The Big U

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When I stepped back into my work life after those three months, I was ready to hit the ground running. I had a nanny set up, new hires ready to rock, goals set for the year. And before I knew it, I was so lost and caught up in the day to day frenzy. It happened so quickly that I soon found myself going back to my old ways – not taking care of myself, not eating what I should to nourish my body (and baby, as I was still nursing), getting up 4 times a night with the little one, trying to hit a 5am workout class, working 10 hour days in the office, and all of the “life” things that happen in between. Looking back and writing this down now, it sounds so cruel, and honestly…insane. Why do we do this to ourselves? As women, we tend to take it all on. We don’t dare ask for help because that may show signs of weakness. This brings me back to my recent events.

On my husband’s first Father’s Day, I broke my foot. Doesn’t sound that bad, right? I waddled around on it for a good 24 hours telling myself to suck it up, until I couldn’t anymore. I went to urgent care and sure enough, my X-rays revealed a break. I was sentenced to crutches and a glamorous boot for 6-10 weeks. Along with the sexy boot I was also restricted from: driving (did I mention I’m in Real Estate??), carrying my 9th month old baby, and working out. This challenged me to see the bigger message. What was the universe and my body trying to tell me? I am now on my second week of house arrest and happy to report that I am thriving in my cozy little home office. And, I just so happened to completely redecorate that office just 2 weeks before this break, making it an amazing space that I love. Coincidence? I think not. In my absence from the office, my team has once again stepped up, my business has increased, not decreased (WHAT??), I am working on new business ideas, seeing my baby for midday kisses and lunch dates, allowing myself to let go again, asking for help, taking care of myself, resting, reading, nourishing my body, setting new goals, and working on my business – not IN my business.

Leading up to Father’s Day, the universe was trying to tell me something. My stubborn self, thinking she can do it all, was not listening. The universe gives you what you need, every single time, even if you don’t realize you’re asking for it. If you allow yourself to admit you are tired, or you need a break, you will come down with a cold, the flu, a broken bone – one way or another, the universe will respond. Ask and you shall receive. Your mind will manifest what you focus on, every single time.

My message to you is this: listen for what you need. Loving yourself and taking care of yourself is crucial. Allow the universe to guide you, and listen to your inner voice. Let your soul lead you and see what important messages are being sent to you each day. It sounds so easy but the world is full of noise and needs. Set an intention each day and challenge yourself to do only what is going to lead you to the life you love – and watch what beautiful things happen.

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