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Last week, I dissected the story of one of the women who has inspired me most on this planet – Rachel Hollis. Continuing with our series dedicated to people who have changed my life over the past few years, I can’t wait to tell you all the takeaways I have from my next subject.

Tony Robbins needs no introduction, frankly. His seminars have totally reshaped the way I approach my business from the first time I heard him speak. Sure, there are some haters who will say I “drank the Kool-Aid” – but seriously, fuck that, Toby Robbins is the real deal.

Join me this week to hear some of the inspiration I’ve taken from Tony and his teachings. Discover how Tony got through some of the hard times that you might be facing right now and look closely at what really can be achieved if you apply yourself in the way he does.

I have an awesome new resource to give you guys some idea of where you’re at and how to take your business to the next level, whether you’re aiming for six figures or already there and aiming even higher. Download my Six-Figure Business Blueprint here.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • One of my favorite things about Tony Robbins.
  • The biggest takeaway I’ve had from Tony’s life story.
  • What makes great people who they are.
  • Why you grow outside of your comfort zone.
  • The importance of protecting yourself in every step of your business.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Want to have it all? Well, the best day to get started is TODAY. Welcome to Love Your Living, a podcast for ambitious women who want to take their life and business to a WHOLE new level of success. I’m Brooke Keeling, multiple six-figure business owner, passionate entrepreneur and your host.

Welcome to another episode of the Love Your Living podcast…

Hey everyone and welcome to the Love Your Living Podcast. I’m Brooke Keeling, and as always, I’m beyond grateful to be here with all of you today. Thank you for showing up, for tuning in. I’m grateful that you are here as well.

I hope that all of you have had an incredible holiday with your family. We’ve just passed the Christmas holiday and are days away from approaching 2019. So this time of year is one of my favorite times of the year to take some time to reflect on what 2018 brought, where we started in 2018, what were our goals, did we hit our goals. If not, that’s okay. What did we learn? How did we grow? What was incredible?

I love this time of year because it really does make me just stop and be present. One, have gratitude for all of the incredible things in my life, but even if I haven’t achieved what I set out to achieve in 2018, there’s usually a lot of growth that happened in between there. And it’s also a good time to figure out alright, what do I want for 2019? Who do I need to become? What tools do I need? What resources do I need? Who’s going to hold me accountable?

All of those things, if you haven’t done goal setting yet, now is the time to do it. But before you even dive into goal setting, take some time. Take some time to give gratitude for another year. Find the good, even if it wasn’t your greatest, and take that into your goal setting. It’s going to make you think very differently as you approach the new year.

Now, if you haven’t been tuning in or if you’re not aware, we just started a small short series. Last week we featured Rachel Hollis. What an incredible woman, mom, business owner, influencer. She’s one of my faves and she hit it big in 2018. 2018 was probably was a massive year in her books. But we are doing a small short series featuring leaders in this space.

Growth and development, personal development, business. Inspirers that maybe you voted on and you said hey, I want to hear from this person or someone who has really stood out to you. I appreciate everyone reaching out to me and giving me insight and giving me some feedback on who you want to hear about. And also, people that have really transformed my life or people that I just look up to and that are role models.

So today, I am very excited to talk about one of my all-time faves, Mr. Tony Robbins. Now, if you follow me at all, you probably know that I’m a big Tony Robbins fan, and I have talked about him in the past. I’ve talked about some of the events that I’ve gone to. And so today my intention and my goal is to give you some insight on Tony. Give you some insight on where he started.

Some of the biggest takeaways that I got from some of his stories. He’s a big believer, if you go to any of his live seminars, he’s a really big believer in telling stories because when he tells real life stories, things that have happened in his life, when he’s trying to teach a concept and allow you to understand it and relate to it, it’s so much more powerful to hear it and take it in when it’s told as a story rather than just teaching a concept.

And so I think that’s probably one of my favorite things about him and also favorite things about going to a live seminar where it’s complete immersion and also why you don’t die or fall asleep or not come back the second day after a 12, 15-hour day. So I am going to dive into some of the stories that I heard from him at those live events and share them with you.

They’ve been extremely impactful for me and then also maybe give you a little bit of an insight as to what were my favorite events. I’ve been through all of his courses now, aside from Business Mastery two and the Platinum Partners membership is something that’s on my list and I can chat a little bit about that at the end. It’s something that is on my goal sheet.

My husband and I actually, and it’s a commitment. It’s an investment and it’s a lot of time, so it’s not something that I will likely do while I am having babies and have little ones at home that I need to be here for. It’s just a lot harder to commit to traveling that much.

So let’s dive into Tony. Now, if you don’t know where Tony started, he didn’t start with any of the success that he has now. He didn’t start with anything really handed to him or given to him. He had to create who he is today, and he’s very open about that saying, I created this person, I created who I am today. And when he tells the story of his beginnings, he was a boy that was very overweight, that was picked on and teased and didn’t have a great upbringing.

Now he can look back and have gratitude towards it, but when he was growing up, he didn’t have a father figure in his life. His mom was married or had significant others present in his world but all of his fathers would then disappear. And so he had this pattern of men showing up, being his dad, and then disappearing and then a new man would come in.

So he never really had a father figure. On top of that, his mother was very abusive. And so talk about a setting for an incredible person that he’s become today. He grew up with not a whole lot, very poor, very abusive household, very unsteady household. He tells a story of a holiday. It was Thanksgiving, I believe, where his parents got into a fight and he would always take his then dad at the time and mom, his dad left, walked out, never saw him again, I believe, is the story. But at the time his dad walked out, his mom was there very angry.

And whenever a time like this came up in their world, in their household, Tony was the big brother. He had siblings and he would take his siblings into the bathroom and lock the door and try to protect them from what was to come. And his mom beat her way through the door and beat him up really badly, and that was his Thanksgiving holiday. This is real life, and unfortunately, it’s real life for other kids in this world, which is just heartbreaking.

So now looking back, he does so much good for some of the negative that came from his life, and I think one of the biggest things, the biggest takeaways that I’ve had from Tony is that everything in your life is a blessing. I believe his mother has passed now at this point, but he bought her a house and he forgave her for everything that had happened to him in his upbringing, and he actually was able to give thanks because it is who he created today is based off of the struggled that he had when he was younger.

He had to overcome these things, and by overcoming them, he’s able to help other people. So the relationship with his mother, and it was her struggle too. She was in pain and she was struggling. From that, he also makes it a point to take time over the holidays. He feeds millions of people. Holiday dinners every single year because he never wanted anyone to have the experience that he had in his life.

So finding the positive in some of the hardest days of your life, being able to work through that and grow from it, that’s what makes some of the greatest people greats. That’s what makes them who they are. So on top of that, you have this boy that is extremely overweight and picked on, poor family life and just poor family circumstances, but he grows up and he then tells the story of being in his adolescence and having to work many jobs just to be able to help out with the family.

And he at one point lived in an apartment, a crazy tiny little apartment and he would get eviction notices like all the time. He was living in poverty, could barely feed himself. He was a mess. And those times again, allowed him to create something bigger for himself, but being able to see that, he spent his free time going to a local DVD shop or a cassette shop at the time and he would get all of these self-help and self-development books and he would listen to them and listen to them and listen to them.

And he would always pay the guy, and then at one point I don’t even think he could pay the guy what he owed him for listening to these cassette tapes. But all of that, still being in that place that he was at, he was trying to grow and learn, and that’s the only outlet that he had at the time.

And then you fast forward again. He ended up – he was very young and he was in a relationship with a woman and he found out that he was going to be a dad, and I believe he was like, 18 or 19 years old. And it was a huge awakening for him because he always promised himself, he always told himself, I will never raise a child the way that I was raised, I will never bring a child into this world in the circumstances that I live in.

And then lo and behold, he has a baby on the way. What happened after this is absolutely incredible. So he went from barely being able to survive and at this point, I’m not sure if there’s a transitional period where he was living in a decent house or still getting eviction notices or what, but he said it stops here, I have to figure this out.

And he went from making a $25,000 a year or $30,000 a year position job to making over a million dollars in one year. And it was just this time when he decided he was no longer going to stand for what he had in his life and he was going to create something better. And he mentions, he tells this story about this house that was up on the hill.

He lived on the coast of California and it was up on a hill. It was called the Del Mar Castle and he would go to lunch and he would sit at this restaurant out on the patio and he could have a clear view of the Del Mar Castle. And somehow, some way or another, it came up for rent. Someone was trying to sell it or it came up for rent and it was absolutely crazy but he signed on for a massive lease.

Like, the lease is probably was like half of what he made in a year and he just made shit happen from there. He’s like, I’m going to take this risk. Now, some people, I say this a lot. Some people don’t work as well under that kind of pressure, but I can tell you that this story, the Del Mar Castle story of going from a man that made $25,000 or $30,000 a year to going to a man that made a million dollars a year, the next year because he said this is it, I’m changing my life, and he took on a rent of a castle and he said I’m doing this.

That’s pretty ballsy to do that, but he made that happen, and I can tell you in my life, when I say yes to some of these things, when I say yes to things that are really scary or they freak me out or I say, I don’t know, am I there yet, should I take on this additional expense, can we afford this, what are we doing, I go back to Del Mar Castle.

He signed that lease and he got his shit going. He set his ass on fire and he made it happen. And I think that that really does resonate with a lot of people. If you have to find a way, you will find a way. And so sometimes when you reach and you stretch and you commit to something a little bit further and your family is on the line, your business is on the line and your reputation is on the line, you’re going to work your ass off to make that happen.

And those are the times that really stretch you and make you grow. It’s when you’re outside of your comfort zone. Now, this story has come up a few different times in my world this year. I had a team member actually that purchased her first house and she was freaking out. She got to the point where negotiations were all set and done and she was excited at first and then when it became real, like many other people, she’s like, oh my god, what did I do? Can I afford this? Did I make the right decision? I feel like I made a mistake.

And I just texted her back and I said, Del Mar Castle. She went to a UPW with me this year, Unleash the Power Within event that Tony does, and he tells that story. And I said Del Mar Castle, and that’s all she needed to hear. And even within my own life, purchasing a home, going through massive renovations, having all these different pieces working, sometimes I think, oh my gosh, what am I doing? And then I just think Del Mar Castle.

So, that’s an incredibly powerful story that I had massive takeaways with. Now, that’s the beginning of Tony Robbins, right. He created everything that he is today. Everything that he teaches, how he coaches, how he mentors, the programs that he has out, he created them. It’s not someone else’s process; it’s Tony Robbins’ process.

From a man who doesn’t have a college education, barely has a high school degree, and how he was able to put all of this stuff together and teach it to people and change millions and millions of people’s lives every single year is by constantly figuring out how he can he become better, how can he take these situations in his life and how can he grow from them, learn from them, grow from them.

What were his struggles? How did he identify them? Creating solutions around that and really getting deeper than just like a strategy and planning, but like, how are we hardwired? And he tested and he tried and he put himself out there. The first couple of seminars he did, he did at the Del Mar Castle.

These things would come up to him. He journals, he meditates, he takes incredible care of his body, he does all of these things that allows his mind to be clear. And then, ideas come to him and he tries them out.

The first couple of seminars that he did, he had like 10 people at them. And now, he has thousands of people at his conferences and he does them many times a year. It’s just crazy. So everyone has to start somewhere.

A couple of takeaways here, you have to start somewhere, you have to put yourself out there. Maybe you don’t know if it’s going to work, but you’ve got to test it. You’ve got to test it and you’ve got to try it and you’ve got to keep tweaking it and you have to learn from what works and what doesn’t work and keep going.

That’s what he did. He started really small and he kept growing and growing and growing off of that, but he put himself out there and he created things off of really big struggles within his own life. And I think again, the beginning, this just starting out is the hardest part for so many of us. So, knowing that someone even like Tony Robbins, he had to start somewhere.

So he started. He continued to gain momentum and gain success, and slowly and slowly and slowly, he started filling his conferences and selling them out in small auditoriums that he used to think was a massive deal, you know. It’s tiny in comparison to where he is now, but it was big growth for him at those moments.

Now, the other stories that I really love about Tony is that he talks about a lot of the business side of things as well. And so, as he started to gain momentum and he was traveling like 300-plus days out of the year he was on the road, he had a family at the time, he ended up marrying a woman that had children previous to his marriage and his child that he had with her.

So he had young kids at home, he wasn’t seeing his family, he was burnt out, he was tired, and he realized that he needed some help. He needed to start really creating some support within his business. And so he had someone manage his business and his finances and all of this, and he’s thinking, you know, he had this incredible year where he’s on the road almost all year long, come home to find out that his business partner at the time stole all of his money and left him with massive debt.

So these are the hard things that happened. Now he can look back and tell the story and have some humor to it, but at the time, there was no humor to it. It was like he didn’t have any money, he had a family to support, and he worked his ass off all year just for everything to be gone; everything.

And this didn’t happen just one time. This happened many times. So business partner stole all of his money, embezzled all of his money. He has another story about signing a contract, a big deal. He got in with some big hedge fund managers and big names where he was going into a business deal with them.

He signed all of these contracts just to come to find out that he got paid very little on those contracts and he was stuck in them for years. So again, I’ve talked about some of the things that I’ve had to go through this year, and one of the biggest lessons is as you grow and as you scale, that you need to become smarter and wiser about how you run your business operations.

You start adding employees, you need to be smart. You need to have contracts in place. You need to protect your business because one wrong move and you’re done, you’re gone. I have so many of these stories and they resonate with me on a deeper level now, not just like, oh shit that sucks, Tony but look at you now, but in a sense of it’s extremely powerful and if you don’t have your business protected as you’re growing and you’re scaling, you are so vulnerable to losing more than just your business and having to start over.

He had to start over many times. Most people in his situation would have not started over. You think about this for a second and ask yourself, if you worked your ass off for an entire year, more than a year, but this was a big year, you’re making decent money, you’re seeing profit coming in and success in your business after years of building it up, and then it’s just wiped gone, would you have the resilience to pick yourself back up and pay the tax debt that you have to pay, pay all the debt that is now on you and your money has gone?

Or would you just say, I give up. He did this many times and he learned from every single one of them, but he learned the hard way. And sometimes, we have to learn the hard way in order for it to really sink in.

My husband is a financial advisor and he came home this week and he’s like, you know, I had a really bad day. I had a bad day too. I lost 20 grand in a week, but we won’t go there today. So anyways, my husband has a really big heart and he’s very passionate about helping people really set their financial future up for success.

I used to hate this because he would always take all of my money and I was like, gosh, dang it, I just made all of this money or I have all of these big commissions coming in and you’re just taking it. Now, I’m incredibly grateful because I see what the return is going to be and already has been to set us up for an incredibly successful financial future, but it was hard in the beginning.

Anyways, he’s really passionate about what he does and he really likes to do a deep dive into people’s businesses. And he just had a client that came to him – they’re setting up all of their end of year stuff and he said, I really need to get your business partnerships and I need to know these numbers.

And the owner of the business didn’t know the answers to these questions. And he’s like, I got to get this from my partner, I don’t know the answer to this whatever, and his partner’s response was, you know QuickBooks is a mess right now and I don’t have this and I don’t have that. And my husband is like, dude, this isn’t okay, you need to know what this looks like.

And he ended up really relying on my husband to go through all these details with him, just to uncover that he signed a contract that was very much not in his benefit, very much not in his benefit. This is a friend of many years friend that they’re now in a business partnership with. And the friend has created this contract that’s very much in his favor and has zero protection on my husband’s client and basically states that his friend can go after him, his family, his house, everything.

And in addition, the finances just aren’t where they need to be. And so you’ve got to get curios about this stuff. You have to be able to learn from it and gain from it and become smarter. And if you make a mistake, if you get sued, if you have a lawsuit against you, whatever it may be, fuck it. Get back up, learn from it, and keep going, because it’s going to happen to you if you continue to grow.

I promise you, it will. It doesn’t make you any less smart. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It doesn’t make you anything. It means that you’re going to get stronger and you’re going to get smarter so that you can ride the wave as you continue on and you grow and you create the life that you want, the legacy that you want, the business that you want.

Huge takeaway from Tony – I took my dog on a run a couple of weeks ago when I was going through this big loss that was, whatever, it is what it is. I haven’t wiped it clean, but I was thinking the whole time, what would Tony Robbins do?

What would Tony Robbins do if just one week all of a sudden you have a nice big income coming in and then it’s just wiped out? You keep going. You pick yourself up, you keep going, you find a way, you find a solution, you get creative and you keep going.

Another story that I really love about Tony is all about associations. Now, again, if you’ve been tuning into any of my podcasts or you follow me on social, I’m a big believer that you are an average of the five people that you spend the most amount of time with. It’s a Jim Rohn quote from way back.

Jim Rohn I absolutely love, and he was actually a mentor of Tony’s. And Tony tells a story about when we was just working like a dog. He was working from sunup until sundown. He was absolutely exhausted. He was traveling every week of the year and he couldn’t take time out of his business. It’s a place that many of us get to at some point.

At some point, we’re at that place where we don’t have a weekend, we don’t have nights, we don’t have, you know, anything. Earlier this year, I had a week where I was literally like, what the fuck, I don’t have deodorant, I don’t have toothpaste, I haven’t showered for three days, what’s wrong with me?

We all get to that place some point and then we have to figure out, what’s not working here? This clearly is not self-care. I need to take better care of myself and get my shit together.

So Tony was in this place. He was working like crazy. He was seeing success in his business, and he was working really hard to get in with someone for a business partnership. And the guy actually reached out to him and said, “Hey, I really think you should come on this trip with me. I have a group of guys that are very, very successful.”

You’re talking like millionaires and billionaires I believe, and they go on these trips. They go quarterly and they do trips. It’s like a mastermind group. And they’re close friends. They’re in different businesses. They hold each other accountable. They’re all uber-successful and that’s who they roll with. That’s their inner circle.

And Tony was like, “Wow, that’s really amazing. I’ll have to check my calendar.” And the guy was like, “What? You have to check your calendar? This is a big deal that you’re invited. I can’t even believe – you’re going. Block it off, you’re going.”

And he was super stressed out about it and he’s like, fine, fine I’ll go. And then it’s like, where are you going – it ended up being a two week trip because, guess what, that’s what people that are uber-successful do. They take time out of their business to go and live life because what happens when you go and do that, you come back feeling so refreshed and so creative and you make incredible connections along the way too, which I’m just learning for myself.

You know, I’ve thought, over the last six or seven years, you just put your face down and you grind it out and you don’t have a personal life. And what I’m realizing is that the more that I say yes to some experiences that I’ve said yes to, retreats in different countries and mastermind groups and coaching seminars, all of these things, I make incredible connections.

I have such incredible friends from all over the world because of these commitments that I’ve gone to and being open to actually being there and being present and meeting new people with similar goals. It’s life-changing. And that’s exactly what it was for Tony.

He blocked the time off, he went, they took a private jet, they went through, I don’t know, China and Thailand and all of these different areas. It cost like, I don’t know how many thousands, like thousands and thousands of dollars to do this. He was freaking out about the money, how could I ever – one, how could I ever take this time out of my business? Two, how could I ever afford this?

But he said yes, he did it. He found a way. His business still made it through. He was freaking out and stressed out. His business still made it through. Not only that, he was surrounded by men that were much further along in their business and also in their life.

So he was the youngest by far on this group – and I’ve noticed this about myself too, I tend to resonate with people that are about 10-15 years my elder. So they’re at a phase where they have kids going to college and they’ve already gone through all of these different phases in life and that’s who I tend to gravitate towards and really get along with and resonate to and I want to be friends with.

And I don’t know what it is, but you learn so much from those people and they inspire me so much because they’ve already gone through some of the things that I have to go through, and they’re just wise. They’re much wiser than many people my own age.

So anyways, what came from this trip was not massive debt and his business still survived and he had incredible backing. He had like two billionaires on the trip that wanted to go into a business partnership with him or introduce him to some really big connections.

And so this is what I’m talking about; you never know when that next connection is going to create massive success in your world. So saying yes to some of the things that are actually life experiences and meeting people and connecting is absolutely huge. So I loved that story as well.

Now, I’ve talked about some of his events previously, so I’m not going to go into this in full, full detail, but look, there’s plenty of people who say don’t drink the Kool-Aid. It’s a big hoax. He’s just a gimmick, whatever. If you listened to last week’s podcast episode, you will know that Rachel Hollis, my soul sister, she also has mad love for Tony Robbins.

And the reason she has mad love for Tony Robbins is she went through a really hard time a couple of years ago. She had insane anxiety and panic attacks. She did therapy for years and then she went to UPW, which is Tony’s Unleash the Power Within, and she said it was like years of therapy and it changed my life.

His seminars are powerful, and they’re powerful because it’s complete and total emersion. He teaches with stories, real life stories that you can connect with, and he takes you through an entire series. So it’s not just about dancing around and saying affirmations; it’s a deep dive into your subconscious, into your memories, into how you were raised, into your belief system.

And your belief system is what creates your life. It’s what creates your destiny. And it’s so easy to change our belief system, but we have to be able to see them first. We need to be able to see the patterns and rewrite the story.

So UPW, that was my first event that I went to. A coach that I was working with at the time was like, look, you’ve got to go to this. I was like messed up. I was stressed out with my job, this guy was calling every single day, like you’ve got to go to this. I’m going, you’ve got to go.

I went. The first day or two I was like, what the fuck am I doing? This is crazy shit. These people are nuts. I’m not hugging a stranger. Please don’t touch me. By the end of it, I signed my husband and myself up for his entire Mastery University.

So we’ve gone through every one of his programs except for Business Mastery, and they’ve all been incredibly powerful – Business Mastery 2 I should say. We’ve gone to Business Mastery. So they’ve all been incredibly powerful.

UPW is kind of your gateway. It is the in to – it’s like Date with Destiny on steroids. And it’s an overview, literally, it’s an overview. It barely touches the depth of which Tony goes in his seminars that are five days to seven days long. So UPW is a really great starting point if you’re interested in any of his events.

The second one that I went to was Life and Wealth Mastery, that happened to be in Fiji. I know, poor me, right? Life and Wealth Mastery was one of the first eye-openers to self-care; self-care as a business plan, self-care as a life game-changer.

We did an entire week of cleansing, of colonic treatments, of spa treatments, of mindfulness work, of all of those things, because really, truly, you’re looking at your body and we expect so much out of it. But when you look at how you treat it, what are you putting in your body? What’s your fuel? Are you exercising? Are you moving your body?

Those are all things that creates your mind and body connection and it is so important in your overall success in life and your happiness. It’s like my anti-depressant. If I’m not working out, if I’m not eating healthy, I’m depressed, I’m anxious, I’m so down.

I think if much of our society would realize this, we wouldn’t have this epidemic of people being on anti-depressants and anxiety medicine. Almost everybody is on them these days. It’s just self-care, taking care of ourselves, giving ourselves sun and moving our bodies and eating healthy, it’s a game-changer.

Wealth Mastery was also a short look into just finances, how to set yourself up for a financial future, investing, what to invest in. it was not my favorite. I loved the life mastery side of thing; I didn’t really love wealth mastery. However, I still learned plenty.

The third one that I went to is Business Mastery, which, if you’re in business, you run your own business, Business Mastery is phenomenal. You will leave with like a holy shit, where do I even start? It’s one that honestly, if you’re just starting out in your business or you’re within the first five years of your business, you could literally go back every three years and you would learn something new because it teaches the seasons and the different areas of business.

Like, you go through different phases in your business, and so depending on what phase you are in your business, you’re going to have different takeaways. But it’s for sure a huge eye-opener for anyone in business to just understand, like, there are seasons and these are – the things that you’re going to go through during these seasons, what you need to focus on, what you need to have set up in order to scale and grow and grow smart, and protect yourself also.

The final seminar that we went to was Date with Destiny – hand down, my absolute favorite. This was the conference that I said I will not ever go another year without going to a Tony conference while he is still doing them live.

So I committed, while I was there, my husband has done all of these with me, to go to a Tony conference every single year while he’s still alive and in person teaching these. The man is phenomenal. What comes out of Date with Destiny is literally life-changing. It is absolutely life-changing.

We were supposed to go again this year and then with our house move, we had to postpone it until next year. So I did go to a UPW for the second time this year. We went back, so I still got my Tony in. However, we postponed our Date with Destiny to go back to Florida next December.

So I was seeing all of the stuff come up of the live event in December and I was really, really bummed that I wasn’t there this year because it was so incredibly powerful. So if you’re thinking of just doing one, that would be the one. That is an incredible event.

It’s expensive. It’s an investment. It is worth every single penny and Tony is just absolutely amazing and it truly is life-changing. So if you’ve thought about what do I do, how do I drink the Kool-Aid, going back to Rachel Hollis, this changed her life. And she said when she came back, this is often really hard if you have a spouse and you’re trying to grow and you’re trying to change your life and become happier, people grow when you’re married and you’re in a relationship and people change.

And that’s why we see divorces and we see relationships not working and whatnot among many other reasons. However, she came back and her husband wanted nothing to do with it and her husband was very much the, you drank the Kool-Aid, this guy’s a nut, this is a freaking cult.

And eventually, he came around as she started applying the tools and the skills that she learned and literally changing her life. He saw it happening and then he was resentful of the change that she was making in her life. And then he finally said, look, I want to do it. I want to go to Date with Destiny.

And they have said on many of their interviews and podcasts how much Tony Robbins has changed their life, and I think that’s absolutely phenomenal and incredible. And if he’s not your man, he’s not your man. If he’s not your guru, he sure is mine. I love him and he truly has changed my life.

So that is Tony. I have equal love for Sage, his beautiful wife as well. She is just an incredible woman. She’s very much involved in their business and she’s very spiritual, which I love. I have a big spiritual side that I’ve really tapped into and learned over the last five years and I really appreciate that as well. I can feel her energy.

So that is Tony Robbins and a brief overview of his courses and seminars that I have done. As I mentioned in the beginning, his Platinum Club is one of my goals. It’s $75,000 a year, I believe, to be in this program, and it’s many different retreats over a year period while you’re in it. and those retreats are like Africa and Cuba and Morocco and all of these crazy places, Monte Carlo, like all of these crazy places where you just get up and you go and you fly, and you have Tony, which is incredible.

Coaching one on one with him, oh my gosh, if I could afford it, I would do it in a heartbeat. It’s a million dollars a year to work with him, and then he gets a cut of what your income is as well, so he’s coached some incredible people. He coaches Serena Williams. He coaches some big, big names.

So I have mad love for Tony.  I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s episode, some of the takeaways that have been life-changing for me from some of the conferences. And if you have any questions on any of his seminars or conferences or beliefs or whatever it may be, shoot me a note. I’m happy to give you insight.

Sometimes I get friends asking, what was this all about? I am more than happy to share my experiences, my takeaways, and my honest and open opinions about whatever it is that I’ve invested in. So if you guys have any curiosity, hit me up. I’m happy to answer questions, and I hope you all have a really, really, really great rest of your week and a happy new year.

2019 is just around the corner. It is going to be a big year. I wish you all happiness. I wish you all love, prosperity, anything that you want to come to fruition in 2019. I wish you all love and I will see you in the new year.

Thanks for showing up and listening to this week’s episode of the Love Your Living podcast. If you’re ready to create a business and life you love or simply take your already-pretty incredible life to the next level, head on over to or simply check out the link in this week’s episode of show notes to instantly download my 6-Figure & Beyond Business Blueprint. You’re going to absolutely love it.

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