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Make Way For Miracles – Day 2 – Body



Welcome to day one of Make Way For Miracles! Your challenge today is all about body. Listen to the recording below and don’t forget to join the Facebook group where I will be posting live videos and drawing for prizes every day!



Hey hey! Welcome to day 2 of Make Way For Miracles. Detox week!

Today our topic is…


Yesterday we talked about the importance of mindset. Todays topic builds on that.

Often times as women, we tend to take on a lot. I am raising my hand right along side of you! We work, run businesses, manage households and schedules all while not missing a beat, being an incredible super mom and wife. Right?

We want the best for everyone around us but we don’t necessarily take care of ourselves the best way we could be. Sound familiar?

Recently, I was having a conversation with a dear friend, mentor and woman that I look up to for so many reasons. She has already raised three children so much of her wisdom and experiences provide incredible insight and perspective. She lives a busy life and like many of us, has had her own journey to happiness and fulfillment. Her and her husband run an extremely successful surgery center and she is one of the most beautiful souls I know. I look up to her SO much as an incredible thought leader, guide and mentor. She is one of those people that you look at and think, dang… she is happy. She lives an incredible life, her Porsche is fucking bad ass… her spiritual practice is on point. Download here please. BUT like everyone else, it has been a journey for her.

As we were sitting and chatting about our love of spirituality, she commented on her past and said, “I haven’t always lived this way.  I used to swing through McDonalds and get my kids a happy meal, nothing for me, I will just eat the left over chicken nuggets”. If you saw her now, you would be like NO WAY.  She said, it is hard for women sometimes and all too often, we just settle for what is left. What is left for food that our kids or husband don’t eat, what is left at the end of the day for ourselves (if anything at all). She also said, if I knew what I know now when I was raising my kids, I would have had a completely different experience. I would have been more present, calm, happy, fulfilled. All in reference to the importance of treating ourselves right. Feeding our bodies with food that give us energy, moving our bodies, positive self talk, love. Taking time to give ourselves the love and attention that it needs.

We want the best for everyone around us but we don’t necessarily take care of ourselves the best way we can. Why is that so hard for us to get, really get!

The reality is, if we don’t take incredible care of ourselves for the reason of wanting to feel good, have energy, feel happy, fulfilled, strong, rested… there is no way we can give that to the ones we love the most. In fact, the more deprived we are, tired, depleted of love, happiness, fulfillment… the energy that we put out to the ones we love most, is exactly that…depleted and filled with resentment.

Can you image the love and energy you would put out into the world if you treated yourself like a Queen, gave yourself all the love you could image, said yes to self care? WOW!

If we don’t take care of ourselves, disease sets in, sickness, injury, depression, anxiety.

This is not about hitting the gym and going on a ridiculous dies. It’s not about, what the scale says, how your jeans fit, how thin you are. This is about your health. True health and self care and self love.

For today’s challenge I want you to give yourself what you need. What do you need and want in your life?

Do you need an hour to go to the gym or hit your favorite workout class? Because that makes you feel incredibly healthy and strong…?

Do you want to treat yourself to a latte at your favorite coffee shop?

Maybe you would love to “splurge” and finally get your hair done because it’s weeks overdue and that makes you feel beautiful.

Or… maybe you need to start nourishing your body with healthy food options, foods that give you energy or clarity that your body craves.

Do you want some time to yourself to dive into an incredible book with your favorite glass of wine, candle or cozy blanket or ALL the above 🙂

What do you want? Don’t wait for someone else to give it to you. Do if for yourself! Go get. Give yourself what you need.

I can’t wait to here what you are going to do for YOU today. And if you really want an extra challenge, schedule out time for yourself of the rest of the week. 🙂 Maybe you even look out over the next several months and book in something extra special for yourself (or maybe not, I guess this could just be a one time thing – you choose).

And as always, if you need some encouragement or inspiration, please head into the Facebook group from the link below. There are tons of people in there who would love to give you some words of encouragement & LOVE!

AND… sometime today, please post what you are doing for you today in the Facebook group. Who will the winner of the amazing price go to today??? Get in there and post your message. I can’t wait to see what you are doing for YOU!!!


Love Your Living