Tune In-Leading With Your Heart

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For many of us the last several weeks have been filled with ambitious goal setting, new & exciting visions and resets for the New Year. I don’t know about you but I was on a high. I always am in the New Year, but this year felt even more thrilling. This was because I invested a lot of time for myself to experience new opportunities, I welcomed a new way of thinking, indulged in resting and reflection time. This always gives me so much space. Space and clarity for what I want and what is to come. The declutter leaves me feeling unstoppable.

Then life happens. The reality of our day to day creeps back in. Old habits and routines are lurking and waiting… And oh how quickly the unravelling can happen. I was doing everything I knew I needed to do for my mind and body: working out, eating healthy, giving myself enough rest. Yet I felt overwhelm start to set in. Loss of clarity and energy. The days felt stagnant and unaccomplished. I was stuck and I couldn’t figure out why. Usually in moments like this, I need rest and so my instincts were telling me to lay in bed and indulge in mindless t.v. and comfort food but I resisted this, as many times I do (even when I actually need it). Rest didn’t feel like the answer. What was going on? How did I go from being so clear to so confused?

I have learned to recognize these moments and welcome them. I’ve realized that if I can be present and listen to my body, there is a bigger meaning behind the thought and feeling I am having in the moment. These are all triggers. Regardless of how much work we do on ourselves, there is always something that can take us back to the old way. The important thing is to listen, feel and turn it around.

This was a time of some heavy transition in my businesses. I had worked so hard on implementing changes that created and protected boundaries. But these thoughts and emotions were putting me right back in to what I worked so hard to step away from. During these times, I almost always seek outside direction from mentors, coaching, other people in business, team members. I seek for answers outside of myself. This almost always leads to a breakdown, shutdown, unnecessary stress and anxiety. I am not saying that having mentors isn’t important because it is. I believe that everyone should have a coach, I truly do. But for me, I have to be very careful to seek outside approval for the wrong reasons. It can create so much noise.

The truth is, when you don’t feel like you know the answers, you just have to stop and listen to yourself. The answers we seek are inside of ourselves and often times when we lose that sense of direction, we are leading with our heads and not our hearts. We just have to find stillness, dig a little deeper and ask ourselves better questions. Most importantly, we just have to feel and be open to the discomfort. As soon as I started doing that, I began to understand.

What that week allowed me to realize is my higher power was telling me that something wasn’t right. I was going off course and making decisions that really didn’t feel good. I was moving in a direction that was maybe easy but not right. I was making decisions out of fear. I was leading with my head, not my heart. When we do this, it stops the natural flow that we have with the universe. We feel blocked because we are making decisions that block the energy we are seeking. Our North Star, internal compass, heart is always right. ALWAYS. If we can just be strong enough and brave enough to step into the fear and do what feels right, versus what feels easy, the truths start to appear.

My message to you, and to myself, is to keep stepping into the discomfort, lean in and trust. Take a moment, close your eyes, breathe and feel it in your body. Ask yourself if you are blocked. When we do this, we allow ourselves to reconnect to the infinite energy that surrounds us. Notice what feels right for you – no one else but you. Take baby steps each day to move in that direction – even though it is uncomfortable – and know that your heart knows the way.

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