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Why does everything bad happen to me?

Why am I unable to see the growth others so easily achieve in their business?

Why don’t I feel happy and content in my personal life just like others?


No matter how successful you are, and how well things are going in your life, there’s always gonna be something making you uneasy and insecure AF about yourself.

And when you let this insecurity prevail, you start feeling sorry for yourself; if I had X, I’d have [insert what your heart desires], if things weren’t this messed up, I could do [insert your dream goal]…

The list of what ifs, coulds, and should haves keep haunting you…keeping you stuck…making you feel insufficient and insignificantly small.

THIS is what a victim mindset looks like! Always pointing fingers, always blaming others, always putting it all on circumstances, situations, society, timing, and FATE.

And the longer you stay in this victim mentality, the worse things get for you. Sure, there are a million factors behind a person’s success or failure, life’s not a ONE person show, but the biggest factor of all is none other than YOU!

YOU are the reason behind where you are today…

YOU are the force that can transform things in an instant…

YOU are the motivation that your life and business needs to PROPEL forward…

And trust me on this, when you make yourself your TOP priority, the rest of the pieces automatically fall into place.

It is easy to wallow up in your bed with re-runs of Sex and the City, wishing you could be Carrie Bradshaw (cause she had it all figured out, right?) when things go haywire! But it is a sign of being a BOSS if you take whatever comes your way with sheer willpower and resilience.

Life isn’t a bed of roses (you already know that!) and despite so many amazing women out there who make it seem like everything is possible and balance can be achieved, this ain’t true.

You’re gonna have shitty days, terrible bosses, oh-so-ideal-clients disappearing into thin air, but guess what? It is all part of the process! So, instead of playing the victim and crying “wolf” each time; suck it up, wear your big girl pants and solve the problems that you can damn well handle.

I know life’s tough.

Some days can be more challenging than others.

Running a business (more importantly a successful one) isn’t a joke.

It takes perseverance, passion and above all, constant support from people you value to stay motivated on this challenging journey.

However, you gotta keep in mind: You, as a BOSS woman, are creating a roadmap, a blueprint for women to come after you. You’re going to be a source of inspiration for others, so you might as well be proud of yourself and FULLY LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

Love Your Living