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Have you ever turned down an amazing opportunity because of the thought, “I don’t have the time”? I’m here to tell you there is always enough time for what’s important to us. Even just the little things like working out, brushing that off with the excuse that you don’t have enough time is total bullshit.

How many of you out there don’t keep a detailed calendar or a schedule? Well, it’s time you took control of your days and started extracting everything you can out of the 24 hours we’re all given to work with.

On the podcast this week, I’m offering an insight into how my perspective on time has changed as I’ve gone through life. We have the advantage of seeing how super-successful people manage their time, so we really have no excuses anymore. Sure, it’s going to take discipline and accountability, but that’s a small price to pay for achieving your wildest dreams.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why time IS on your side.
  • How successful people view time differently.
  • Why people burn out.
  • What made me switch between multiple coaches and approaches.
  • Why no one can fix you.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to Love Your Living, a podcast for ambitious women who choose to have it all. Learn how to achieve the massive success you’ve been dreaming of in your business and your personal life. Here’s your host, multiple six-figure business owner and a life stylist, Brooke Keeling.

Hey, hey and welcome to the Love Your Living podcast, where we get real in talking ambition and growth and the reality of it. I feel like at least every other day, I hear a podcast or a video or a blog or whatever on time and a lack thereof.

We all need more time, right. There’s never enough time. If only I had more time. Well, my friends, it is time that we stop telling ourselves that there is not enough time. The reality is, there is enough time for the things that are important to us; there always is. We just have to take control.

Oh I know, I know, I know, but you have three kids and there is not one minute left in the day to do your workout. You’re the top producer on your team and you just get slammed with clients and there just isn’t time to do your calls. You know you should meal-prep on Sunday, but oh my gosh, you just need relaxing time.

I get it. I’ve been there. Why is it that some people seem to do so much all of the time, yet it’s a struggle for others to just get through the basics? Well, from what I have found, read, watched, listened to, studied, those people that are magically conquering the world, their goals, and making a shit-ton of money all while having a personal life, those people are extremely protective of their schedule.

They have goals; very clear goals. Those goals are broken down from yearly to quarterly to monthly to weekly to daily goals. They know, every single day, what must get done in order to move them closer to their goals. They work out. Little secret, that’s a massive stress reliever and also an endorphin booster.

They fuel their body and their minds with nourishing foods, which again, your car doesn’t run without gasoline; neither does your body or your mind. they time-block the shit out of their calendar. They have a plan. They work their plan. They have boundaries. They say no.

But that sounds like work, discipline, accountability. Yes, yes, it is. And you know what – it can get the best of you if you don’t give yourself rest. Rest is when your mind takes in all the goodness that you’re learning, that you’re pushing yourself through. When your body gets to reboot, you get strong, your muscles strengthen and repair; so does your mind and your body.

I have experienced all of the above and let me tell you about it. My first coach I had in business was a hard-ass. He was great. He pushed me, he pissed me off. He was extremely masculine and his ways and concepts were the ways; that was it. I followed them to a tee. I time-blocked the shit out of my calendar, I did the work. In fact, that’s all I did is the work.

I got resentful, tired, eventually I burned out because all I was doing was working. There was no self-care mixed in, which is a must. There also was no play or rest built in, which is another must.

Then I switched up my coaches. I decided that I wanted to learn a different way, which, by the way, I feel it’s very important to either have a coach that is in your business and growing at a pace you are at but two steps ahead always so that they can coach you on what they learned during their last wave, your current wave. Or, switch them up to learn and implement different strategy, different perspective outside of your normal world.

This time around, I decided to hire a life coach. I learned a ton. Basically, I had to undo a lot of what I had implemented with the last coach. This coach was a Martha Beck life coach and she teaches on pleasure and fun and feeling, different conation styles and finding a way that is specific to you to run your business, your production, find more success, life, you name it; very powerful, fascinating, in fact.

However, with this type of coach, which I have had a few of now, I feel like there is a lack of strategy, lack of, you know what, you have to do the fucking work. And no, it isn’t always fun, but sometimes we have to do the things that aren’t fun. That doesn’t always feel good.

At this time, I also got into yoga. I was going to become zen; so not me at this time. Nothing about me at that time was zen. I stopped time-blocking, I gave myself more freedom. I treated myself like my ideal client or how my ideal client treated herself, AKA spent a lot of money on myself, thinking that that was self-care and what that meant – nope.

I made less money, constantly challenged myself to have fun while thinking non-stop about work. So yeah, I get it when I say do all of these things. Nevertheless, I persisted and I have continued to persist and what I have found with different coaches and methods, different leaders, is that you have to have a mix of both worlds.

You have to figure out what works for you. No one can fix you because, guess what, you’re not broken. You have to find the meaning in the concepts and the teachings, and you can only do that by trying new things; new ways.

You have to have the accountability and the discipline. You have to. My current coach says you have to mix a little bit of spiritual grease with a little bit of elbow grease. And no, it’s not always going to be fun. Yes, sometimes it really sucks. We have to have a plan.

If you find it fascinating to do all of these different personality profiles – my hand is raised, I love these things – but you can’t get caught up in them. So the DiSC and the Kolbe and the StrengthsFinder – just because these things say one thing, doesn’t mean you are or you’re not capable of other things.

Just because you didn’t profile out a certain way doesn’t mean that you’re ruined. I used to love these assessments, and for real, I still do, but I also realize that many people, including myself, can get caught up in what they are based on within these assessments, and then their mind is made up that they can or they can’t do something or anything based off of that.

I found myself doing this at times, “Oh, I’m a four quick-start, so I am super slow or I won’t be successful at this or whatever.” There’s power in knowing what some of your strengths are as you’re hardwired, but the point that I’m trying to make and what I’ve seen in my own life and in my own team and office is regardless of where you fall in any of these different assessments, you can’t just give up on the crucial things that you must do in your business in order to move your business forward.

Rather than saying, “I’m not naturally gifted at something; I’m just not going to do it…” You need to do it – you need to have a plan. You need to have your goals and you need to time-block the shit out of your life in order to make sure you’re moving forward in a positive direction.

Time is everything and we have time on our side, we just have to look at it differently. I was watching a Brendon Burchard video recently and it was hilarious. He touched on so much of this; so much of profiling, so much of time management, all of this. Time management is the key though and he was saying that he works with all walks of life, incredibly successful, some of the most successful men and women in the world.

And he says, “The first thing that I do when I sit down with someone is I say show me your calendar.” And every time, they’re reluctant. They don’t want to show the calendar; they’re trying to explain it. And he’s like, “Just stop. Don’t explain, just give me the calendar.” And he says, “I can see someone’s habits, goals, direction, clarity, everything, just by looking at their calendar, how they have their days’ time-blocked out. What are their key priorities every day? How are they managing their time?”

And then he tells this story which is really funny. He was talking about a week that he spent in Arizona, which if you don’t know, it’s an incredibly spiritual place for a lot of yoga retreats and he spent a week there meditating for 12 hours a day with crystals in his armpits and all of that.

And he was telling someone one time about his experience and they’re like, “Oh my gosh, I’d love to do that. that just sounds incredible.” And he’s like, “Well why don’t we do it? Schedule it out, commit to it and let’s do it.” And they’re like, “Oh gosh, I don’t use a calendar, I just live day by day and I don’t have the money and I don’t have the time.” And he’s like, “Oh, free-spirit yogi, you don’t have time and you don’t have the money?”

We all have the time and can have the money to do the things we want and need to do, but you have to have a plan and the direction and the commitment to do them. A huge takeaway and something I implemented into my life years ago is no emails before you have your day planned out each day.

You have to have your day planned out each day and get through your- most important to-dos or projects. Brendon’s specific example, he was working with a very successful CEO of a big company and he said, “How do you get through everything that you need to get through in a day?” And he said, “I don’t respond or take calls until noon every day.” And his team knows this too.

Each morning, he was dedicated to moving the business forward. Action, getting into action mode, not reaction mode. Not reacting to the got-a-minutes and the emails and the phone calls and the text messages and the Facebook messages; all of that stuff.

We all have to get out of reaction mode. You will get nowhere if you’re constantly reacting to a bazillion things. And it’s actually a lot simpler than most people think. You just have to manage your time, say no a lot more likely.

Just after this, there was another big message on time. This one came from Rachel Hollis. And if you don’t know her already, she’s the author of Girl, Wash Your Face, an incredible book. It’s real, it’s raw, there’s great content on life, just life in general, and the struggles, the ups and downs that everybody goes through; most of us go through. I think anybody can relate to it.

But anyway, she was speaking to an audience and saying that one of the biggest things that she hears for responses and people reaching out to her is time management. There’s not enough time in the day. I really want to reach this goal. I really want to write this book. I really want to take on this new project, but there’s not enough time.

There’s not enough time in the day to manage the kids and manage the household and do the work and whatever, all of the things that just stack up on our to-do list. But the reality is, there is enough time for the things that are important to you. There’s not enough time for everything, but there’s enough time for the most important thing or things and you have to get clear on that.

And the example that she threw out that kind of gives reality to a lot of people is we all say we don’t have enough time, but then she says you hear all these excuses of the dishes and the laundry and the kids and the errands and the grocery shopping and the meal prep and the work and all of the things, yet when she asks the question what’s the Kardashian’s new baby’s name or what happened in the latest Game of Thrones series, people had answers to them. That’s time. That’s still time.

Yes, you need to make time for play and fun and rest and relaxation, but are you making enough time for your goals and the most important things? It’s time management. It’s your choice, the things that you choose to do with your time.

We do make time for what is important to us. Look, we all have busy lives and I’m not saying my life is less busy or more busy than yours. We have to support each other, ask for more help. Time-block, get clear on what our goals are and create a plan around them. There are distractions all around us; people that need a minute, the social media, the non-stop noise around us.

And it takes dedication to make time for the things that matter to you. It takes strength to create boundaries and to say no. It takes time to take care of your mind and your body; it’s a must. Get rest and allow yourself pleasure and fun every day. And that doesn’t mean going out and buying yourself shit, okay.

For example, I went and picked flowers from my garden today for my office. It didn’t cost me a dime. It let me be out in nature. It made me smile and it will make me think about that every day. Plan out your days, set goals, break them down and get clear on your non-negotiables; the things that are going to move your forward in the direction of your best life.

Your life, nobody else’s – you can’t be guilty for that. So go out, live your best life. Work on your schedule this week. Figure out what you need, how you need to support yourself and change your mind on time. You have enough. You have enough time for the most important things.

And of course, if you need help with this, I’m here. I have become the queen of time-blocking, so always feel free to reach out to me. I love that you guys are here with me every single week. I so much appreciate it.

If you haven’t already, I would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to go to and there you will find directions on how you can leave a review on the show, which again, I greatly appreciate but also helps other women just like you find the show. So make it a great week, go do some time-blocking, we’ll see you all next week.

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