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Serena Williams has won 72 career singles titles, 23 doubles titles, two mixed double titles, 39 Grand Slam titles – 23 singles titles, 14 double titles and two mixed double title (CNN). She is a four-time Olympic gold medalist and has won more than $88 million in career prize money (more than any other female athlete). Most importantly, she is friends with Beyonce…clearly, Serena Williams is a badass! Talk about one passionate and incredible athlete who pushes through and shows up to win! Three takeaways from Serena Williams…

Get A Coach/Mentor  
Even the best of the best have coaches! For instance, Tony Robbins is one of Serena Williams life coaches! I’ll never forget the time during one of her tennis matches when she was down, losing, frustrated and had a complete mental breakdown. Tony called her during a break to coach her through the second half of the match – he wasn’t coaching her through technique or her opponent but he was coaching her through her mind…and guess what, she WON!

I encourage you to all grab a mentor or a coach; this “coach/mentor” can be anyone… someone who has a strong mindset, who encourages you and believes in you. Find someone who has walked the path before you and who can be of guidance. In my career I have had many different mentors and coaches who have helped me along the way. Believe me, I can’t do it alone…It takes a village!

Strong Mindset
Your mind is powerful! Don’t get caught up in just making a big elaborate change but change yourself. Figure out what’s going on in your head – in your mind and figure your mind out first.

In order to be successful and or make that BIG change in life, we must first start with our minds! You have to manage your mindset and create the life you think is beautiful. You can change your outfit, you can change where you live, but if you don’t change your mind, nothing is going to change. You’ll see the same thing happening over & over again

We all struggle with mindset – look at Serena during the tennis match where she had to call Tony Robbins for a boost. Have a positive, focused, courageous, patient and goal-setting mindset! Surround yourself with strong-minded people as well!

Do the Work – Put in the Time
You don’t get to show up and make a million dollars. Just like Serena didn’t just show up and win gold medals. You have to do the work! It doesn’t just come overnight. Serena has trained her entire life & has done it all while being in the spotlight…wow! Put in the time whether in your business, your family and or a relationship…it will pay off.

I encourage you to watch Being Serena, a series on Netflix – it tells Serena’s story and shares her journey.

For more check out LYL Podcast Episode #37 on iTunes!

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