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Love at first site.

I have this love for animals and for years I have told myself, someday. Someday I will have a farm. Someday I will have animals. Someday I will have a garden. Someday…

You know what, that someday is now. Although I don’t have all the acres that I dream of having, (YET) I have a beautiful little spot in the city that can perfectly accommodate the sweet little mini Holland Lop bunny that has been on my “someday” Pinterest board for about 3 years.



My dream is to have my babies run barefoot in the grass with all the fur-babies surrounding us. Plant a garden with my loves to grow fresh veggies and fun fruit. Guess what my friends, I am making that dream come true.



I will still work towards that beautiful dream home in the country, with the pavers around the pool, sunken in living room, beautiful double wood entrance door. I see it and it is already mine but until then, this is a pretty sweet in-between.

You don’t have to limit your happiness to “only when I have…”, “when I finally make xx amount of money”, “when I have the perfect…”, “when I have more time..” (ps- you never will).

Do it now. Live your best life.





Love Your Living