I’m Bored

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Have you ever heard, said or felt this expression? I have…and recently I found myself struggling with the free time in my life that I worked so hard to create. It started when I came to a place in my career that my work was consuming me, and I was resentful for all the work I created for myself. The good news is, I changed that. I worked even harder to put systems and people in place so that I could do more of what I loved.

What happened after that?  After just a few short weeks, I found myself in this place of routine and boredom, grasping for things to make me happy.

What I realized is that the things I love are often times associated with my work. Telling myself that I couldn’t work on anything relating to work was creating even more anxiety.

Every day I am telling myself that it is okay to let go, be spontaneous, and FEEL. Over time I have began to cook a beautiful dinner because it allows for me to unwind with the people that I love. I take weekend trips with my girlfriends, cheer on my football team with my husband at a local bar, watch Saturday morning cartoons with my daughter. After having my daughter, I am learning to discover who I am outside of work. What at first seemed like boredom, because I didn’t have to be “on” all the time, eventually turned into sacred time. This sacred time will be the most cherished memories in the future.

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