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Where He Started
Tony Robbins didn’t start with success, the Tony Robbins you see and know today had to create that. He created who he is today! He came from a rough background, an unhealthy family dynamic and spent his free time listening to self help cassette tapes (yes, cassettes – you may have to refresh your memory with what those are). The neat thing about Tony he was (and still is) constantly trying to grow and learn.

Surprising news came when he was told he was going to be a father at an early age. Instead of drowning in his sorrow he stepped up to the plate and said, “it stops here! I am changing my life!” Boy oh, boy did he change his life! He went from a $20,000 job to over a million dollars in a year!!! He decided to stand up and say, “no more!” He made shit happen! He worked well under pressure. When you get outside of your comfort zone this is when you grow.


Start Small, But Start
Tony started really small with little money. From that, he kept growing and investing in himself. His biggest goal – putting himself out there. We have to put ourselves out there. We will never grow or learn if we don’t! The programs you hear about, his lessons, etc – he created it all! He created it from life experiences, without a college degree and barely graduating high school. Again, he constantly tries to grow and learn from his struggles.

He creates success off big struggles in his life – let me say it louder for the back: HE CREATES SUCCESS FROM STRUGGLES! If you are struggling now keep your head up – it can be used for success! Just starting out is the hardest part – even Tony had to start somewhere. It’s like working out…sometimes you mentally don’t want to get up and work out. However, once you are up and at the gym – you’ve already completed the hardest part…getting there, getting started. You finish your workout and feel like a million bucks, success!

You will gain momentum and you will just keep going. What I love about Tony is he talks about his business side a lot and how he created and lost so much. In his earlier days, he hired someone to manage his money and business – in which that business partner took all his money! Tony had to start ALL over, again! And guess what? He did! Sometimes we have to learn the hard way for lessons to sink in.

Tony Robbins Events
The more I say yes to retreats, mastermind groups and seminars the better return I gain for my business as well as myself. I make incredible connections because of these commitments and stepping away from my daily business routine. You never know when that connection will change your world. Tony’s seminars are powerful…he shares real-life stories…it’s a deep dive into your conscience. Your conscience is your belief system. Tony helps you analyze your belief system. When you have those answers big things start to fall into place. I would back any of his conferences and would tell you that if you can afford to attend one, you should. Below I discuss a few I have attended…


Unleash the Power Within (UPW) – a small glimpse into the Tony Robbins world. A great event to start with!
Life & Wealth Mastery – one of the first eye-openers for me – all about self-care. How you treat your body – eat, exercise, etc
Wealth Mastery – short look into finances, setting up your financial future, investment…etc.
Business Mastery – if you run your own business – this course is for you!
Date with Destiny – my absolute favorite!!! What comes out of Date with Destiny is life changing! If you are thinking of just doing one – this is the one! It’s an investment but worth every penny!!

For more check out LYL Podcast Episode #36 on iTunes!

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