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How many times have you been told no? How many times have you felt defeated? I believe that resilience is one of the most underrated qualities that we can have as entrepreneurs, business owners and employees in today’s world. I believe that the most successful people are successful because of their resilience. Skill, resilience, dedication, it outdoes natural talent every day.

You do not need to be the best, the smartest, the most naturally gifted. The most successful people just don’t allow their no’s to define them. They learn from them, they grow from them. They keep going, change their approach, re-pitch, call the next person. 

I bet, on average, my team and I get told no maybe 300 times a day – a day! Tally that shit. For every no, we see a yes. That’s what we shoot for at least. On some days, we might have 100 no’s for a yes! But for every no, we get better. We get stronger, more confident. You learn from every no; that is, if you’re open to it.

I can tell you that I am not the best in my industry. I have failed a lot. There are a lot of people that are smarter, more educated, more talented than I am. I get told no daily. I have dreaded some follow-up calls and appointments. I have been scared that I’m going to fuck up or make a fool of myself during a presentation.

When I started in my real estate business, I remember vividly thinking to myself, “Am I going to make it? Am I good enough?” Well, fast forward seven years later and I have a team in the top 0.06% of my industry, on track to do a million dollars in GCI and we are literally just getting started.

So for me, I’ve really learned and realized that when I look back on where my success has come from, it’s from learning from all the times that I’ve failed, that I’ve been told no. I try to really teach my team and also myself to look forward to the no’s. For me, I now look forward to the future no’s. In the moment, they might piss me off, but I know that it doesn’t really mean no. It just means not yet.

And sometimes it’s a really good thing, because when I really get mad, I get my ass to work. I ask myself what I need to change and where I need to work harder.

So I want you to get curious rather than letting it getting down. I really want you to be present and look at areas in your life now, in your career, and even in the past, where you’ve been told no.

What story have you made up around that no? Where has it held you back in your life? Where has it changed your mindset, your state and your forward momentum? When it comes to building up resilience against it, you must remember that this is just your brain making up a story and you have all of the power within YOU. Your mind is not in control; you’re in control.

So tally up how many no’s you receive. How many no’s can you get this week? The more no’s, the more yeses. Celebrate the no’s and celebrate the yeses. And remember that no does not mean no; no just means not yet.

Save the other drama for your momma, for real and build up your resilience. It’s the key.


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