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When I signed up for my mastermind group this year, I was honestly a little terrified….I truly worried that I wouldn’t like the people. It was a real thought in my mind. Don’t judge me! And look, I know that I am not the only one with these thoughts. My reality was that I really didn’t have any female connections that were playing on the same level as me and I had always rolled with the boys.



I had some pretty stereotypical reasons as to why…


I don’t like drama.


I refuse to be a damsel in distress.


I don’t like depending on people.


I don’t bow down to my husband. I LOVE my man but he doesn’t own me. He doesn’t tell me what to do. What he does do is love me unconditionally and believes in me more than anyone. 


I like to be alone. I am an introvert in a sales and business world. I really like my downtime.


I like to get down to business. 


Those are just a few. But beyond that, I really had no interest in connecting. When I started this journey of self development, growth & coaching, I would travel to my destinations, check in to my hotel and dive in to work. I was so serious about the entire experience. I was going there to learn, not make friends. Besides, I am never going to see any these people again, right?



WRONG. Yes, I grow so much from the strategy and lessons taught at these events but what I’ve really learnt is that I grow equally from having real conversations and connecting with people at these events who on the same journey. The friendships I have gained are extremely powerful, especially with the women I have met along the way.


The key is connecting yourself with people with the same values. That’s been a tough one for me. I set the bar pretty damn high for myself and I have found it hard to find women in that same arena as me. I don’t want friends just to be friends. I don’t like small chit chat, networking, no thanks. But aligning yourself with people whose aspirations are as big as yours, or even bigger than yours, is really powerful. They usually want the same things out of relationships and contrary to my previous beliefs, we all need friends – me included.



We just have to find the right ones and know it’s ok to protect ourselves from the friendships that are wrong for us.



Who is your tribe? 



Love Your Living