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It’s nearly the end of 2018 and I can safely say it’s been an amazing year. Sure, it’s been a hard year, but I’ve seen so many of the goals I set for myself realized. I’ve also learned an incredible amount, and this episode is covering some of my key takeaways from 2018 – some of the stuff I’ve learned that I genuinely had to find out for myself.

This year I started producing content regularly while running my real estate business. That was a lot of effort and at times was a real struggle, but I’m genuinely happy that I can share some of my learning lessons with all of you.

Join me on this episode to discover how to drive your business forward into 2019, giving yourself real focus and the scope to grow beyond your wildest dreams. Tune in to hear some of the mistakes I made, how to avoid them, and how to really trust yourself, especially if you’re starting something new in 2019.

I have an awesome new resource to give you guys some idea of where you’re at and how to take your business to the next level, whether you’re aiming for six figures or already there and aiming even higher. Download my Six-Figure Business Blueprint here.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The importance of managing your mind when you’re fully showing up in your business.
  • Why I find goal-setting so powerful in my business.
  • How your why will drive your forward.
  • Why you have to listen to yourself, especially at the beginning.
  • The importance of embracing your uniqueness.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Want to have it all? Well, the best day to get started is TODAY. Welcome to Love Your Living, a podcast for ambitious women who want to take their life and business to a WHOLE new level of success. I’m Brooke Keeling, multiple six-figure business owner, passionate entrepreneur and your host.

Welcome to another episode of the Love Your Living podcast…

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Love Your Living podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in this week. As always, I am beyond grateful to be here with all of you. Today, I am going to be covering a topic that has been a really big eye-opener for me over the last couple of weeks in my business. It’s been me looking at where I started and where I am now and realizing what some of the big takeaways are that have helped me get to that place.

So I’m going to be talking about some big proud moments that I’ve had in my business and big realizations. So we’re going to get into that in more detail. However, like I mentioned last week, we are going to be doing some shout-outs and giving love back to you guys that are giving love to me.

I love hearing from you guys, so keep the love coming. Keep the comments coming. And I want to know, from you, what do you want to hear about? I have some incredible guests that are coming on the show starting within the next couple of weeks. I have amazing interviews lined up. And in addition, we’re also going to be doing a short series where I feature some of the big known names that have really inspired me on my journey that I respect very much that have made it, quote en quote.

So tell me who you want to hear about. Who do you guys really look up to? Who do you want to hear their success stories about? Who do you want us to feature? And in addition, who are some of the people that you would love to see on the show and why?

So if you don’t follow us on Instagram, head on over there because we’re going to be doing some really fun little drawings and different ways to vote and put your input in so that we can cover some really incredible topics on areas of your business that you think you could use a little bit of help on form some incredible experts outside of my own knowledge. And what are some of the areas that you feel you’re getting held back; that if you could really tackle and master is just going to blow the cap off your 2019?

So head on over. You can check us out @brookekeeling_ – you can also follow the link in the show notes to check us out on Instagram. So we’ll see you guys all over there.

In addition, I want to give a shout-out to one of my nearest and dearest friends, Mandy Schmidt. She is a girlfriend of a very long time now and she’s a fellow momma and businesswoman. She has a thriving Rodan + Fields business. If any of you are looking for some incredible skincare, she can also hook you up there. But if you’re also looking to get into the Rodan + Fields business, she’s one of the best of the best and has an incredible training and incredible team. So if you need her contact information, I am more than happy to share that with you.

But she sent some love over earlier this week and I just want to say thank you because it does help me know that I’m giving some love to you guys and that messaging is actually helping. And her message was just that she’d had a rough week and it’s really great to hear that other women in business, other women that are seeing massive success also go through the bumpy roads and the hard weeks as well. So, I love you very much, Mandy, and thank you for the love.

Now, today I want to talk about some of the gems that I uncovered in my business in the last couple of weeks that have been really proud moments for me. Now, I’m going to be really raw and real with you guys and tell you 2018 has been not a walk in the park by any means.

It’s been a tough year. It’s been an incredible year. I have learned a ton. But there have been many times over the course of this year that I have felt like, “When is it ever going to get better? Why can’t I just get this? Why isn’t this working? Who’s not working?” There’s been a lot of transition in my business, but there’s also been so many things that are very, very, very new to me that I took on all at once, because that’s what I tend to do.

So this podcast, for example, is a brand-new thing to my world. Content creation consistently is a new thing in my world. Managing different teams and marketing strategists and launch strategists and all of these things are new to my world. Speaking engagements, speaking in a public setting, at events, pitching yourself, all things that I’ve had to learn while I am also managing a real estate business that is on-track – very, very close this year to hitting a million dollars in gross revenue. We will for sure hit that next year.

And so it’s been a tough year in terms of managing everything and trying to find the time, and also living the words that I’m sharing with you guys and trying to set boundaries and creating a life outside of work so that work doesn’t consume me. So when I talk about time-blocking and I talk about goal-setting and I talk about boundaries within your business and delegating and time management, self-care, taking care of yourself and your mind and your body and nourishing your body, all of those things are literally a vital point in my life.

Those are things that are a must or I’m not surviving. And so when I’ve interviewed some of the women that I’ve interviewed already on their success and what’s created so much success and some of the people that I’ve really looked up to, one of the things that is consistent is managing your mind and taking care of yourself.

Because if you’re showing up in your business, whatever business that you’re in, if you’re trying to grow and scale outside of just doing the basics and bringing money in the door and serving your clients and you’re showing up exhausted and fatigued and you don’t have anything left to give, you’re going to start to feel remorse and bitter and tired, and nobody likes that.

No one wants to work with someone that is showing up and giving that energy. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. it doesn’t matter if you’re in real estate. If I’m at that place, which I’ve been in those places before, I’m not converting. I’m not presenting the way that I need to present. I’m not hearing what I need to hear and delivering what I need to deliver to the clients that I’m meeting with. Therefore, my income goes down.

You know, I mentioned my girlfriend that is in the Rodan + Fields business; if she showed up tired and had no energy every single day when she has two little babies and multiple businesses that she runs with her husband – I mean, I’m sure she’s really tired sometimes, but if she showed up looking like death every day, no one’s going to want to buy skincare from her.

So we have to take care of ourselves in order to really perform at that next level. And that’s something that I’ve learned from the best of the best of the best; that self-care is huge. And knowing it isn’t enough sometimes. I’ve been in the same place as many other people where you fall off the wagon or you get out of your routines. And the blessing of it at this point in my career and my life is that I recognize that.

But I’m telling you, if I let myself go for too long – and when I say let myself go, it’s not because of a number on a scale, it’s not because – yeah, you don’t feel great if your pants are tight, but it happens to all of us. It’s a mental block for me. It’s an emotional block for me. I literally have a hard time. I feel depressed and anxious and stressed out, and when you’re in that state, you’re not able to even attract the smallest things in your life. You’re just creating and attracting more of the things that you don’t want, and so it’s crucial.

But one of the things that I really wanted to talk about today is goal-setting. And just hang with me for a minute, because I know we talk about goal-setting a lot. I talk about goal-setting a lot. I love goal-setting because I know how powerful it is in my business.

If you have clarity on what you want in your life, what you want in your business, if you can get crystal clear on that, your life is going to go places. You can literally create anything that you want in your life, but you have to get clear on it first.

And oftentimes, when we feel like we’re just kind of going through the motions or we don’t have clarity in what it is that we’re doing or we feel burned out or tired or we fall off the wagon, whatever it is, you’ve lost that clarity. You’ve lost that why as to why are you doing the things that you’re doing.

If you don’t have a clear goal and a clear why, you’re not going to keep going. You’re not going to go through the hardest times. And it’s hard. There’s a lot of hard times. I’ve questioned myself a lot this year when I think, what am I doing this all for? Why am I pushing myself so hard? Why am I taking on all of these things? Why am I investing thousands and thousands of dollars into different things? Why don’t I do things simpler?

I could go back to doing things so much simpler. But to me, there’s no joy in that because I’m not growing. And even though it can be stressful and it can be chaotic and it can be hard and really challenging, you have to find ways to get yourself through that and get really clear on your goals.

So I can talk until I’m blue in my face on goals and how important they are, and I do oftentimes. I do it with myself, I do with my husband, I do with my team. I’m always like, “What are our goals? What are our goals? What are our goals?”

What are your 2019 goals? We’re nearing the end of 2018 now and I can look back and say, “Alright, this was an incredible year.” And it’s not done. We’re still working. You should still have your goals to finish the year strong. But for me, this time, I really look back and I find areas of my business and in my life that I’m really grateful for and I have a lot of gratitude around.

But there’s this other part of me that is very ready for 2018 to close the chapter and to start a new fresh year in 2019. And goal-setting for an entire year at the end of the year is one of my favorite times of the year. And so the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on my 2019 goals.

And with that, I’m creating vision boards for my businesses separately and I’m setting income goals in all different areas of my businesses and getting really clear on that. And it’s really exciting and I think, “Okay, what’s the why behind this?” Because if you think back to 2018, some of the toughest times in 2018 – you guys can think about this because at the end of the year, it’s so easy to say I’m going to start next year, next year’s going to be so great.

But think about the hardest time that you had in 2018 and what kept you going during that time. So when you set these big goals for 2019, when you get to those mountains that you have to climb, what’s going to keep you going? What’s going to motivate you to stay the course?

So when I’m setting goals now, I can think back to those years previous and think, okay, what did I learn from this year that I can take into next year? Where am I more skilled-up? How do I have more strategy in place in different areas? Where do I need to tighten up different areas of my business?

So we’ve talked about that a bit, but when I got all my stuff to start doing this, the really incredible thing that I realized is that I took out some boards that I’ve had – I don’t ever throw away my vision boards. So oftentimes, I have all of these little cork boards of previous vision boards that I’ve done. And I’ve been doing them for probably 10 years now, at least, 10-15 years maybe.

And I love going back to them because I’m able to see what I was working on at that time and see how far I’ve come. Even just within my Google Drive or my Dropbox, you know, looking at different worksheets that say 2015 goals or whatnot.

So I pull out this board that is probably from around 2015, maybe 2014, 2015. I was a couple of years into my real estate business and I was doing all of the visual goal-setting. Like, you actually write it out. You write out – I didn’t actually write out a check, but if you are familiar with The Secret, it’s like write your check out. Jim Carey has written a check out for a million dollars and he wrote it out to himself. And then, when he had his first deal for a million dollars, you manifest that.

I didn’t actually do that, but I did print off stats in my business. In my industry, I can pull the stats of people’s performance and I highlighted one of the top 10. I think I highlighted number three. And I wanted to be at the top. That was my goal.

I want to be at the top. I want to be at the top of my market. Not just my company, I want to be at the top of my market in my area; not nationally, but just in my area. So you know, there’s like 3500 realtors within my community, so that was a big goal. And I thought, okay, this will be the end. This is my end, to do – in my language, you won’t understand this – 35 million in volume.

And this year, we’re doing that and it’s just miraculous. Like, pulling this stuff out, pulling out what I pulled out to motivate me at the time, pulling out what my goals were just four years ago. Four years ago, you guys.

There’s an incredible quote that Tony Robbins says that I absolutely love because I am this way in wanting everything now. Sometimes we set these big crazy goals and we don’t achieve them and we think we can’t accomplish them, and that’s not the case at all.

We overestimate, hugely overestimate what we can do in one year’s time and like hugely underestimate what we can do in like three decades or a lifetime, he says. And so if you think about that for a minute, the goals that we set for ourselves in a year, maybe we don’t hit them in a year. Maybe it takes us a couple years. But if you stay the course, I promise you, you’re going to achieve that goal.

If you have the vision, if you believe it, you will achieve it. I also found some favorites of mine that I will also share with you. Steve Jobs, he had an incredible article write-up and I’ve seen this a couple times too, and I had this on my board at the time as well. And I think that this speaks volumes to, especially, the beginning.

If you’re starting out with anything or if you are putting something new into your business, just listen to this and take these words in from one of the greatest of the greats, who failed, who was told he was a failure and his ideas were awful, who literally took a sabbatical. I think he did leave his position, he left his job, he got fired from the company that he actually made history with. It’s just incredible.

He says, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinion drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

So what does this mean? What does this mean to you? If you think about that, what does it mean? I know that for me, it’s really clear for me to really put that into my own life and into perspective in my real estate business. That is a quote that hit home for me in other areas of different businesses that I took on and am growing right now and being in this place of so much newness and so many different things that I’m needing to learn and scale up and all of that. Because, for me, I want to know the answers, and oftentimes, I want them now, and you can’t have them.

And when you’re in this beginning phase of anything in life, oftentimes, we look outside for answers. We look outside for someone to tell us what to do and how to do it. And in business, oftentimes for some of us that have the opportunity to do so, we hire people. We hire coaches or mentors or experts in different areas and different fields to figure things out for us, and that’s one of the biggest mistakes that you can ever make, especially in the beginning.

I’ve had so many conversations with other entrepreneurs that have been in the same boat, that have built massive successful businesses and then you go to the next one thinking, “Okay, great, I’ve figured this all out. Now I can just scale, now I can just grow, now I can just implement everything that I’ve learned here into something different. And oftentimes, we skip that step of figuring out what we want.

We just want people to give us the answers and go to town and go to work and hire them out and boom, let’s do this. But that’s not how it works. And that’s not what gives us heart in any area of any business. And so this quote from Steve Jobs, it really stuck with me, especially in our world of quick wins and instant gratification and doing everything now, now, now, now, now.

I think it’s great to have big goals again, but we can’t lose that piece of us that is our inner voice, our heart and our intuition, that’s telling us what’s right and what’s wrong. And when we start up businesses or any venture in our world and we hire all of this out to outside people, it’s their opinion. It’s not us and it takes away our power.

It takes away your ability to make key decisions in your business and to really understand where you want to go. Those are the big lessons that you have to go through; that we all have to go through. The muddy mess – we all have to go through those areas in order to know what’s working, what’s not working, what we need to change.

I’ve lost thousands of dollars if I would have just listened to this advice. Thousands of dollars on consultants, on coaches, on programs that you think is going to be the next answer. And I’m not dissing any of that, because I highly believe in growth and coaching and learning things, but you’ve got to go into it from the perspective of no one is going to be able to give you this magic answer.

We have to be able to look within to find our way in life and build our life for us, that creative element, that special hot sauce or your flavor. Whatever it is, however you want to name it – you talk about some of the most incredible marketing geniuses are the people that have paved the way, that are unique, that have something different, have different messaging from anyone else.

And no marketing specialist is ever going to be able to do that to you, not in the beginning. Marie Forleo did, I don’t know if it was a challenge or webinar, within the last year. And one of the pieces of content that she put out is directly related to this as well. And she said, one of the biggest mistakes that business-owners make, especially in the beginning is hiring out marketing, because marketing is your voice. It is you. And no one else can figure that out but you.

And it’s a real bitch sometimes, I’m going to tell you. And it’s frustrating as well, trying to figure out all of those little pieces. But that’s what we have to go through. That’s what creates great businesses. That’s what creates businesses that last, because we’re connected to ourselves and what we’re serving up and how we connect to people in whatever it is that you’re selling or producing or creating, whatever it is.

Steve Jobs was like no other. And this is his own words, “Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your inner voice.” Don’t allow someone to tell you how to do something if it’s not right for you, because it won’t work, I promise you. It will not work. What will work really great for someone else doing sales calls or selling a product – you could sell the exact same service as someone else who’s making multiple million dollars and it’s not going to work for you because it’s not yours.

So we have to get better at really tuning in and listening to our intuition, following our heart, our own inner voice, having that courage to stand in that space, even when it’s really scary. So that was another really great takeaway that I had that I absolutely loved. One, just seeing how far you can go over, in the grand scheme of things, such a short period of time, but don’t give up on your goals; know where you’re going. And number two, no matter how much money you have or success that you have in other areas and other businesses, when you start building out and looking at different ventures, or if you’re just starting out in your business right now, know that you have to go through the beginning.

And also know, please know, you do not have to know all of the answers. You don’t want to know all of the answers in the beginning because that’s part of the journey. Things are going to appear when they need to appear. They’re going to present themselves at the right time, at the right place. You just have to be open to receiving it. But no one’s going to be able to wave a magic wand and get you from point A, zero to a million overnight.

No one can do that. We have to go through that discomfort ourselves. These were a couple of the big takeaways that I have taken from the past year and the past several years, and I hope you guys can learn from them too. And I think that oftentimes when you hear certain messages, you get it when you get it.

If you’re not in the right place or in the right space within your business, maybe it doesn’t resonate with you as much, but these are some big ones for me that I’m going to be taking into 2019 and reminding myself of these things. I hope you all are starting to think about your 2019 goals. If you haven’t set them yet, that’s cool, totally cool. But let’s start thinking about our 2019 goals.

If you guys haven’t already, we have been working really, really hard behind the scenes. We just released it last week; our six-figure and beyond business blueprint, which will help in the start process of setting some goals. It’s a perfect time of year to go through that and just giving you some perspective on where you are at right now.

You have to know where you’re at in order to map out where you want to go, and so that’s crucial. So check that out. If you haven’t downloaded your free copy, you can do so. There’s a link in today’s show notes for easy access to that. So go and get yourself a copy. Thank you guys for tuning in today and I will see you all next week.

Thanks for showing up and listening to this week’s episode of the Love Your Living podcast. If you’re ready to create a business and life you love or simply take your already-pretty incredible life to the next level, head on over to or simply check out the link in this week’s episode of show notes to instantly download my 6-Figure & Beyond Business Blueprint. You’re going to absolutely love it.

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