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Self care is a business plan.

I have a mentor that lives on this philosophy. Sounds dreamy right?

When I was first introduced to her, I was like…girl you don’t know hustle. This is all fluff. Your life is just filled with all these good things but you don’t have the same business that I do, you don’t have the goals that I do, you don’t have the struggles that I do. Must be nice.

I was at a place in my business & life where I was working ALL OF THE TIME. When I wasn’t working (which wasn’t that often), I was thinking of working. I didn’t have time to workout. I didn’t have time to make nice, healthy meals. I didn’t have time for fun things on the weekends. Who needs fun anyways? I was going places. I was on a mission to build a business, create more in my life, go after big goals, create massive success for myself and business. But at what expense? The expense of my life and my happiness.

Here is what I have learned on my own journey of “trying” to clear my mind, live in the present and create more (of everything).

It isn’t more work. You heard me… it isn’t more work! It really is more play, more time to nourish my body, more time to care for myself. This journey is just beginning for me but what I’ve received by playing with this concept is how much stronger I feel. How much more clarity I have on projects, the shift of energy in my body (HUGE when you are leading people, selling people, providing services to people – people FEEL that energy). I have noticed how much less stress and anxiety I feel on a daily basis, how much more fun and happiness I have in my life. How much more present I am with my daughter. How much more gratitude and joy this space brings in my life.

Yes of course I still have days of overwhelm, stress and anxiety but through this process, I am also learning how to better cope and understand what I need in those moments. How to change my state and my mindset which directly effect my energy.

We have to take care of ourselves first. If you are depleted, tired, stressed and overwhelmed, that is exactly what you are giving to your work, your family and your life.

Try it out. Play with self care as a business plan. Put yourself first, give yourself what you need. What do you need? What will you commit to do for you this week?

P.S. That mentor that i spoke about is a seven figure business owner. She is flying to different states & countries monthly, if not weekly, for FUN, scaling her business, LOVING LIFE. From that, she is attracting people like me who pay her a shit ton of money to teach this exact concept because it WORKS! 🙂

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