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In my newsletter on Friday I talked about how important it is to work ON your business rather than being IN your business all the time. Here’s what I meant by that…

When you begin in business, you start off with is this big vision, which I’m all about. Big visions… my whole life is a big vision. Visions for my family, my business, my own life. It includes answers to questions such as, what kind of life do I want to lead? What experiences do I want to have? And in my business it’s…what do I want my own role to look like? What is my mission with this business? What is my big picture goal?

But the reality of the journey is that it can get you down. In this week’s podcast I talked about the entrepreneur rollercoaster and how it takes you in so many different directions. When you’re IN all the little details every day, the people problems, the bills, the clients…business can get a little tough and I can end up feeling a little bit depleted. It’s in these moments that I know how important it is to return to the big picture vision. To fill up and reconnect with your why.

This is what I’m doing this week. Taking time OUT of my business to work ON my business in Montana. Saying yes to the opportunities that come my way. This trip is about traveling and having down time. But it’s also about getting inspired. Reconnecting with my vision. Thinking about the business as a whole. As an entrepreneur you MUST always be clear on your vision in order to lead your team in that direction. You have to be filled up with inspiration, energy, enthusiasm, confidence, clarity. You need to be rested and take incredible care of yourself. I know this is a hard concept for all my grinders out there (because it was for me not that long ago) but it’s so important to understand that – whether it be stress, overwhelm, scarcity OR energy, growth, certainty –  that energy and what you feel on a daily basis, is exactly what you will bring to everything you do, including your business. This is why reseting is a priority for me, so I can come back and bring my best self to my business.

And it get’s better…part of the beauty of being in business, is that you start connecting, or reconnecting, with like-minded people. Love Your Living reunited me with a childhood friend who also happens to be a total boss, running her own business ventures with her hubs in this incredibly beautiful place. Beyond  my own big picture, I’m going to be connecting with a friend with similar visions, big goals and aspirations, scaling a business. This is so powerful. It gives me energy, it makes me feel alive!

It’s funny how life happens for us. If you follow your heart and dreams, the connections, friendships…the opportunities just show up for us along the way. All we have to do is say yes.

Love Your Living