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Spend money on just me????

The gasp, the eye roll… I see you. Just Breathe.

You could invest in a family vacation.
You could buy the boat you have been taking about for the past two summers.
You could invest in your children’s college funds.
You could work towards paying off your mortgage.
And on… and on… and on…

We think that if we just stay the course, keep paying the bills, play it safe and be smart, that we will be happy and eventually we will have the money that we want. The success. The happiness.

News flash…things don’t happen that way. The uber successful don’t get rich by waiting and clocking a 9-5. Most really successful business owners have failed, many times. They take risks, they invest in themselves and their businesses. They are relentless on always doing it better. Always learning, always growing.

You don’t just get to a certain level and then you’ve “made it” in life. The work never stops. It truly is a journey. Why not have some fun with it. Make educating yourself exciting, challenge your team and your business, welcome failure. Be a better person every day! To do this, you have to invest in yourself. You have to get out of your own space and your own way to see what is out there.

Every time I have been on that verge of thinking, oh gosh…this might be over board, can I really make this happen?…I get to fucking work! It drives me to push myself. I learn & grow so much. Then next time, when the opportunity comes along and it’s double the investment and I am scared…I say yes…rinse & repeat.

Make a commitment this year to invest in yourself. Find a program, seminar, coach that is going to push you to the next level. Start your research. Commit now. You deserve it, your family deserves it, your team and business deserve it!

P.S. A couple of weeks ago, we announced some fun and exciting spring events. Our spring retreat AND our mastermind group! I am dying to share all of the details – click here for exclusive updates!

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