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Our little garden.


Our first attempt at a garden.


Yup, this year we are saying yes to a lot of things. One of those “things” is a garden. For the last few years we have talked and talked and talked about doing a garden but when it came to the doing part, there were the endless excuses of we don’t have the time, that sounds like more work, who is going to water it and tend to it?


Guess what, this year is the year of yes. We did it! We built our garden. My husband ordered a pile of dirt for my birthday (lucky girl right- YES). He found a lumber store near us that could cut the right sized boards that we needed (because we don’t need all those tools to actually make this happen). Reese & I stained them with left over paint from our deck and house stain (again something we had on hand that looks great … and we had a blast!). Reese got me some seeds for my birthday 🙂 We also hit up our local farmers market for some local/organic plants to add to our seeds. Another great adventure that came out of this little endeavor.


All of this “extra work” has brought me so much joy. I am seeing this more and more in my life. The things that I have said no to for so long, yes they may bring extra “work” into my life but honestly, it is all perspective my friends! They bring me happiness and keep me busy while I am enjoying time out of my work life. Which means my mind has a break from thinking about work all of the time…something that I have battled with for years. I get to teach my daughter responsibility and we have another reason to play outside in the dirt, get up earlier to water, stay out later to tend to our little garden.


The little things in life. Say yes to them. Don’t find excuses to deprive yourself of what you want. Don’t let other people talk you out of them either. 🙂


Live your life for you. Say yes.


Love Your Living