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True love?


I consider myself a pretty lucky girl. I have people in my life that support me, my visions & goals and that truly believe in me. But my biggest fan is this man right here, my husband Nathan.

He’s my rock and it’s such an important role for him to have filled in my life. I feel extremely grateful that I have him, my best friend, the love of my life.

We have been lucky enough to live in the self development world over the past several years and I know that this is not the case for everyone. We hear it time and time again when we attend business and life conferences. People will tell us how their spouses don’t get it or that they are struggling to keep their marriages together because one person wants to grow and the other doesn’t want any of that Kool-aid. I get it and know we know that we are extremely lucky.

But you know what… what I am even more grateful for is the tough love that he gives me. Tough LOVE, let me emphasize LOVE. He pushes me and challenges me in the areas that I need a little nudge. To do the things he knows that I am capable of or telling me the things that maybe I don’t want to hear, OR that I know, but don’t want to acknowledge.

Let me tell you a little story to give you some perspective…  recently we were catching up on some adult time. We had a weekend without the babes and often times, this is the time when we catch up on what is happening in each others businesses. We are both business owners and super busy but we really pride ourselves on keeping business stress in the office and not bringing it into the day to day life at home. This allows us to be very present with Reese and we have very strong boundaries around that. That being said, sometimes when we do have time… we have some catching up to do. 🙂 I was filling him in on my day to day and recent challenges. First, he is amazed because often times he doesn’t know half of what I am doing. Then I said, sometimes I just wonder for what? Why am I doing this? There are so many things that I feel like I am drowning in currently, my to-do list is crazy and I am overwhelmed and honestly … just tired. I am tired of all the things and no-one is making me do them, it is me creating this chaos. Me committing to more. Me, that is it. I feel like I am doing so much but not seeing what I want in return.

Yup.. that’s when he got real with me. He told me a story about someone that showed up everyday for 5+ years doing what they loved with no return and then suddenly they were noticed by a big name. Overnight success?! Nope… hard work and staying the course. Showing up being great every day. Then he asked me, if you looked back 5 years from now, what decisions would or wouldn’t you make. What would you regret? What would you wish that you would have done? What would you tell yourself today? AND then… he said, your shit stinks. There are some flies up in here and you need to take some of your own damn advice and change your mindset girl.

This is love. He pissed me off, but that is love and the truth.

We all need someone in our lives like this. Whether it is your mom, sister, husband, friend… I don’t care who it is but you need to have someone that supports the shit out of you while also having the depth to be honest with you and also call you on your BS. You want this person to be real with you when you really just need some honest truth and not the fluffy BS to make you feel good. I hate that shit. If you have that person in your life, thank them and tell them that you love them and appreciate them. If you don’t have that person in your life, go find them. Who does that person look like? Who do you need in your life? Put out those vibes, get clear on your new ‘frand’ and go find them. They are out there waiting for you!

Much love!

Love Your Living