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This week on Love Your Living it’s all about Rachel Hollis! For those of you who do not know Rachel Hollis, she is the author of Girl, Wash Your Face, which is a number one bestseller on the New York Times list this year. Prior to Girl, Wash Your Face, she was a blogger that was specific to moms – a mom blogger! Because she was a blogger she had a platform on social media but since the release of her book her name and career have really taken off! Her book was a massive success! She is by no means an overnight success and has been working for decades in her business. She’s a self-made woman and very proud of that, which I love that about her.


Today I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite takeaways I have learned from Rachel Hollis:

Show Up & Be Real
Showing up and being real, this concept is MASSIVE because it’s what people resonate with. People do not relate to the airbrushed models of social media. Showing up as yourself, being real and authentic that’s what people want. For example, see the photo below of Rachel Hollis…

She posted this picture at the beginning of her career on her social media page and it went viral!! At first, she thought she should photoshop the picture because of her stretch marks caused by pregnancy. Then she said, “no, so many women need to see this…we are all beautiful no matter the shape/size…there are also so many women who don’t get the chance to carry babies…I am blessed to have these marks and I am going to show them off” Overnight, the her beach photo went crazy! Why? Because so many women can resonate with it. It’s truth. It’s real. It’s not photoshop. I am the same way in my business – I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you…it’s hard! We have good days and we have bad days but showing up and being real that’s what people want to see and hear. I respect people when they tell me the truth because I need the truth and want to know the truth – plus, that’s how you grow! Be real with yourself and others!

Don’t Stop at NO
Rachel Hollis makes it very clear that she was told no MANY times on her path to success. What sets her apart was how she responded when people told her no. She didn’t listen! She took NO as a challenge and an opportunity to keep moving forward. Don’t take no for an answer – you need to keep going! When you keep moving forward and keep progressing after a no, you create success. Maybe the no means “not yet” but it doesn’t mean no – it simply means, not right now. For instance, Tony Robbins, Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs are just a few who have been told NO and because they didn’t take no for an answer and kept pursuing their dreams we now know of their great success. NEVER stop!

I recently listened to an interview with Rachel Hollis and she was asked, “What would you want to tell women if you could tell them anything?” Her response was fascinating to me, “I want to tell them to stop reaching out to strangers on the internet and fix your own life.” It’s easy to look at someone else’s life on social media and fixate on their success while putting your life aside. As a woman and as a mother, especially a mother, you’re allowed to have a dream for yourself outside of your babies. Yes, it’s possible to be an incredible wife & mother AND pursue something more. Show your babies what it’s like to be a grownup, a woman, a human being with hopes and dreams. Give your babies something to look up to…plus, your babies are going grow up…then what?

You’re allowed to chase something else even if no one else understands – Rachel Hollis
Believe me, you are going to have people who don’t understand. For instance, Rachel and her husband went through a difficult time because he didn’t understand some of her changes and or goals. Be careful who you listen to when you are chasing after your dreams. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and support you. You are allowed to have dreams and interests no matter where or who you are in life!


Rachel’s new book is hitting shelves soon, Girl Stop Apologizing. The title says it all, create your life for yourself and stop apologizing for it. I encourage you to all go out and preorder it and if you haven’t read Girl, Wash Your Face – pick it up over the holiday break!

I leave you with one of my favorite Rachel Hollis quotes, “Don’t let someone in the cheap seat, or the arena, decide who you are and what you become. They don’t have to live with the regret of never chasing your dreams.”

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