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No matter how easy “business gurus” and online marketers make it seem…

There is NOTHING easy about starting a new business or getting it off the ground.

No shortcuts, no pills or 6-steps to 6-figures shit.

For someone who is new or is struggling, after a while, you just feel like grabbing everyone by the collar and pitching them your services/products, so you can prove to yourself and others that your business is worth spending money on.

And sometimes, you just crawl under your (proverbial) blanket with the intention of NEVER showing up as working on a business that’s NOT making you any money is hard.
Can you relate to that?

Here’s the thing though.

DO NOT let desperation drive you down this rabbit hole.

Excess of anything is bad.

>> You can’t go on a pitching spree and expect people to fall in love with you and your offers. Instead, it will only push people away and make them feel like they’re being taken advantage of. And trust me, if one thing, people NEVER forget how you make them feel.

>> You can’t hide in your closet either and expect people to come find you, trust you, and like you enough to buy from you. Instead, they will be forced to think that if you can’t really show up for yourself in your business, how can you expect to deliver what you’re promising and change their lives?

To say the least, a successful business requires a careful balance.

Today, I’m going to share with you my 4-step process to start getting in front of the RIGHT people in the RIGHT way, starting TODAY.

STEP 1: Think long and hard about the real reasons your ideal clients aren’t able to solve their problem themselves, and then SHOW it in your content, copy and messaging (don’t just TELL), so they can imagine it, see it from their mind’s eye, and relate to it.

Example: Don’t say, “You don’t have time”, instead, paint a picture of their busy day from waking up to the sound of the alarm to tripping over their own feet to make sure everyone is taken care of in the morning (getting kids ready for the school, feeding them, packing lunch boxes), managing a household, taking care of the family, laundry, missing out on your personal care… and how in the world can you think of doing [what you help them do].

STEP 2: Search Facebook for similar groups that relate to your niche. It may take you 2-3 days to fully find out which ones are engaged. Ideally join about 6-8 groups and then finalize about 3-4 where you’ll be regularly active.

STEP 3: Be intentional about your presence and start showing up with the aim to help others. And no, I’m not talking about posting “value” posts in other people’s groups just to prove your expertise. I’m talking about being helpful, answering questions where you can, and engaging with people in a genuine way. This will help you get some organic traction and people will start noticing you.

STEP 4: Now you can start personal FB outreach to carry the conversation over to your inbox and see if you can help them through your paid offers. This is exactly why you should also optimize your personal profile for conversions by uploading the right cover photo, updating your “Bio” section and linking it to your business.

You see, ASKING people to buy from you doesn’t feel HARD when you’re satisfied that you’ve delivered enough value and you’re sure that you can help the other person with your paid offer.

So GIVE before you ASK.

And people will happily pay you…

…in ways you can’t even imagine!

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Love Your Living