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Make Way For Miracles – Day 1 – Mind


Welcome to day one of Make Way For Miracles! Your challenge today is all about mindset. Listen to the recording below and don’t forget to join the Facebook group where I will be posting live videos and drawing for prizes every day!

Hello and welcome to day 1 of Make Way For Miracles. It is detox week!

Today our topic is…


Did you know that our minds are powerful? Our minds literally shape every second of every day, how we feel, how we experience life, how we experience each other. What we attract.

Learning how to control and understand your mind is life changing and it all starts with you.

Have you ever heard the phrase:

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you are always right.”

“Get in your head and you are dead.”

“Where focus goes energy flows.”

Well there is some truth behind these sayings.

If we wake up feeling like today is going to be shit show, nothing is going to go right, I am going to fail miserably, I will never be good enough, I am stressed, there isn’t enough time, I suck at sales. Guess what magic is happening for us that day?? Not too much…

Why do you think some people find the negative in every situation? They are always living in scarcity, fear, drama, problem after problem… it is exhausting.

While other people seem to be incredibly happy, calm, grateful, confident – life seems easy for them.

I can tell you that if you had a glimpse into their minds and what they are focusing on, it would say a lot.

The cool thing is, YOU get to choose.

Learning to control our mind starts with just noticing. Being present.

It’s all a shift of mindset and how we choose to look at any and every situation. Realizing that no one person or circumstance is shaping your life and instead understand that it’s the story or emotion that we attach to it that matters. How you choose to receive the things that are happening to you, is how you will live your life.

The way we talk to ourselves is also incredibly important. Coming from a place of love and abundance vs scarcity and fear. Prepping your mind for the day. Setting an intention and finding the good in everything.

A common thought that pops up in my mind is: there is so much to do, I don’t have enough time, how am I going to make this happen? But if I turn it around, I really have all the time, support & tools I need to master these tasks. I am enough. I choose love over fear.

It’s that easy!

Your challenge for today is:

Notice how your talk to yourself. Where does your mind wonder to, what thoughts are coming up? How are you reacting to these thoughts? How do you feel?

Write them down. How can you turn it around with love?


Set an intention for the day.

It is time to get rid of the shitty language inside our minds & make space for what we want to receive, rather than dwelling on what we don’t want. Get clear on that. Be present. Choose love over fear and just see what you start attracting!

If you need some help with this process, please head over to the Facebook group from the link below. This group is pretty awesome and we are all here to lend some guidance!

AND… sometime today, please post a message in the Facebook group from the link below and share your big ah- ha’s with your self talk and your intentions. We are doing a drawing everyday for everyone participating in the group. You have to post your challenges!


Love Your Living