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I have these pretty brilliant socks that are my motto for the year. 


Pretty awesome, right??


I love these because they are a reminder everyday to be seen, take chances, make noise and be heard..


We weren’t meant to play small in life, yet in this world of constant judgement and criticism it is so easy to fall into that place. That place of fitting in and not disrupting the peace. Fulfilling the human need of belonging in such a divided society is becoming more and more challenging.


I struggled a lot through my childhood with fitting in. My mom and I overcame a lot of hardship when I was really young, I lost a sister at a young age, I moved to a place where I knew no one during a really hard time in my life. School was a struggle for me. I was such a young girl feeling like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I think a lot of this gave me a sense of not fitting in with other kids my age, or anywhere really. Although I outwardly seemed to get along with everyone, it was such a facade. I never really felt like I connected with anyone. I worried about everything. I was always making sure that everyone was alright (with everyone else but me).


What is great about this?


When you can look back at your life and see that all of the dots are connected, you realize that your journey is what makes you whole. I don’t regret anything in my life. I am grateful for the hardship. I am grateful for the loss. I am grateful for struggle. I am grateful for the love. Everything in my life has happened, not to me, but for me. I know that these pieces of my life make me who I am today.


I am also grateful for the realization that I was meant for more. I wasn’t meant to fit in, I was meant to stand out – make waves. 


God didn’t give me anything that I wasn’t strong enough to handle. I am not on this journey to fit in, play small, stay quiet. I am meant to make waves. I don’t need to belong anywhere because I belong everywhere. 


Where are some areas of your past that seemed a little ironic, a coincidence … maybe an event or a happening. How can you connect the dots and see a different meaning behind those experiences? What is a good outcome, from a hard time?


Where are you meant to make some waves in your life?


I ain’t riding no waves- too busy making my own waves
Kid Cudi – Surfin’ ft. Pharrell Williams

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