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When you start your business you have to be EVERYTHING! You have to be crystal clear on where you focus needs to be. You’re managing money, you’re the salesperson, you’re the marketing person, you’re the assistant, you’re the one answering phones, you’re the one doing all of it, finances, all of it. When you first start out in a business, you’re the jack of all trades.

You have to do all the things until you get enough money coming in the door, enough revenue coming in the door, generating enough revenue consistently so that you can hire out and delegate and leverage your time. Whether you’re in the first phase or whatever phase you’re in, if you run a team or looking to hire your first person, wherever, some of my biggest learning lessons during these different phases is, you have to go to get crystal clear on where your focus needs to be.

Now, this is something that comes back to me all the time. It’s something that just came back to me this week. I’m not in the beginning anymore. I have a full team and contractors that support me in my businesses, but yet, I had to kind of check myself and say, “Hey, where are we spending our time? What does my focus need to be? What are the key priorities that I must do every single day in order to move our businesses forward and what are the things that I absolutely have to say no to and delegate?”

So in my businesses, one of the things that really helped me through this phase was really understanding and learning how to say no; being able to time block.

Be Crystal Clear on where your focus and energy needs to be, you have to be able to say no to the other things and not feel that guilt and shame. Just know that this is what you need to be focusing on and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Identify your top priority and ask yourself “What is the most important task, when tackled, that will make everything else I have easier or unnecessary?”  Prioritize your list accordingly.

Time blocking your schedule out, make a list of all the things you need and want to accomplish. Anything that comes in those times, just saying I don’t have time for this just yet, can I be available for whatever it is at a different time? So, really get crystal clear on those tasks and then also be able to block that time out and not feel guilty about not taking on all those extra things.

Now, this isn’t just within a business. This isn’t just within teams. It’s not just within clients. It’s also for family and friends, which is super tough because when you set out on this journey, in the beginning, your friends and family will not get it. I guarantee you, they will not get it. They will not understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, why you can’t come and hang out with them every weekend, why you can’t commit to dinners once a week. They will not
understand this.

And that’s okay too, but you need to start setting boundaries and you need to start creating that space for yourself to succeed and that space that allows you to build the life that you want for yourself. When your thoughts, visions, and goals become crystal clear and you time block accordingly, big things fall into place. For more business lesson & takeaways I’ve learned in the last seven years listen to the latest podcast; Lessons For Growing Your Business, Episode 30.  

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