The Power of Goals

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I am a goal setter – yup, I pride myself in setting BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals). For years I have spent the fourth quarter evaluating my successes, where I currently am, and where I want to go.  This is one of my favorite things to do! While I think, and know, that goal setting has helped me achieve a lot of success in my life, I have a more realistic goal setting mindset than I did when I first began my entrepreneurship journey.   

So, what have I learned over time as I continually set goals for myself that I do not attain?

Goals have to be believable. Not only does believable mean “realistic,” but it also means that I have to believe that I can achieve what I set out to do. My goals began as overwhelming and complex, which only shut my mind and body down rather than empowering me. I am so impatient, that I would continually give up when I did not see immediate results. I now know that even if I don’t accomplish what I wanted in my ideal timeframe, I am still a lot further along than I would have been without the goal. I urge myself to stay the course, take a break, and celebrate the successes along the way.  


Goals are just goals unless you are fully aligned with your vision and your values. You must first start with your vision and your “why” for setting the goal. Only from there will you have the drive to accomplish your goal, the believability to keep striving for a goal when you want to give upand the passion for the end result. Only from there will you be able to see true success and fulfillment.

When I was younger, I set goals for myself that included “I want to buy a sports car.” However, my vision has never been to attract attention for materialistic items and have what other’s can’t. My vision has always been to work hard in a job that challenges me so that I can live comfortably. From there, my goal might instead be “I want to spend my money on a trip to Europe.” This aligns with my vision of constantly learning and exploring, and working hard so that I can have the opportunities to do what other can’t. Only from aligning my goals with my vision was I able to see true success and fulfillment.   

 I always love to hear what people are working on. Tell me what goals you have set for yourself, and how they link to your why, in the comments below!

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