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By now, I’m sure you know how important it is to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur. I remember the first time I signed up for a Tony Robbins event, in fucking Fiji. At first, I thought, how the hell are we going to afford this? But this was the start of an important lesson for me – that entrepreneurs always find a way.

Investments like this are scary, there’s no doubt about it, and it’s easy to look at people making these huge payouts in trying to better themselves and think it must be so easy for that rich bitch. But you might be surprised to find out how much sacrifice actually goes into this quest for growth.

Join me on the podcast this week where I’m sharing what I’ve learned throughout my journey about where to put your money to get the most out of it. What I’m saying might sound a little out there, or damn near impossible, but I know firsthand that I’ve never regretted my big investments, and when you decide to make shit happen for yourself, neither will you.

I have an awesome new resource to give you guys some idea of where you’re at and how to take your business to the next level, whether you’re aiming for six figures or already there and aiming even higher. Download my Six-Figure Business Blueprint here.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What can be achieved when you show up every single day.
  • How normal it is to second guess yourself.
  • Why scarcity breeds nothing but more scarcity.
  • The true benefits of having experts on board in your business.
  • Why getting multiple people’s opinions isn’t necessarily a good thing.
  • How to deal with challenging thoughts around your business.
  • Why self-investment is more important than mindset.
  • How to enable yourself to afford the big investments.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Want to have it all? Well, the best day to get started is TODAY. Welcome to Love Your Living, a podcast for ambitious women who want to take their life and business to a WHOLE new level of success. I’m Brooke Keeling, multiple six-figure business owner, passionate entrepreneur and your host.

Welcome to another episode of the Love Your Living podcast…

Hello, hello, and welcome to the Love Your Living podcast. I’m Brooke Keeling and as always, so excited to be here with all of you today. Now, when I thought of what I wanted to share with you guys today, there is such a mixed bag of topics and emotions and thoughts that have gone through my mind and that I have worked through over the last couple of weeks.

And I’m thinking, what are the big takeaways? Because all of us have these times where you’re trying to maneuver through the different hurdles and windy roads of life and entrepreneurship and business. And oftentimes, for me, it takes me some time to work through it to understand what the bigger message is.

So, when I feel really lost or I feel really overwhelmed or I don’t feel like I have a sense of direction, I have to keep showing up every day and doing the work. And when you do that, it’s miraculous what unfolds right before your eyes in such a quick period of time.

And so if you all follow along, or maybe you don’t follow along on Instagram or Facebook or just some of the Lives that I’ve done over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a lot of transition in my business, which I really saw as a blessing and an opportunity to do things differently, put different people in different places.

And after I kind of got through the what the fuck period and the overwhelm side of things, I saw the beauty in what that was. However, what came after that is where to make changes, how to make changes, where to put new systems and people into place. And when you do that in any business, it takes a lot of time and effort. And sometimes, we don’t have all of the answers right in the beginning.

And so, for me, I’m a very visual person, I like to map things out. I like to put everything out on my dry erase boards and scribble like crazy and try to get it all out onto paper and write it down again and rewrite it. I mean, I literally have like three different notebooks, two huge dry erase boards, and I just go through my notes. And as I put it out there as I have conversations, slowly, the answers start to unfold to me.

And I’m not going to lie, sometimes, when I’m going through some of these phases, all of that emotion of feeling like you don’t know the answer, feeling like maybe you’re not made for this, maybe you’re making the wrong moves, maybe you’re making a mistake here, you start to second guess yourself. And I think it’s completely natural to have those thoughts and those feelings.

And then we start to look for external resources and help in trying to find our way. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. However, being able to really look within as you’re going through this and have feelings of what’s coming up for you, you’re going to find the answers so much quicker, because what I’ve found – I’m very grateful that I get to work with the people that I get to work with.

I’m at a place in my business where I’m truly not alone. I’ve invested in masterminds and coaching and contract work with different people in different areas of expertise where if I don’t know the answer to something, I can at least go and get their insight on ideas or strategy and we can work through it.

However, when you start on that journey, you start to really rely on other people. And I think, to an extent, if you hire an expert, you should follow their strategy in the beginning. It’s like with anything, you follow it to a tee until you can make it your own and you can figure out what’s truly you, what’s going to work for you.

But always going and finding external opinions, you’re going to get so many people’s opinions and it’s just going to confuse you. And so, for me, when I’m working through all of these things, I really try to look within my business. And you have to really have that conversation with yourself too, in the fact that you know what your vision is.

You know what you want in life. You know when this is just a phase in the business. So I’m going to share some of my big takeaways that I’ve had over the last couple of weeks coming out of this fog.

One of the big ones is, just a week ago, I was reworking all of my businesses. I was reworking my schedules, I was reworking marketing plans. I was reworking who, what, when, in all of my businesses. And it’s overwhelming because I am someone that likes to be very organized and time-blocked and this day I’m working on this from 10 to noon, or each day, I need to, at 7am, this happens. At 7:30, this meeting happens with so and so.

And so going through that and aligning my schedule again in three different businesses with all of these teams was a little bit like, oh my gosh, how is this all going to come together? And it came together beautifully and it came together in a very quick period of time. That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to make changes to it, but I found clarity so quickly because that was my focus in finding my way.

And so, it was interesting because I got into my office earlier this week, and I had a weekend where I had a lot on my mind. Sometimes, I have to keep my mind occupied or I need to get out and go and do things in order to take my mind off of work. It’s hard sometimes for me to decompress and detach when I have a lot going on.

But I also took this past weekend as a time to just be, a time to just feel, allow that was coming up for me and try to understand what that bigger meaning was and be open to the messages that I was receiving, versus just trying to push them away or not think about them or I don’t want to deal with this right now.

And it was a really great weekend and I came into this week feeling very clear about a lot of things. So sometimes, when we sit with those thoughts that aren’t really all that great or we don’t want to see them, we really do have to because it’s what allows us to release it and move on; acknowledge it, release it, and move on.

I always get a little bit squirmy at the time in my business when I have to sit down and go through a lot of the financial side of things. I’ve done different episodes on knowing your numbers and knowing where your money is going, knowing your profit and loss and getting organized, because so often, this is the area of business that we do not want to see.

It’s like putting a blindfold on. I don’t want to deal with it. And a lot of things come up when you’re going through all of the finances. And I think a lot of people, whether it’s your personal life or your business life, you don’t want to see what you don’t want to see. You don’t want to look at what your credit card statement is. You don’t want to look at what your profit and loss is for the month.

And I’m telling you, you need to rip the Band-Aid off and you need to see those things, because it truly is what allows you to be a smarter business owner, and it allows you to uncover some of the areas where money is being spent where it doesn’t need to be spent or what’s your return on your investment, who do you have in place, what is possible?

And still though, in my business, from day one until now, I still work through these emotions because as my business grows, I have higher expenses. And that’s part of reworking all of my businesses, that all of these things cost money. Like the employees cost money, the team cost money, the marketing and advertising costs money and the different ventures, they all cost money. And you have to truly know what that money is. The investments in yourself, they cost money.

And I always have emotions that come up around this and then thinking, okay, what’s the return on the investment, where do I need to put this, where do I need to invest in that? And it’s a constant puzzle. And the puzzle, sometimes, is really fun, but it’s also daunting and it can send you down this cycle. You have to manage your mind around it a lot.

And it’s really interesting because what came up for me at the beginning of the week, and a lot of thought around what do people invest in, how do they invest in it and what has allowed me to get to where I’m at in my business right now?

And there was a really powerful email that hit my inbox on Monday morning and it was written by Rachel Rodgers, who is coming on the show here within the next couple of weeks. She is a coach that helps women go from six figures to seven figures. She’s also a mother of four, just had her fourth baby. She is the breadwinner in her family and she’s super successful.

She wrote this whole newsletter email on what she sees in women, the $50,000 woman, the $500,000 woman, the women that are going to a million dollars and beyond and the women that are staying stagnant or playing small. And in the subject line, she stated, it is not mindset.

Mindset is a big piece of this puzzle. You have to manage your mind. And oftentimes – I talked about last week – a couple of the women that I interviewed, it was a mindset coach and a money management coach, and a lot of that is around mindset and changing your thoughts around money and your money mindset, managing that.

However, Rachel stated in her email, it’s not mindset that she sees as one of the biggest things that is a trait for women building their businesses up, scaling to seven figures, scaling to eight figures even. And she said, the big thing on her end is seeing the women invest in themselves. And herself, she used herself as an example, and I absolutely loved this.

She said, if you’re waiting around and you’re thinking I don’t have that kind of money, I don’t have the money to invest in this mastermind group, oh wouldn’t it be nice – she credits a lot of her success to the mastermind groups, to the coaches, to the people that are helping her with strategy, to her team, because she can’t do it herself. You can hustle your way to 100,000; you cannot hustle your way to a million dollars.

You cannot do it yourself. The nanny, the help that she has, she has to have the team to do that. And in order to have a team, she has to pay the bills. And so it’s not just about going out and buying the flashy things and having the money coming in. The true bosses are the ones that actually have to pay the invoices as well.

So you talk about, at the month’s end, when you’re going through all of those invoices, and she said, “Look, I still get squirmy to this day.” She’s done multiple millions in her business, and she still looks at that and thinks, oh my gosh, the thousands of dollars that are going out in personal development and my mastermind groups and the salaries that I pay.

But that’s what allows her to create the success in her business is investing in herself. And she said, no one, almost no one – if you look at anyone, take me for example, a lot of people will come and say, I just don’t have the money right now. Like, great for you to say that. And I’m fortunate enough that I do have a lot of help as well.

I have a nanny and I have help around the house. I have had a cleaning lady for years. And a lot of that comes down to the areas that I need to focus on. I am not going to gain money back by spending two and a half hours mowing my own lawn. I’m not going to – my zone of expertise is not doing the laundry.

So you have to really figure out, where are the areas that you need to be focusing on and what can you delegate out? And oftentimes, this comes across as being like, oh my gosh, I’m so privileged or I’m so whatever you want to call it, must be nice to be you, you have all of this help, I don’t have the help.

I’ve gotten the same responses from people. And her response back to that was, no one has that money. No one has that money. Whether you’re looking at investing $1000 a month or if you’re looking at investing $10,000 a month, whatever level you’re at, you probably don’t have that lump sum of money just sitting in your bank account.

Most people don’t have just $100,000 sitting aside saying, okay, sure, I’m going to go invest in this, and it’s just a no-brainer, right? And she said the same thing on her end, like I just don’t have that. Like, a lot of times, the things that I invest in, I don’t have that money, but I find a way to make it.

Almost all of the investments I have made in my business, I don’t have that just sitting in my bank account ready to pay someone. Most of the time, it’s monthly installments or you bring a team member on. You have to figure out how to make payroll. If you’re going to hire someone on for the next five years, you don’t figure out how much it’s going to cost you and have that sitting aside so that you know that you have that nice cush.

And it’s those small steps one after another that allow you to continue to grow. I remember hiring my very first person, and it was a part-time assistant, and I was freaking out because I was like, oh my god, now a portion of my income is going to go to this person. Wouldn’t it just be smarter for me to do it on my own?

You have to overcome that mindset. I used to have it. I’ve never had help growing up. I used to be that person that judged people for having a cleaning lady, that judged people for having help, like I can do it on my own. I’m perfectly capable. I’m very capable of doing a lot of things around my house, and a lot of times, I want shit done, and so I do it. But I have to catch myself.

And I know now what I need to be focusing on and what my area of genius is that’s going to grow my business. And now more than ever, when I have payroll that I have to hit and I have contractors that need to be paid every single month and I have teams of people, I have marketing that needs to just happen, rather than doing all of those things on my own, I know that I can’t do it anymore.

I know that I need help and that has allowed me to scale my business. And that’s exactly the message that Rachel gave this week that I thought was so powerful. When you make big decisions in your business, you have to weigh the risk and you have to weigh the reward. What are you going to get out of it?

Does it align with your big picture vision? Do your homework and your research so that you feel good about these decisions. And then move forward and go. There’s not one thing that I’ve invested in – I’m talking big ticket items like $10,000-plus for one program or one event or mastermind groups, things like that. There’s not one thing that I have regretted.

I remember when I invested in my first – well actually, I guess it was my second, Tony Robbins event. And I decided, I’m going to go big, we’re going to do this. And we signed up for Fiji. And I remembered, signing up for it was like a mild heart attack. Like, holy shit, who do I think I am, and my husband, of course, he has this thought too. I push us out of our comfort zone, but we didn’t have all of this money just sitting around. It pushed us to have to work harder.

And not only that, but when that time came for us to go, there were so many emotions that come up. One, there’s no way I can spend two weeks out of my business, there’s no way, like, oh my gosh, I invested in the event but now I have to pay another five grand minimum, I think, to get to Fiji to experience it fully. All of the other expenses that come along with it.

And I remember thinking, what did I do? We can’t afford this right now, where is this money going to come from? And we found a way. You find a way. Entrepreneurs, business owners, the people that continue to grow, they don’t have just all of this money sitting aside to invest in things. They find a way. They sign up for something, they say yes to it, they commit to it, and they find a way to make it happen.

I remember talking to one of my partners in my real estate business and he said to me, we were speaking on another person within our business world and he said, “You know, entrepreneurs find a way to make money. They spend money when they don’t have it.” And I’m not saying this to be like, you don’t want to be smart about what your investments are, but you have to take risks as an entrepreneur and you have to invest in yourself and invest back in your business.

And these two comments hand in hand that I’m trying to get so clear on is this man told me, who is also very big into coaching and he’s built an incredible business around him, he said, “Entrepreneurs find a way. They spend money that they don’t have, they invest in themselves always and they always find a way.” And Rachel Rodgers as well saying, look, I don’t have this money just sitting in my bank account but I find a way to make it.

And so when you have people coming to you or you have this mindset of like, I don’t have the money, you don’t have the money yet, but you got to get creative, you got to get outside your box and you need to find a way. If you want something bad enough, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse.

And I just loved that coming from such a successful woman and an entrepreneur, business owner, mother, she still has all the same fears that all of us have. We all have these thoughts that come up. And one of the big things that came to me just this morning, so I thought, oh wow, I have all of these new things that we’re launching this year and I have different businesses that I’m launching different areas of business within my real estate business as well, and even with that I was thinking, okay, I have this new marketing piece going out next week in real estate, it’s going to cost a few thousand dollars to do it, maybe I should wait until next month.

You think about cash flow and what do we have coming up, it’s so easy to say I’m just going to wait or maybe I shouldn’t do it this month, I’ll do it next month. You’re just starting yourself off in a negative. Get it out there. But if I put it out there with this mindset of this is costing me a lot of money, I don’t think I’m going to get my return on it, I probably shouldn’t do it this month, maybe I should wait until next month, that’s exactly what it’s going to bring back to me.

So if I invest all of this money in sending all of these marketing pieces out and I have a thought behind it that it’s going to be a waste of money or I’m not going to get my return, guess what? That’s exactly what it’s going to bring to me. And so whatever it is that you’re investing in in your business, whether it’s a team, whether it’s a contractor, whether it’s a new marketing idea, whether it’s a new program, if you’re launching something, whatever it is, you have to bring a mindset into it of how you want to be perceived and what you want to get out of it.

Because if you go into it with scarcity, you’re going to get scarcity back. You’re going to get exactly that back. So you have to be confident in whatever it is that you’re selling and really manage your mind around this. And work on those thoughts that come up, acknowledge them, and then you have to have a more empowering thought that reverses it.

Here’s an example. There’s a woman that I absolutely love and she made a massive investment in her business this year, one that scared the shit out of her. And again, I’m talking like big players, someone that is multiple seven-figures, and she made a massive investment on an event that she was doing and it was to the point where her assistant’s like, you want me to do what?

And she was scared to death of it and she did it. She made the deposit on her credit card and she had to self-coach herself through the entire weeks following, leading up to this event because the thoughts that were coming up were, why did I just invest in this? I’m never going to get this return? What if no one shows up? What if I don’t make my money back? What if no one’s interested?

And her thoughts back were look, we’ve done events like this, you know how to market, we have great people that are going to be interested, this is a great event. And it was the best event that she did that year. And so you just really have to understand what it is that you’re investing in and be able to allow those thoughts to come up and please know, know, know that it’s scary for everyone and anyone at any level in their business.

And when you’re investing in things, the investments just get bigger. And so when you’re looking at people that you think, wow, must be nice to invest in this, must be nice to have a nanny, must be nice to have a cleaning person, must be nice to have a personal assistant, yes, but those are all expenses out of the bottom line and that still doesn’t mean that there’s not months where it’s like, okay, we took a loss this month, what happened? How do we reassess? How do we have a better month?

This happens at any and all levels of business. So just know that if you are just starting out and you’re trying to understand where to invest in your business or how do these people have that kind of money to invest, start small and just say yes. Find something that really lights your heart on fire and say yes to it and just see what you get out of it.

Because the more you do that, you’re conditioning yourself to keep saying yes and to keep growing and to keep going outside of your comfort zone. And that’s the only way that we get stronger in this phase of life in the world.

Now, to go hand in hand with this, you are going to fall down, you are going to lose money along the way, you are going to make mistakes, you are going to fail. And accepting that is something that will be incredibly freeing the more that you lean into it and the more that you allow yourself to get uncomfortable.

So when it’s money you’re going to have to get uncomfortable at times and make investments in things that maybe you’re scared of, and also in the risks that you’re taking and putting yourself out there. One of the patterns that I see over and over and over with people is everybody wants to be successful. Everybody wants to feel good about themselves. Everybody wants to be able to live the life that they dream of in their mind. But not everyone is willing to do the work and not everyone is willing to get uncomfortable in those places.

And I’m telling you, when you have those hard times, I’ve said this over and over again, but when you have those really hard times of defeat or feeling like you want to quit, or maybe this isn’t for you, or you haven’t seen the return yet, this is just sucking my money, you have to keep going. Because if you quit during those times, you’re not going to see your investment. You’re not going to see the bigger picture.

So know what your why is, know what that vision is for your life, and you have to keep going. Do whatever it takes to get to where it is, where you are now and who you want to become, where you want to go. Once you hit that level, if you start doing this, once you hit that level, I promise you you’re going to hit it and then you’re going to say okay, what’s next? Okay, what’s next?

It’s conditioning. It’s life’s way of conditioning us. I have an incredible mentor right now and team member that we are talking about business and he’s incredibly savvy and very, very, very knowledgeable and he said to me – I had an idea about something and when I have an idea about something I’m gung-ho, I want to do it. I think a lot of people are like, okay, tell me I can’t, I’m going to do it anyway just because you told me I can’t.

And the idea that I had he wasn’t on board with it, but he agreed to allow me to do it and he didn’t tell me I don’t think this is a good idea, and it’s interesting because I just had this conversation with him this week. He said, “I knew that it wasn’t going to work,” and for most people you’d think, well, what the fuck? I’m paying you all this money, you knew this wasn’t going to work, why’d you let me do it?

And he said, “I knew it wasn’t going to work but I knew that you needed to figure it out for yourself. I knew that if I told you not to do it, it wasn’t a good idea, you were going to feel like I was holding you back, that I wasn’t supporting you, and that you would have pushed even harder just to do it anyway.” And he said, “Sometimes in business, we have to learn those lessons on our own. We need to be able to truly learn them so that we can embrace it and we can take from it what we need to take in our own experiences.”

This is another piece of life that I think is incredibly powerful and I’ve invested a lot of money in coaching and different programs and business in general, and you always hear people say, “Oh, I learned this so I learned this the hard way, learn from me so that you don’t have to live off of ramen noodles for a year.” It’s like, the sob story of I learned it the hard way, let me teach you.

I think that having mentors and people that have gone before you can lend so much insight in direction and support. However, I also think that you have to learn on your own. I hired some of the best of the best people and even though they tell me something, it’s like you get it when you get it. And oftentimes when we get it, it’s not from people telling us. It’s from us truly experiencing it.

And if you allow yourself to lean into that discomfort and lean into failure and lean into just learning and having that confidence that you got whatever it takes, I’m going to figure it out whatever it takes, and not going down the rabbit hole of scarcity or self-doubt or this isn’t going to work or I’m going to live in the van down by the river, we all have those thoughts. You got to pick yourself back up. Know that big picture vision and know that whatever it takes, you’re going to do it. That’s the entrepreneurial trait.

Whatever it takes. You have a bad month, who the fuck cares? Get back up and keep going, right? You’re going to do whatever it takes, and when you have that mindset, no one is going to stop you in whatever venture you’re going to take on. And some of those lessons you have to learn on your own.

You can have the most incredible people helping you and giving you stats and telling you why it’s not going to work or why something is going to work. If you have something in your mind and you want to do it, oftentimes we have to learn for ourselves, and maybe it works out and maybe it doesn’t work out and our mentors are right or whomever it is, our team members are like, look, I told you so.

But what their takeaway was from it or their opinion of it is going to be different than yours. And so what you can do is sit back and say okay, what can I learn from this, which is so powerful. So big messages and big takeaways that I’ve had this last week, the money mindset and money management is so huge but also knowing that you’re no different than anybody else.

So if you’re out there thinking gosh, I wish I had this resource or I wish I had this or I wish I had that, start small and start working your way up towards some of those bigger things that you want. Or if you’re like me, you just shoot for the fucking moon and you go and invest in something that you clearly don’t have the money for and you find a way and it makes you grow, but you stress out a little bit more along the way, right? That’s what I always do.

I don’t sign up for a 5K, I started with a marathon and I’m not a freaking runner. That’s how I live in my world and you shoot for the moon but sometimes you have to make it into baby steps. So common theme in my own world and in a lot of people that I work with and that are team members of mine is oh, isn’t it nice, or, I don’t have the money, or, I’m not there yet.

Entrepreneurs invest in things that they don’t yet have the money. They spend money that they don’t have. If you want something bad enough, you’re going to find a way. Do you have that trait? Or are you playing small? When you go out to do something new or if you want something, where do you stop? What’s your threshold of discomfort? Where have you seen patterns in your life where things get a little bit hard so you just go back to what’s easy?

You’re never going to grow if you keep doing that. You have to get comfortable with failure and with the things that are uncomfortable and push yourself, invest in yourself. Know who it is that you want to become so that you can keep going to that place every single day, showing up and being that person and being very conscious of what’s coming up.

And also, what you’re investing in or your business or whatever it is, if you’re showing up thinking it’s already going to be a failure or why would I invest this money because it’s just going to be more money that I’m spending or another thing that I have to pay back, you’re going to get that back in return. So figure that out before you invest more money into something that you think is just going to rob you of more of your money.

So those are my big takeaways from this week. I can’t wait to have Rachel Rodgers on the show. She’s going to, as I mentioned, she just had a baby so her schedule is just crazy, crazy, crazy. But I’m hoping that I get to chat with her within the next week or two and she’s going to come on, she’s a total boss. Bosses are the ones paying the invoices. Remember that.

And if you are friends with us on social media, you can go onto my social Facebook page, Love Your Living, and check out more on her working on this topic exactly. I thought it was super powerful, I really appreciated it and it went hand in hand with my own thoughts in my own business and also a lot of other peoples. My team members, clients, and it was a big takeaway for me.

So I hope you guys enjoyed today’s topic. I will see you all next week as we start rolling out some of our incredible guest interviews, which I cannot wait to share with all of you. So have an incredible week, go and invest in yourself, do something that scares you, and we’ll see you all next week. Bye-bye.

Thanks for showing up and listening to this week’s episode of the Love Your Living podcast. If you’re ready to create a business and life you love or simply take your already-pretty incredible life to the next level, head on over to or simply check out the link in this week’s episode of show notes to instantly download my 6-Figure & Beyond Business Blueprint. You’re going to absolutely love it.

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