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Long hours, days, weeks of working on your business, your dreams, your vision.

Days where you are just feeling like you are in a haze of confusion. Will this work? When will it work? Am I doing the right things?

You put yourself out there and crickets…


You get turned down on a sales call, again…


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You are swimming in the details of the strategies you have set out to do.

​​​​​​​You start to get down on yourself, have a loss of clarity and belief in yourself, in your vision.


How do I know this? Well… I have been there along with every other entrepreneur. It’s hard and it can be really lonely at times. We all go through the ups and downs, it is part of growth. And although it would be much easier to wave a magic wand and have it all miraculously work out for us, where is the fun in that? Where is the true growth? You don’t learn the lessons that you have to in order to really create what you really want.

Time & time again, I hear the stories of the ultra successful say, well this isn’t what I set out to do OR I changed directions a few times OR what I really found out from doing, failing, winning, learning is…

As Marie Forleo has said, we have to be “relentless mother fuckers”.

And as Tony Robbins says “Immediate Massive Action”.

When you fail, get back up. Fail hard. Fail often. Do it now. Don’t wait for that perfect day or time because it will never come.

What has helped me through my own journey of this everlasting entrepreneur rollercoaster is finding other people out there that are doing the same thing. They get it! This isn’t something new that only you are going through. Surround yourself with people that are out there doing the work. Invest time in reading books such as the Entrepreneur Rollercoaster that tell this oh so familiar story. Educate yourself, never stop learning. Find a Podcast that you love, newsletters that give you the inspiration to keep at it.

Don’t ever stop, show up everyday. Get yourself a tribe of people that are committed to doing just that. Find a mentor that will pick you up when you call out for the S.O.S. Whatever you need, go and get it. Find the support that will help you create your dreams.

It is all part of the journey. Enjoy the ride!


Love Your Living