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My daughter has been the biggest blessing of my life. She has challenged me everyday to step more into my true self, challenge the normal, take risks, LET GO. With that has been challenge as well. I am a working mom, I run my own successful business that consumed my life prior to sweet Reese. Before her, I already thought there wasn’t enough time…now I was in trouble. After about 3 months back I was finding myself unhappy, tired, stressed, not feeling fulfilled. I struggled with feeling like I wasn’t “giving” enough to my team, my daughter, my husband, my dogs… What is missing there- uhm ME?? We will touch on that a different day 😉 I was frustrated with my husband and feeling like I was doing too much. It seemed easy for him to get up in the morning, make his coffee, layout his suit, take a nice 45 min shower and then off to work! Wait… I have to work too but my mornings consisted of: feeding the baby, changing the baby, spending a short amount of time with her before my 10 hour day away, picking up the towels, dirty underwear, socks… my husbands trail he left so graciously for me, getting Reese dressed for the day, changing the potty pads for the dogs, a quick 20 min routine of getting ready while trying to occupy a 6 month old and then off- usually late to my 8:30am office call time. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my husband but something isn’t quite right here. Was I crazy for thinking this? I recently had a mentor send me an incredible article that resonated with me so much. Women are powerful, we have incredible gifts, we are wired this way. We need to learn to ask for help, accept help. Love ourselves and realize we can HAVE it all but we don’t need to DO it all.

Today I will pass this on to you with love-

Love Your Living