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When you’re an entrepreneur, there are endless distractions and what you are able to achieve all depends on how efficient you are. It’s amazing how much we can achieve when we put our minds to it, but if we are consistently wasting a bunch of time, we won’t get anywhere. So below, I’ve put together the 5 top things that I found were killing my productivity and how I changed my habits to maximize my productivity.


1. Committing to things that are not growing your business.

A few examples to help you out: endless networking events to fill your calendar and make you feel “busy”, coffee meetings with people you don’t want to do business with, are in business with already and no clear reason why you are meeting other than to “talk shop”, dinner events & fundraisers. Often times we feel obligated or don’t want to hurt peoples feelings. For me, it used to be, “I don’t want to be seen as difficult, a rule breaker or rude”. I have since gotten over that! What this has allowed me to do is say no to a lot of things without guilt and regret. It’s simple, it it isn’t growing my business, it’s not worth my time. Know the difference. Don’t fill your calendar with shit just because it gives you the false perception that you are “busy”.


2. Turn off the tech!

Oh my gosh, I often joke that I wish I lived in a time without technology. Take me to the woods where cell phones don’t work and I am surrounded by nothing but good old mother nature. Seriously, our world is consumed by technology, social media, emails, texts, calls. Especially being in a sales industry that operates pretty much 24/7! I had to learn to setup systems and create boundaries because otherwise it’s just one ding after another. Set up dedicated times to look at your email every day. Outside of that, shut it down. Turn off the alerts on your phone. Use a timer for logging social media hours. This is a dose of reality for many 🙂 Be present in your day and work.



I remember my first few job interviews. Regardless of really any work experience, you have your pitch, right? “I am an incredible multi-tasker” was always at the top of my pride list and it still is for many. News flash … multi-tasking is not a super power and isn’t something to be proud of. We aren’t doing our best work while we are multi-tasking. Focus on 3 key priorities during the day. Setup your schedule so you get uninterrupted time on one of those tasks at a time. See how much faster you are at accomplishing what’s important and how much better quality your work is.


4. Set boundaries.

Boundaries are my new word for balance. I don’t really believe there is such thing as balance. I do however believe in boundaries. They are crucial to any relationship and any business. Boundaries are concepts that ensure others know to respect you through your leadership in respecting yourself. Everyone feels like boundaries are these negative concepts, limiting almost. But what’s so bad about asking for what you want? I can tell you that when you can ask for what you want, those key things that are going to help you achieve your goals, you are helping everyone in your life and business organization. Everyone will benefit and the relationships that are formed are far more genuine.


5. Not enough PLAY!!!!!!

So many of us forget this last step when we are hustling to achieve these big goals. Dedicated time off, checking out, doing silly, fun, adventurous things are just as important – if not more important – than all of the above. When you are working your ass off and going after ambitious goals in life, you have to allow yourself space to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There are proven studies that support this. When we are playing and laughing we are using a different part of our brain. The creative juices are set free and often times if we are stuck or just burning the midnight candle and can’t seem to get clear or make headway, we need to check out and give ourselves space. When I do this, the answers have always come to me so clearly. 

If you think this sums you up and you feel like you need more balance, we have an incredible free Balance Guide that you can download here! And as always, leave a comment below if you have any questions about this post!


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