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I wrote a blog for this week and then I realized it was a bit of a rant on what I really needed to look at deep within myself 🙂 I had to call myself out on my own b.s. excuses to understand why I was feeling so judgmental of the people out there doing the work. I had to ask myself what was working for me and what wasn’t, because that’s truly what it came down to.

This served as a reminder that our thoughts and feelings towards others are a reflection of what we are judging ourselves on. If we can just stop judging others, we stop judging ourselves and in return, people stop judging us.

Gabby Berstein is an incredible thought leader on this topic with her new book, Judgement Detox. What I love about Gabby is she is so real. In one of her interviews while promoting the book,  she said that she had to really get real with herself and practice what she was teaching, because she is constantly judging!

We aren’t perfect, no one is but let’s be kinder to others and ourselves and truly believe that we are enough! And then of course these beautiful words popped up in my inbox from the incredible Marie Forleo.



Every one of my assumptions about what “successful” people had that I didn’t were total B.S. I was making up excuses. Pretty lame excuses at that. 

The truth was, I was afraid I wasn’t good enough. That I didn’t have anything unique to say. That people would judge me, criticize me and call me a fraud. I had piles of limiting beliefs about myself, my capabilities and my worth as a human being. 

But the TRUTH was actually this: I already had everything I needed to turn my life around.

At the most basic level I had food, running water and a roof over my head. Something billions of other humans still don’t have. Most importantly, I had heart. I had hunger. I had the willingness to commit to a higher standard of living, to learn new things, to work hard and never give up. 

I believe you have that too. I know with every fiber of my being that…You have everything it takes to actualize your deepest and truest potential.It doesn’t matter how much time, money or experience you think you lack — you were born with everything you need to reach your highest creative possibility.

But what holds most of us back are excuses. Excuses about why other people can do things, but we can’t. Excuses are destructive. They’re self-made prisons that keep us trapped in misery and mediocrity. And we’re the only ones who hold the key to our freedom.

Over the years, after working with tens of thousands of people, I’ve seen 7 common excuses that hold many of us back from doing the work we were born to do. If you suspect at least part of what’s holding you back might actually be you…I know you’ll get enormous value from this third and final video of our training series.



Thank you Universe!

Love Your Living