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Interior design is a passion of mine and I have to tell you, I am so in love with switching things out for the season! It helps keep me grounded. But I don’t change out everything, that would be so much work – just a few items around my house which inject fresh colors and accents. Here are a few of the things I focus on to keep my home fresh and full of color.



Accent pillows & throws!

Oh my gosh… seriously, I can’t tell you how many pillows and throws I have scattered throughout my house. I am a Wisconsin gal so the whole hy-gee process is kinda of my jam when winter roles around. Faux furs happen to be my favorite but when spring/summer hit, it’s time to swap them out. This is such an easy way to give any room a new look for a season or just a little face lift 🙂 This doesn’t stop with couches, chairs, living rooms, take this concept in to your bedrooms as well. Switch out pillow cases, sheets and throws without having to buy all new duvet or comforter sets. I created a cute little cozy corner in my daughters room with floor pillows, blankets and a nice basket.

Favorite places to shop:

  • Homegoods
  • Marshalls
  • Target

Great finds, great prices, easy way to freshen up a room!





These don’t have to be big area rugs, I get it, that is expensive! I am talking about door rugs or runners you can swap out every few months to give the area a slightly new feel. Another great tip/trick I love is fluffing my bath mats. Aside from washing every so often, they get dull and flat and just icky…so I throw them in the dryer every couple weeks and in-between washes for a fresh new look.

Favorite place to shop:

  • I love Overstock for my rugs. Inexpensive but still great quality. They don’t break the bank which I love because i swap them out every few years.
  • Pottery Barn also has some great rugs. I mix these with my more contemporary rooms for a nice eclectic vibe.
  • Target for all my bath and kitchen rugs!
  • West Elm always had great trendy yet neutral finds.




Another great little swap out for bathrooms and kitchens.

Favorite place to shop:

  • Target of course: Nate Burkus has a fab line that now sells at Target. l love him




Candles create ambiance in any room. They too can bring the magic of the season out whether it’s in color or fragrance or both. When it comes to candles, I am a girl who always chooses white. I find that tiny pops of random color throughout your house can easily get lost and too busy. The key is to do it in moderation or use similar colors within the theme of the room.

Favorite place to shop:

  • I am super picky with candles and they are hit or miss for me so whenever I stop by Marshalls or Homegoods I scope out the candle section and stock up on any good ones. Always a fav for me: anything Sandlewood and Tobocco.

White is must! I told you I was picky 🙂




Now you CAN really go wrong here!!! In my mind there is nothing worse that tacky, cheap fake flowers. DON’T DO IT! But there are some really tasteful options now that look beautiful. I love having fresh flowers and I do often have them in my home BUT I don’t have them in every room 🙂 (I do believe that is one of the splurges that aided in Elton John’s bankruptcy- fresh roses in every room delivered every day, WOW!).

Favorite place to shop:

  • Pottery Barn
  • Magnolia Market


What do you do in your home to keep your rooms looking fresh? Leave a comment below!


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