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Make Way For Miracles – Day 3 – To-Do Lists


Welcome to day one of Make Way For Miracles! Your challenge today is all about to-do lists. Listen to the recording below and don’t forget to join the Facebook group where I will be posting live videos and drawing for prizes every day!


Well hello and welcome to day 3 of Make Room For Miracles. It is detox week!

Today our topic is…

Your to-do list.

Some of you may hate me after today or have a mild panic attack but I promise, it will be okay:)

Look I am the queen of efficiency and productivity. I have tried and tested many different methods and am constantly looking at how I can get the most out of every day and max out efficiency for myself and team.

I used to pride myself on my incredible never ending to-do list. So organized and man when I got to strike those tasks off- I was concurring the world! Not to mention the post it note, yes! And if you saw my office right now, I still may have a slight obsession with post-it notes.

Here is the problem with to-do lists… they are never ending! Having this long crazy list gives us a sense of importance or being “busy” but there is nothing impressive about that. Not to me, not anymore.

The reality is, these lists are paralyzing us! We wake up in the morning. Write up a list, analyze where we can start which is usually with the tasks that we can just get done quick and check off- right? Then we continue…we block out the afternoon for those really important tasks on the list that are going to take extra attention and time, and then… the phone rings, the emails start to poor in, the appointments run over scheduled time, we’re exhausted, the day turns into evening, we look at our list and those most important tasks are untouched. Defeat. But that is okay, there is always tomorrow. 🙂 So we roll them over onto tomorrow’s list and continue on with the madness.

It is time to get rid of these lists!

We all want to be more productive, make every second, minute, hour of our day count and I promise you that list of yours is not helping you.

So what’s the magic solution, the secret? How do the super successful people continue to take on more and more, work less and less and create massive success in their lives and businesses? They have laser focus on the key priorities that are going to move and grow their business!

After all it is detox week so today we are purging the multitasking and to-do lists!

Your challenge today is to: TOSS YOUR LIST!

I have included a worksheet for you in today’s challenge. Take a moment to sit down and just think about what you are setting out to achieve, your big picture vision. What are the top 3 priorities that you need to focus on, that will get you there the fastest?

Hint: it is probably not… the laundry, running to the post office real quick then stopping at target for a few things, it is not your staring into your email getting responses out immediately 24/7, it’s not rewriting your list on today’s calendar and getting organized for the 10th time this week… 

All too often we hide behind that “list” for a false sense of productivity. Hiding from the tasks that might be a bit scary or hard…


List out your top 3 priorities. ONLY 3. Using the worksheet below.

Everything else, delegate, ditch, or set aside for when you have complete your top three tasks.

You know what’s next… sometime today, post a message inside the Facebook group and share your TOP 3. I will choose one person and you’ll win an amazing prize.



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