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Ashlee Aplin

"When I first decided to choose real estate as my career path, I was hesitant. There was so much at stake leaving a secure 9-5 job where a paycheck came every two weeks and when I "clocked out" I was done for the day. Those are the thoughts I had until I met Brooke Keeling. I've more than tripled my income in less than a year. Words can't describe how much Brooke has truly changed my life for the better. Having Brooke as a mentor is definitely something I don't take for granted. She is so driven when it comes to her goals and her passion for the real estate industry and she always leads by example. Brooke is constantly striving to be better, be more creative, provide more value, grow, over deliver, and truly understand her clientele and her vision for the business. I am so lucky to not only know Brooke, but be able to work alongside her to help other's live the life they love and deserve."  
Stephanie Knutson
"Brooke has been an absolutely incredible mentor during my time in real estate! She has such a clear outlook on situations and a very level head when dealing with more challenging transactions. I have grown so much in the past year and much of this growth is due to Brooke giving me the tools and confidence to make it in this industry. She has built out an amazing culture as well. I am very grateful to have Brooke as a role model, her focus on customer service is what originally drew me to her team. I love the focus on client needs rather than just making a sale."