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Hey girl, hey!

Do you remember when you started out on this dream journey of entrepreneurship? You had this big idea, high on endorphins and dreams of making something bigger for yourself. It is scary, exciting, empowering. All the feels and despite being a little scared, you take the first step.


Congrats to you! Yes, girl! You take the first step and announce to everyone (really just yourself because everyone might be a little too far) what you are doing, you are going places, times are changing. “The world is my oyster”, you say.

You get to work, do your research, put some plans in place, do all the things (literally all the things). Find a role model, someone that is already crazy successful, has what you want. You study them, model everything just like they say you should. You put heart, sweat, tears into your work. Long days, long nights.

The dream, right?

You are doing all of this work, putting your time into this dream…and NOTHING is happening. The needle isn’t moving or if it is, it’s moving the wrong way. You are stressed about money, your ever ending task list, pissed because it isn’t going as you wanted, pissed because you have invested a shit ton of money with NO damn return. You start to think, when will I ever get to that place? When will I start to see results? When will I have some “balance” back in my life? When will I not be worried about paying my AMEX bill? When will I have the right people and retain them? Will I always be stressed about payroll? Will this work? Should I keep going?

Girrrl, you are not alone. I feel you. I have been there. I still go there. I got you.

Look, this entrepreneur “thing”, it isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work. It takes us skilling up, learning, becoming better ALL OF THE TIME. It takes epic failure. It takes courage to do the hard things. It takes risk. It takes faith and belief in something even when we can’t see it yet. It takes skilling up and getting knowledgeable to be a SMART business owner. Those who are willing to brave those waters and surf the waves will reap the reward. Those that can’t handle the “wake” will get sucked under the current.

You know, often times I just wish I had a download button. I see what I want so clearly. I see that successful women, having fun, making a fuck ton of money, making it look easy, telling the story of how she finally figured it out. But guess what every success story has? Behind every successful women & business, there is a story of all the things that went wrong, mistakes they made, a story of the days, months, years when they barely wanting to get out of bed. The stories of bleeding money and not knowing how to fix things. Without that story, without the hardship, without that pain, WORK, they would not have the success they have. Their success is attributed to their failure. By taking action, course correction, learning along the way, embracing the ride, learning from it, growing from it, NEVER GIVING UP ON THEIR DREAMS, they learned the skills they need to learn in order to become what they wanted to become.

Greatness isn’t born, it is created.

Today, I want you to know that you are not alone. Keep going! I want you to really look at where you are at. Are you happy with where you are? If so, it is likely time to step up and get uncomfortable again. Are you really struggling and wondering will this ever get better? If so, I want you to EMBRACE IT. See your vision, your end game. Know that where you are at right now is exactly where you need to be. Allow yourself to get curious on what is working and not working. Get clear. Once you are there, MASSIVE ACTION Mrs. Jackson 🙂

What are 3 things that you need to take action on this week? Write them out, put them on your computer screen, time block the time needed to conquer those tasks that are going to move you and your business forward.

You got this!


Love Your Living