia.

So start looking now. If you don’t feel like you have the money to invest right now, that’s okay. Like I said, throw it up on your vision board. Start saving. At least you know, if you start doing the research, what something like this is going to cost you, what you need to invest in so you can start planning for it.

And if you are looking for a mastermind group, we are starting a mastermind group this year, so you can check out – we’re going to start taking applications here probably in the next 30 days. So we’ll be application only. It will be a smaller group. But you can check that out at our website on and more information to come on that.

So I hope you all found this helpful. If you’re looking for a community, if you’re looking to scale your business, if you’re looking for more support and networking and ideas and growth, I highly recommend trying to find a mastermind group that might be a good fit for you for 2019 and just start putting some feelers out there and seeing what you find.

I hope you all found this super helpful and interesting. If you have any questions on Mastermind groups or programs or coaching that I’ve been through, always feel free to reach out. I love being here with you all and I hope you have an incredible week. Thank you so much for tuning in. I love your questions, I love your reviews, I love your community, I love your love. So thanks again, I appreciate you all so much. Have an awesome week and we’ll see you next time.

Thanks for showing up and listening to this week’s episode of Love Your Living. If you’re ready to create a business and life you love, or simply take your already pretty incredible life to the next level, head over to to download our five-step guide creating more balance in your life.


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